October 9, 2007



Members In Attendance:



Mike Erickson


Joe Dartt, CSU County Intern

David Gilkey


Angie Dartt

Jennifer Lee


Kyle Root

Dale Lockwood


Ann Depperschmidt, Lov. Reporter Herald

Todd McCowin


Roan Steltzer

Vic Meyer



Tom Sneider



Heidi Steltzer


Randy Eubanks

Sherm Worthington



Bill Zawacki





Doug Ryan


Introduction of Members and Guests:

Those in attendance introduced themselves.


Discussion Items:

Green Practices Committee.  Doug Ryan and Joe Dartt provided an update on the County’s internal green practices committee.  Mr. Ryan showed a PowerPoint presentation to overview this staff-level committee and their activities to date.  The vision recommended by the committee, and approved by the County Commissioners, is to minimize the environmental footprint of County government operations.  A key recommendation was to join the City of Fort Collins Climate Wise program.  This recommendation was approved by the County Commissioners, and an agreement was signed to initiate the program.  Joe Dartt, MS Candidate in the CSU Environmental Health Program, was hired for an internship to help with the initial inventory of County facilities within the City of Fort Collins.  Mr. Dartt presented the initial results for electricity and natural gas consumption, solid waste generation and recycling, and gasoline and diesel use for fleet travel within the City.  The general trend was for an increase in energy use between 2004 and 2006, although some differences in the pattern did occur.  For example, the County offices on Blue Spruce Drive showed a decrease in energy usage that was attributed to upgrading the heating and air conditioning units.  The next step will be an assessment of each building to identify opportunities to lower energy use in the future.  In a broader context, the committee plans to prepare a draft Sustainability Action Plan to guide future actions.  Advisory Board members had comments or questions regarding the potential positive benefits of pursuing LEED Certifications for new and remodeled buildings, the value of calculating energy use on a per capita basis for comparison purposes, calculating life-cycle costs when considering efficiency improvements, the importance of evaluating existing systems or equipment to ensure optimal efficiency, and the use of automation for increasing the efficiency of systems such as building heating and air conditioning systems.  In is anticipated that the Environmental Advisory Board will be asked for input as part of the preparation of the Sustainability Action Plan.


Uranium Mining.  Dale Lockwood provided a briefing on the initial discussion of the EAB’s uranium mining committee.  The other members on the committee are Mike Erickson, David Gilkey and Sherm Worthington.  The general framework for the committee’s work will be to focus on the potential impacts of in-situ and open pit uranium mining on water and air quality, and land degradation.  The approach will be to review the primary literature as well as published information about the experience in other states.  Future discussions with the full EAB will scheduled when the committee is ready to review their initial findings.  The EAB’s future report on this subject will be addressed to the County Commissioners.  Other county boards that have expressed an interest in the uranium mining issue include the Board of Health and the Agricultural Advisory Board.


Environmental Stewardship Awards.  Mike Erickson reviewed the initial recommendations for the 2007 Environmental Stewardship Awards.  The other members on the committee are David Gilkey, Jennifer Lee, Vic Meyer, Kate Muldoon and Todd McCowin.  Twelve nominations were received.  The committee felt that the nominations this year could be logically organized into four categories:  small business, large business, individual, and a non-profit organization.  The Advisory Board discussed the full range on nominations and concurred with the committee’s initial recommendations for awards within the selected categories.  Doug Ryan will meet with the Commissioners to review the nominations and the EAB’s recommendations.


Greeley Pipeline Location & Extent Review.  At their administrative matters meeting on October 2, the County Commissioners reviewed a request from the Laporte Area Planning Advisory Committee (LAPAC) that the EAB be provided an opportunity to review the Location & Extent application for the final phase of the Greeley treated water pipeline.  The pipeline will ultimately extend from the City’s water distribution system to their treatment plant on the Poudre River in Bellvue.  Copies of the City’s application form were distributed at the meeting.  Doug Ryan provided a brief outline of the report.  Because members had not had an opportunity to review the document, members were asked to review the contents and provide comments by email no later than Sunday, October 14.  After that, Doug Ryan and Dale Lockwood will review the comments and prepare a draft response from the EAB for an email vote of the members.  The Planning Commission will consider the Location & Extent review on October 17.  The plan is to have Mr. Ryan deliver any approved EAB comments to the Planning Commission hearing. 


Approval of Previous Minutes:

Minutes from the July 10, 2007 meeting were approved as presented.


Minutes from the September 11, 2007 meeting were approved as corrected.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the meeting.


Summary of BCC Communication Issues:

Doug Ryan will meet with the County Commissioners on October 23 regarding the Environmental Stewardship Awards Nominations. 


November Meeting Agenda:

Continuation of the Environmental Priorities Project



The meeting ended at 8:25 pm.