October 11, 2005


Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Tom Sneider


Jack Coleman

Heidi Steltzer


David Gilkey

Marcia Van Eden


Dale Lockwood

Sherm Worthington


Devin Odell

Bill Zawacki


Jim Skarbek









Glenn Gibson


Doug Ryan, Health and Environment


Discussion Items:


Environmental Stewardship Awards.† The EAB Stewardship Awards Committee presented their recommendations to the full EAB for this yearís awards.† The County received 10 nominations.† The Committee met last month to consider all the applications, and chose three to recommend to the full EAB.† Committee members outlined the reasons for their recommendations, and noted that together the nominations demonstrate dedication to environmental stewardship, personal commitment, technical competency and community involvement.† The Advisory Board asked questions of the Committee and discussed the merits the nominations.† Jim Skarbek moved, and David Gilkey seconded, a motion to recommend the three nominations to the County Commissioners.† The motion was unanimously approved.† Members noted that their recommendations are for the top tier of projects, but that all 10 nominations demonstrated merit.† Doug Ryan will provide copies of all the nominations together with the EABís recommendations to the Commissioners.†


2005 Ozone Season.† Doug Ryan provided an update on the summer 2005 ozone season.† The information included a review of the health effects of ground level ozone, and background information about the Early Action Compact with the EPA.† For the region, attainment of the ozone 8-hour standard is demonstrated if the 3-year average of the 4th maximum daily value at all monitoring stations is less that 0.085 parts per million.† All of the front-range stations were in attainment for the 2003-2005 three year cycle. There were five individual exceedances of the 8-hour standard at front-range monitoring stations. There were no exceedance days in Larimer or Weld Counties.† Mr. Ryan concluded that the ozone monitoring results are positive in that they show continued attainment with the ozone 8-hour standard, but that weather conditions such as occurred in July can favor the buildup of ozone to levels that can have health impacts for sensitive individuals.†


Environmental Responsibility Policy.† The Advisory Board reviewed the Countyís Environmental Responsibility Policy.† The purpose of the policy is to ensure that environmental quality is considered and examined as a basic component in County decision making.† Overall the members felt that the policy represents a concise statement that can be used to help guide decisions, and that the EAB should consider referencing the policy when making their recommendations to the Commissioners.† This policy is reviewed internally by the County every four years.† Members indicated that they would be interested in commenting on the policy during the next review cycle.


North Front Range MPO.† The North Front Range Transportation and Air Quality Planning Council is convening an ad hoc committee to assist in the development of the next Regional Transportation Plan.† They are seeking a representative from the Environmental Advisory Board to serve on the Committee.† The County Commissioners have authorized the request, with the understanding that the person selected does not represent Larimer County but rather is acting as an individual.† Marcia Van Eden and Jack Coleman both indicated an interest in serving on the ad hoc committee.† Jim Skarbek moved, and David Gilkey seconded, a motion to appoint Marcia Van Eden as the primary representative, and Jack Coleman as the alternate.† The motion was unanimously approved.†


Approval of September minutes:

The minutes for September were approved as presented.



David Gilkey participated in the Big Thompson Watershed forumís River Revival project.† He indicated that Rob Buirgy, the executive director, offered to provide an update for the EAB.† Doug Ryan will contact Mr. Buirgy to schedule.


Bill Zawacki noted that a recent article in the Reporter Herald noted that bark beetle infestations are at epidemic proportions in the State.† Larimer County forester, Dave Lentz, has developed a PowerPoint presentation about mountain pine beetle and is available to present it and discuss the issue with interested parties.† Additional information is available on the Countyís website at:††


Commissioner Gibson provided a brief budget update.† They are currently considering a 3% increase to the Departments for 2006.† The Commissioners are also looking at a transfer of contingency funds to support the alternate sentencing program.† In response to a question from a member, Commissioner Gibson indicated that he would be available to update the Advisory Board on what he believes are the principle environmental issues for the County.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the October meeting.†


November 8th Agenda:

Items to be considered include a discussion about Roundup herbicide, Commissioner Gibsonís environmental concerns for the County, and an update on the Big Thompson Watershed Forum.



The meeting ended at 8:00 pm.†