September 13, 2005


Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Jim Skarbek

Marc Engemoen, Public Works Div.

Jack Coleman

Tom Sneider


David Gilkey

Marcia Van Eden


Dale Lockwood

Sherm Worthington


Devin Odell

Bill Zawacki

Doug Ryan, Health and Environment





Discussion Items:


Public Works Division.  Marc Engemoen provided an overview of the Public Works Division.  Six County departments make up the division.  These include Engineering, Fairgrounds & Events Center, Fleet Services, Parks & Open Lands, Road & Bridge, and Solid Waste.  Mr. Engemoen outlined the principle services that each provides.  He also discussed some of the environmental issues that are being considered.  These involve the opportunity to showcase recycling efforts at the Fairgrounds complex, the potential to utilize alternative fuel vehicles in the County fleet, the Parks Master Plan update, and the ongoing efforts to increase recycling at the landfill.  Members asked about the possibility of constructing “green” buildings for upcoming projects such as additions at the Fairgrounds.  Mr. Engemoen indicated that budgeting for green construction does not appear feasible at this time.  Members expressed an interest in further discussions about this issue. 


Health and Environment Department.  Doug Ryan discussed the services provided by the Department of Health and Environment.  These are organized in four broad categories: Vital Records & Health Statistics, Community Health Services, Communicable Disease Control, and Environmental Health.  Mr. Ryan used a power point presentation to outline the principle services in each category.  The County Board of Health provides policy oversight to the Department. 


Approval of August minutes:

The minutes for August were approved with two minor modifications.



Devin Odell asked about the status of proposed water development projects in the County, and whether it would be appropriate to schedule an update for the EAB.  Doug Ryan indicated that the County has formally asked to be considered a “cooperating agency” for the Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project.  Members asked Mr. Ryan to schedule an update when significant information becomes available.


Members discussed new research from the University of Pittsburg published in the August Ecological Applications journal concerning the impact of Roundup herbicide on amphibians.  There was interest in following-up on this issue because the County is involved in pesticide applications through the Weed District.  Tom Sneider will look into this further and report back to the EAB in November. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the September meeting.  A brief discussion was held about Issue Index topic 12.01, the County Environmental Responsibility Policy.  New members were not familiar with this policy.  Mr. Ryan will add the policy as a discussion item for the next EAB meeting. 


BCC Communication Issues:

Doug Ryan reported that due to an error on his part he was not able to schedule a discussion at the Commissioners’ Administrative Matters session following the August meeting. Commissioner Wagner has informed him that the Commissioners did receive the EAB’s memos about the I-25 Corridor Environmental Impact Statement and the Rural Area Issues task force, and will consider them at the appropriate time.


October 11th Agenda:

Items to be considered include stewardship awards, the 2005 ozone season, the Environmental Responsibility Policy, and possibly the Alps tire pile issue.



The meeting ended at 8:35 pm.