EAB Meeting Minutes – draft

September 14, 2004



Members in Attendance

Sanjay Advani

Ramon Ajero

John Bartholow

John (Jack) Coleman

Lilias Jarding

Dale Lockwood

Jim Skarbek

Marcia Van Eden

Sherman Worthington


Members Absent

Ray Herrmann

Dave Swartz

Bill Zawacki


Cliff Hoelscher, Fort Collins Utilities

Todd Williams, City of Greeley Water


Public Guests in Attendance




Doug Ryan, staff liaison

Sandy Werkmeister, note taker



I.    Amendments to the Agenda

None. Vice Chair Ramon Ajero announced that he would serve as Chair this evening.


II.    Introductions & Public Guests Comments

Board members and presenters introduced themselves. There were no other guests present.


III.   Discussion Items

A.   Halligan-Seamon Water Management Project

Cliff Hoelscher, Project manager for the Fort Collins Utilities Halligan-Seaman Project and Todd Williams from the City of Greeley Water gave a presentation about the Halligan-Seaman Water Management Project (Attachment 1), which includes pieces specific to The City of Greeley Water Master Plan. Notes from the meeting have been added to the presentation.


B.   Stewardship Awards

A.   Doug reminded the board that the EAB formed a committee to look at the stewardship awards and make preliminary recommendations. They will make their recommendations in October. He distributed a list of the 13 nominated organizations along with a quick synopsis of each nomination. Some of you will have personal information or background about the projects. Input may be given to the committee members. The nominations however, do need to stand on their own.

B.   The board opted to see the full nominations of only the projects the committee is recommending.


C.   Business Items

Doug introduced issues from the Board of County Commissioners (BCC). These will be discussed in more detail at future meetings.

1.   Bylaws

•  He reminded the board that the BCC revised their Boards & Commissions Policy this year. The policy says “An advisory board serves as an ongoing forum of citizens to advise and assist the Board of County Commissioners and/or a requesting County department, providing them with technical and non-technical advice on issues.”

•  The EAB bylaws presently say, "The purpose of this Board is to serve as a sounding board for overall environmental policy and issues for the Board of County Commissioners, County departments, and to review such County plans, activities and programs that may be construed to have an impact on our environment. Issues reviewed include those raised by the Board of County Commissioners, County departments, the Environmental Management Team, citizens of Larimer County, and the Environmental Advisory Board itself.”

•  The BCC has asked the EAB to revise their 1999 bylaws to match this policy, particularly the portion indicating as requested by the County Commissioners or the County Departments.

•  The change will mirror the County policy. Doug admits that it is quite constraining, particularly not allowing the EAB to address issues of potential concern. He shared this feeling in a meeting with Frank Lancaster, County Manager. Frank agreed that they can still do "heads up" advising, just more formally. When issues are identified, they need to come to the BCC before proceeding on their own. The EAB was reminded that the BCC are always under pressure and  see the advisory boards as providing advice rather than lobbying.


2.   Website

•  Neil Gluckman, Assistant County Manager has requested that the EAB webpage meet the standard of providing only the upcoming meeting agenda and minutes of meetings. Posting opinion papers may appear that it is County position when accessed by the public, particularly since they become public record.

•  A board member pointed out that a reasonable argument could be made that by not posting them transparency is removed. If the board is appointed by the BCC to advise, shouldn't the public have easy access to what they are advising.

•  It was suggested that tag lines could be added to documents, such as "This does not reflect the opinion of the Board of County Commissioners "


3.   Minutes

•  Doug addressed the minutes and whether or not they could be less detailed. From a budget standpoint, a large amount of time spent detailing minutes is not feasible if they are not referred back to often. We can record the meetings so it would be possible to listen to a discussion if necessary.

•  If reasonable to the board, Doug would like to shorten the minutes, or at least try it and see how it goes. The board agreed.

•  One member asked if we would want detailed minutes for record of  recommendations made to the BCC, since we will not be able to put our recommendations on the website. Doug responded that the official record with the BCC is developed by memo and/or attendance at administration matters.

•  Sandy will investigate how many people subscribe to EAB news and the number of hits the EAB webpage receives.

•  Several board members agreed that when investigating the board, they were only looking for a general flavor of the board from the posted minutes.

•  Minutes most importantly need to capture decisions.



•  In the future, if presenters are requesting feedback, discussions will take place immediately after the presentation.

•  Ask presenters to plan to remind the board at the beginning of their presentation that they are seeking feedback [if they are].


D.   EAB Goals & Objectives

•  Jack Coleman reported that from input received the past month, the goals dropped from 17 to 14. It was quickly realized that most of the board members had not received the updated list. Regardless, questions and suggestions began immediately. The suggestion heard most was more consolidation and keeping it simpler. Questioning included why, if our role is to provide advice, we need such a big process about what we do. These goals seem to go way beyond what this board does. Additionally, will this process replace the action log, and if not, should it? It was also suggested that given the news from the BCC, this task could be left alone until the bylaws are revised. Through all of the discussion, Jack maintained that every organization has to have some kind of governing processes.

•  Lilias moved that the three with the strongest plans for potential goals (Jack Coleman, Marcia Van Eden, & Jim Skarbek) work together over the next month to consolidate their proposals, write them up and give them to Doug for distribution to the board so the board members can know exactly which items we are covering next month and have hard copies in front of them to compare.
Motion discussion
Lilias Jarding made an amendment to the motion to have the goals listed with each of the items from the action log only listed under the goals. i.e. Put each action item under the goal they think it belongs with.
2nd by Jim Skarbek
Marcia Van Eden did not support the motion as she was not convinced the board wanted the change. She is not willing to invest the time and energy for not.
Motion discussion further.
Ayes 6, Nays 2, Abstain 1. Motion passed.


IV.   Approval of August Minutes

Sandy reported that an input deadline date regarding the Wolf Management Plan was added at the bottom of the Colorado Wolf section (page 5) and the date of the meeting was changed at the top of page 1 to August 10, 2004. Proposed spelling correction of Swartz will be made.

Motion made and passed to accept the minutes as amended.


V.   Chair Comments

In response to all members not receiving emails, everyone is receiving emails from Doug Ryan, therefore Ramon Ajero asked Doug to send out another email specifically reminding everyone to update their email addresses of EAB members.


VI.   Updates – Committee and other

•  Doug distributed a newsletter from Northern Integrated Supply Project EIS to the board members.

•  Ramon & John reported briefly on a recent meeting with Gary Buffington (standing in for Marc Engemoen,), with Parks & Open Lands Department. They talked about the allocation of funding between the acquisitions for maintenance through the fall of 2007. They are considering going to the public to modify the existing language of how to fund open lands. The current initiative expires in 2018. They may ask for an extension to the date as well as work on changing the language. When looking ahead, land use tax will run out when new acquisitions of open space come on line.

•  The board discussed the fact that there is no fee structure regarding open lands use, as well as the fee structure of park areas that do charge. Doug Ryan will ask Parks & Open Lands if they would welcome input from the EAB regarding fee structures.

•  Marcia Van Eden has joined the Friends of Larimer County Open Space. She reported that Soderberg Homestead is opening soon. They are looking for non-profit status and donors.

•  Jack Coleman asked the board if they are interested in becoming involved with fluoride in Fort Collins water and the health impact this may have on people. The board discussed whether this was an environmental issue or a public health issue. Doug Ryan clarified that the Larimer County Board of Health reviewed the report of the Fluoride Technical Study Group, and made the recommendation to the City. Jack made a motion that we prepare a position paper to the Commissioners about the fluoridation of water. No second. Motion failed.

•  Lilias asked if anyone is familiar with what the County has done regarding the transportation of hazardous materials in Larimer County. No one was aware of County level regulations. The rules for transporting that kind of material come largely from both State and Federal DOT requirements.


VII.   Summary of BCC Communication Issues, and Planning for Administrative Matters Meeting

What is the formal process to decide if plans need to be made for a meeting or report to the Board of Commissioners at their admin matters meeting?

Doug responded that this agenda item serves the purpose of asking that question, and should remain on every agenda.


VIII.   Agenda for October Meeting

1.   Countywide recycled paper contract - review of staff internal report

2.   Stewardship awards

3.   Goals & Objectives sub-committee


IX.   Motion to Adjourn

Motion by Dale Lockwood. 2nd by Lilias Jarding. Meeting adjourned at 9:05.