August 9, 2005


Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Tom Sneider

Stephen Gillette, Solid Waste Dept

Jack Coleman

Heidi Steltzer

Steve Harem, Solid Waste Dept

David Gilkey

Marcia Van Eden


Dale Lockwood

Bill Zawacki


Devin Odell


Doug Ryan, Health and Environment

Victor Sainz









Glenn Gibson




Discussion Items:


Solid Waste Issues Update.  Stephen Gillette and Steve Harem from the County Solid Waste Department provided an overview of waste management activities.  Mr. Gillette explained that the Department operates as an enterprise fund, and as such does not receive tax dollars for any of its programs.  The department has about 25 FTE’s, and operates the sanitary landfill, recycling center, household hazardous waste facility, garbage garage education center, recycling drop off boxes in six locations, and transfer stations at four sites.  It is anticipated that a big change in the future will be the shift to single-stream recycling instead of the current source-separated programs.  As this change occurs, the Larimer County recycling is expected to operate more as a transfer point to take materials to the regional recycling center in Denver.   Mr. Harem provided background information about the landfill operation and the technical and regulatory requirements that the County must comply with.  He also explained the County’s program monitoring for groundwater quality and landfill gas. 


North I-25 Environmental Impact Statement.  This issue was a continuation of a discussion that was held at the July EAB meeting.  The Federal Highway Administration and the Colorado Department of Transportation are preparing an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to identify and evaluate multimodal transportation improvements along the I-25 corridor between Wellington and Denver.  The Environmental Advisory Board has monitored the progress of the EIS.  The members considered draft language for a memo to the County Commissioners indicating their view that including commuter rail in the next round of evaluation can provide important environmental, social and economic benefits for the County.  David Gilkey and Heidi Steltzer suggested some modifications to the draft.  Bill Zawacki moved, and Victor Sainz seconded a motion to approve the language as modified.  The motion was unanimously approved.  Additional discussion was held about the general issue of how Environment is ranked in comparison to the other EIS criteria of Purpose and Need, and Practicability.  The consensus was that all three should have equal standing, but that sometimes it seems that project managers give more weight to more easily quantifiable criteria at the expense of environmental considerations. 


Environmental Stewardship Awards.  The Advisory Board formed a committee to consider the 2005 Environmental Stewardship Award nominations.  David Gilkey, Marcia Van Eden, Tom Sneider, and Bill Zawacki volunteered and were appointed.  They will review the applications and prepare recommendations to the full EAB for the October meeting. 


Rural/Urban Issues Task Force.  The EAB discussed a recommendation from the Agricultural Advisory Board to the County Commissioners encouraging the formation of a rural/urban issues task force.  Commissioner Rennels asked the EAB to comment on the value of such a task force, and indicate whether they would be interested in participating if a task force was formed.  Following a discussion of the importance of addressing issues at the rural/urban boundary Sanjay Advani moved, and Bill Zawacki seconded a motion to support the formation of a task force and offer the EAB’s participation.  The motion was unanimously approved. 


Approval of July minutes:

The minutes for July were approved as submitted.


Chair’s Comments:

Dale Lockwood received the annual report from the Platte River Power Authority.  It is available if members are interested.


Commissioner’s Comments:

Commissioner Gibson just returned from a 20 day trip to China.  He shared some of his impressions, including his experiences with the transportation system, and very positive interactions with citizens eager to speak English. 



Victor Sainz will be out of the country on business for the next two EAB meetings. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the August meeting. 


BCC Communication Issues:

Members indicated a desire to discuss the North I-25 EIS and rural/urban issues task force with the Commissioners.  Doug Ryan will try and schedule discussion time for the August 16 Administrative Matters meeting.  Dale Lockwood and Sanjay Advani will attend. 


September 13th Agenda:

Doug Ryan will check on the possibility of another department update for the September meeting. 



The meeting ended at 9:00 pm.