May 10, 2005


Members in Attendance


Sanjay Advani

Ramon Ajero

John Bartholow

Jack Coleman



Glenn Gibson

Dale Lockwood

Dave Swartz

Jim Skarbek

Bill Zawacki

Donald Wubben

John Wubben

Dave Gilkey

Heidi Steltzer

James Smith



Doug Ryan, Staff facilitator


Citizen Comments

James Wubben, a resident from the Cedar Springs area, addressed the Advisory Board about the use of magnesium chloride on roads.  Mr. Wubben requested that the EAB examine the issue of magnesium chloride use for both dust control and de-icing.  One of his major concerns relates to the additives or impurities contained in the propriety formulations of magnesium chloride.  These include arsenic, cadmium, and barium.   Potential problems described by Mr. Wubben included: damage to vegetation along roadways; groundwater contamination with salts, additives and oily substances leached from recycled asphalt; and health problems identified in west slope towns including breast and prostate cancer.  Mr. Wubben indicated that he has had wells in the Cedar Springs area tested and found very high levels of arsenic, cadmium, and barium.  He told the Advisory Board that the impacts are increasing due to multi-year applications to roadways.  Mr. Wubben indicated that he will provide additional information for the EAB to consider.   Following Mr. Wubben’s remarks, Advisory Board members Jim Skarbek and Sanjay Advani volunteered to do some background research, and report to the Advisory Board in July with recommendations for how to proceed with this issue. 


Discussion Items

Modification to the Action Log.

Dale Lockwood explained that the County Commissioners provided feedback concerning the Action Log at the March 15th Administrative Matters Meeting.  Based on that feedback, a number of modifications to make the Log more useful as a communication tool to non-members were considered. The changes include a new title (the EAB Issue Index), and expanded language to describe the environmental issues of each topic.  Two new items (the Hwy 287 Glade Reservoir bypass, and the Atlas missile silo cleanup) were added.  The changes were approved by consensus. 


The County Commissioners recommended a modification to the EAB bylaws.  The change involves adding a new sentence that reads, “The role of the Environmental Advisory Board is to advise the Board of County Commissioners, and appropriate county departments on environmental issues that affect Larimer County”.   The new sentence would replace current language that described the purpose of the Board and how issues are selected.  Doug Ryan indicated that the new language serves to expand how environmental issues can be raised.  Following discussion about the importance of good communications with the County Commissioners, a motion to approve was made by John Bartholow and seconded by Jim Skarbek.  Approved by unanimous vote. 


Temporary Chair for June 14th Meeting

Ramon Ajero was appointed temporary chair for the June meeting.



Recognition of Retiring Members

Commissioner Gibson presented Certificates of Appreciation to the four EAB members who will retire in July.  Each has served for two three-year terms.  Those members are Ramon Ajero, John Bartholow, Ray Herrmann, and Dave Swartz.  Dale Lockwood and Doug Ryan each said a few words about how much they valued the dedication and contributions of these retiring members. 

Approval of March minutes

Motion by Jim Skarbek to accept the minutes as amended.  Approved by unanimous vote. 

Commissioner Gibson, BCC Liaison Comments

          The Commissioners made a decision to sunset the Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse committee due to the current de-listing proposal. 

          The Open Lands annual report has an excellent map showing open space holdings.

          The Commissioners 2005 work plan and the County Strategic Plan are available on the County web site if members are interested.

          The Commissioners have started the 2006 budget process.  The first step was a meeting on May 10th with all County elected officials.  A paper prepared by Budget Manager Bob Keister, titled Issues Facing Larimer County: 2005-2008, was circulated at the meeting.  It outlines some of the major issues that will need funding decisions over the next 5 years. 

          The Commissioners recently met with the Cities of Loveland and Fort Collins to discuss transportation issues and the possible formation of a Rural Transportation Authority.

Updates – Committee &Other

          The issue of County participation as a cooperating agency in the Corps of Engineers EIS study for current water projects was raised.  Commissioner Gibson will check on the status of the Corps letter to the County. 

          Staff received a letter from the Halligan-Seaman Water Management Project.  Project managers are currently in the process of selecting a third-party consultant to oversee the environmental review under the Corps’ supervision.   Additional public process is planned once the consultant is on-board.

          Tamarisk was officially added to the list of plant species requiring control in the County.  The County Commissioners took this action on May 9th.

          John Bartholow commented on the new brochure provided by the Planning Department that explains the requirement to prepare a wildlife conservation plan under certain circumstances.  Doug Ryan was asked to check on whether this requirement would apply to a Location and Extent Land Use Permit.

          Doug Ryan outlined the County Board of Health’s response to the City of Fort Collins about risks associated with Chronic Wasting Disease and the water treatment plan.  A copy of the Board’s letter was circulated at the meeting. 

          John Bartholow circulated a brochure developed by the City of Fort Collins about the Dry Creek drainage and flood control project.

          John Bartholow commented about the professional nature of the Solid Waste Department’s 2004 Annual Report.  The report was thorough and informative.  A suggestion was made that it may be beneficial to schedule a field visit to the recycling center after the new EAB members are appointed. 

Summary of BCC Communication Issues, & Planning for future Administrative Matters Meetings

Members were updated regarding the March 15th Administrative Matters meeting.  In general, the County Commissioners are supportive of the list of items the EAB is tracking, and cautions that it is important to concentrate on the environmental issues concerning those items.  No EAB items will be scheduled for the next Administrative Matters meeting. 

Agenda for June 14th Meeting

West Nile Virus update, possible review of livestock regulations, planning for new EAB members in July.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.