April 11, 2006



Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Devin Odell


Jack Coleman

Marcia Van Eden


David Gilkey

Sherm Worthington

Doug Ryan

Dale Lockwood

Bill Zawacki

LeAnne Kempton


Discussion Items:

EAB Environmental Priorities Project. This project is intended to identify important environmental issues that are feasible to address at the county level, and to communicate those issues and opportunities to the County Commissioners. Dale Lockwood provided an overview of status of the project. He used a short power point presentation to illustrate how many environmental issues are interrelated. A hierarchy was presented that showed the general relationship between major environmental issues (such as air quality, biodiversity, or public health) and factors affecting the environment (such as land development and habitat loss). Addressing these issues and the factors that affect them involves the selection of solutions (such as land use controls or educational activities). For this project the Advisory Board will concentrate on identification of factors that the board agrees have considerable effects on the local environment. Once those factors have been identified, a committee structure will be used to evaluate potential solutions and their affects on major environmental issues. A potential format for reporting on environmental factors and solutions is the case study example that was provided by Heidi Steltzer and included in the meeting materials.


EAB members discussed their individual choices for environmental factors to carry forward for further study. Heidi Steltzer, Jim Skarbek, Tom Sneider and Jack Coleman also provided written responses.


Following the discussion, the EAB members in attendance concurred on four issues to carry forward for further study at this time. Members were assigned to review these issues in more detail and report back to the Advisory Committee at a future meeting.



EAB Topic Leaders

Next Reporting Date

Invasive Species

Dale Lockwood, Marcia Van Eden

May meeting

Land use shifts from agricultural to urbanized uses

Sherm Worthington, Bill Zawacki

To be determined

Surface and groundwater quantity and quality

Devin Odell, David Gilkey

To be determined

Transportation related to road and vehicle use

Sanjay Advani, Jim Skarbek

To be determined



Approval of February minutes:

The minutes for the February meeting were approved as submitted.


Chairs Comments:

Dale Lockwood reported that he attended a lecture about pandemic flu at Poudre Valley Hospital presented by Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, Director of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment. He indicated that the presentation was informative and worthwhile. The slides for the presentation are available at:



David Gilkey reported that CSU will host a town hall type meeting to discuss alternative electrical energy on April 12.


David Gilkey attended the Big Thompson Watershed symposium on February 16. The keynote speaker was Justice Greg Hobbs of the Colorado Supreme Court who spoke about Meeting Water Quality and Water Supply Goals in an Over-Appropriated State.


David Gilkey provided an update on the Alps tire pile cleanup, and passed out a summary sheet. He is scheduled to visit the site next week and will provide additional information next month.


Doug Ryan provided an update on the status of the livestock regulations in the county Land Use Code. The County Commissioners voted to deny the proposed new language at their public hearing on March 27. That decision means that the existing language in the Code related to livestock still applies. The Commissioners plan to hold a future work session with staff to consider next steps.


Doug Ryan provided an update on the status of the Early Action Compact related to ozone air quality compliance. At issue is the fact that the estimated volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from the oil and gas industry and the amount of control achieved to date are below the target levels in the Compact. The Air Pollution Division at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is proposing significant modifications to the emission standards for this industry in an effort to reduce VOC emissions to below the target in the Compact. It is anticipated that a rulemaking hearing will be scheduled for November to consider the revised standards.


Doug Ryan provided information on the efforts of the Wellington Water Works company to obtain a permit to treat production wastewater from their oil and gas field and to discharge the treated water into a shallow alluvial aquifer north of Wellington. The County testified at the public hearing that was held by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.


Doug Ryan provided an update about the soil removal cleanup plan for the Atlas E Missile Silo site in Larimer County. The suggestions for reseeding that were made by the EAB (and authorized by the County Commissioners) were reviewed and accepted by the US Army Corps.


Bill Zawacki passed around three newspaper clippings. One related to water quality issues surrounding coal bed methane production, the second was about the recent charter for negotiating water agreements to be used by the Interbasin Compact Committee, and the third was about a recent report concerning the loss of farmland to development that has occurred in Colorado.


Marcia Van Eden announced that she and her husband will be relocating to Boulder County, and that as a result she will not be applying for reappointment to the EAB when her first term ends in June.


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the April meeting


May 9th Agenda:

Continuation of the Environmental Priorities Project, Alps tire pile update.



The meeting ended at 8:35 pm.