February 8, 2005


Members in Attendance


Sanjay Advani

Ramon Ajero

Ray Herrmann

Lilias Jarding

John Bartholow


Members Absent

John (Jack) Coleman

Dale Lockwood

Dave Swartz

Sherman Worthington

Jim Skarbek

Bill Zawacki



Marcia Van Eden

Larimer County Commissioner Gibson



Doug Ryan, Staff facilitator

Sandy Werkmeister, Note taker


There were no amendments to the agenda.

Discussion Items

A)   2005 Work plan

Doug Ryan introduced the work plan, which is meant to be a communication vehicle with the public and the BCC. It will become a section within the 2004 annual report. He prepared the draft using last years report and the current EAB Action Log for guidance.  Several wording changes were made at the meeting and one addition to incorporate response to the public. All of these changes were discussed and accepted by the board and will be incorporated into the document.   The BCC will may wish to provide feedback on the work plan after they review the annual report.


Doug Ryan reminded the board of the discussion last fall when the BCC asked the Environmental Advisory Board (EAB) to revise their bylaws to match the Boards & Commissions policy. Doug worked with Frank Lancaster to incorporate these revisions along with additional language concerning EAB initiated items into the draft presented tonight. Additionally, Article IV, Item 1 will be revised to reflect the correct meeting time and date. The board discussed and decided against formalizing a restricted time frame between departments and the board. Regarding voting by proxy, the board agreed that this was covered by Roberts Rules. Motion by Ray Herrmann and second by John Bartholow to accept the bylaws as amended. Motion carried unanimously.

B)   Status Report of Major Special Projects Planning & Building Services Division

Board members received this report via email along with the agenda. Ray Herrmann provided an update of several items in the report.

•  Meetings for the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan have begun.

•  For the Land Use Code Amendment:

▫   There is a meeting with BCC and the Planning Commission on February 9, when a decision will be made on the issue of livestock regulation for the code.

▫   The status of the Appeals process, which is under review for clarification and improvement, was unknown.

▫   "Value added" uses in agricultural areas refers to adding value to whatever your product is as close to the farm site as you can. e.g. selling wine from a winery. Larimer County land use code currently requires an industrial site for many such auxiliary businesses. Revisions would be necessary to add allowed uses and set regulations as necessary. 

•  Transportation Plan & Drainage issues

▫   The County Engineering Department has hired a consultant to assist with  updates to the County Transportation Plan

▫   Commissioner Gibson noted that the Engineering Dept is reviewing CR 14 and CR19 as a starting point to see if they can be widened to alleviate traffic on Hwy 287.

▫   A drainage basin master plan and revisions to the storm water management standards are under initial consideration by Engineering Department staff.

▫   The county transportation plan may be added to the action log following consultation with Marc Engemoen by members John Bartholow and Ramon Ajero.

•  The Northwest Subarea Plan will be managed jointly between the city and the county, similar to the East Mulberry Corridor Plan that was adopted in 2002.

Approval of January minutes

Motion by Ray Herrmann and second by Lilias Jarding to accept the minutes as amended. Motion carried with nine ayes and one abstention (absent last meeting).

BCC Liaison Comments

•  Commissioner Gibson reminded the board that as the Commissioner liaison, his goal and purpose is to report to the other Commissioners and to offer any information the board may not have.

•  Niomi O’Connor is the County’s Citizen Advocate/Ombudsman position in the County.

•  He reported that Johnstown and Berthoud have struck a deal to put in a sewer plant east of I-25.

•  The legislation that has been helping with the clean up of the Alps tire pile may change. If it does, the money could be spread out to help with the clean up of tire piles all over the state. If this happens, the County may lose the source of funds necessary for cleaning up the pile. The County has funding for six more months of clean up. The BCC is fighting to receive funding for one year at time. The money from the state can only be used for cutting up and shredding. If funding were obtained from a different source, an interim mitigation project could be considered. Lilias asked if there are any photos from before the tires were there, possibly from NRCS.

Updates – Committee &Other

•  Doug reported that Scott Cornell from the Engineering Department is going to participate on the Big Thompson Watershed Forum’s Watershed Management Plan project. Commissioner Gibson will check on the status of BCC review of the memo submitted to them from the EAB last month. Lilias is attending these planning meetings as a citizen as well.

•  Bill Zawacki announced that the Big Thompson Watershed Forum annual meeting is February 17 at the McKee Conference Center in Loveland.

•  Doug passed around information from Tom Bender on the wolf management. On February 17, there is a meeting at the Marriott for anyone interested.

•  Lilias distributed the revised Rawlins Resource Management Plan, which is the southeast quadrant of Wyoming. This area borders Larimer County to the north. Public hearings take place tomorrow, February 9th.

Action Log Updates

•  3.04 North I-25 Project has not sent any information out for February or March meetings.

•  18.01 Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse was changed to a watch item.

•  John reported that John and Ramon met with Chandler Peter, from the Corp of Engineers who is the project officer for the NISP project, which proposes construction of the Glade Reservoir north of Ted's Place and Galeton Reservoir in Weld County. He is also the project officer for the Halligan Seaman Project. He mentioned that he had sent BCC Chair Kathay Rennels an invitation for the County to be a cooperator or data sharer in the projects. It might require that the county assign someone to participate in the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for these two projects. He indicated that he had not heard back from Commissioner Rennels yet. John and Ramon agreed to bring to the BCC attention. Both projects have put in applications for EIS within months of each other.

Summary of BCC Communication Issues, & Planning for future Administrative Matters Meetings

•  The board discussed attendance at the Administrative Matters meeting. Dale Lockwood and Bill Zawacki will attend the March administrative meeting to answer any questions about the annual report, which will be completed by then.

•  Bill Zawacki has been asked to participate on a County video as a representative of boards & commissions.

Agenda for March Meeting

•  Doug suggested a North I-25 update if possible.

•  A Big Thompson Watershed Forum update from County staff may be available.

•  John suggested looking into the Poudre Watershed Forum. Doug will try to make contact with someone.


Motion to adjourn by Sanjay. Second by Ramon. Motion carried unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.