January 10, 2006



Members In Attendance:



Sanjay Advani

Tom Sneider


David Gilkey

Heidi Steltzer


Dale Lockwood

Marcia Van Eden


Jim Skarbek

Sherm Worthington

Doug Ryan



Discussion Items:

EAB 2005 Workplan.  Members discussed the 2005 work plan.  Tom Sneider suggested modifications to the draft to express a more proactive role.  This included a new task that would involve the members working together to identify environmental issues that are significant at the County level.  The desired result would be a studied consensus by the Advisory Board on the most important environmental issues and opportunities for policy development.  The product would ultimately be presented to the County Commissioners.  The members had a detailed discussion about how action concerning environmental issues ranges from the initial identification of issues – to action plans for the implementation of measurable goals and objectives.  Dave Gilkey distributed examples of measurable policy goals that have been developed by the City of Fort Collins.  Jack Coleman had also e-mailed examples of specific goals and objectives that he favors.  The role of the EAB concerning this topic would focus on the identification of important issues and policy options for further prioritization and actions steps by the County.  Tom Sneider moved, and Dave Gilkey seconded a motion to send the draft workplan language to the members by e-mail for a final review and authorized the Chair to make final edits and incorporate the document into the EAB’s 2005 annual report.  The motion was unanimously approved. 


Horsetooth Mountain Park Management Plan.  Doug Ryan noted that release of the draft management plan originally scheduled to be available for public review has been postponed by several weeks.  This agenda item will be rescheduled for the February EAB meeting.


Approval of December minutes:

The minutes for the December meeting were approved with two corrections.



Marcia Van Eden noted that the County Commissioners’ presentation of Environmental Stewardship Awards on December 19th went well, and that the recipients indicated that they very much appreciated the awards.


Heidi Steltzer provided a written discussion concerning the topic of renewable energy use that she prepared for a discussion with Marc Engemoen, Public Works Director.  This included a potential approach to the use of renewable energy based economic incentives rather than a regulatory framework. It includes the selection desired outcomes, identification of information needs, and analyses of additional indirect benefits or outcomes.  Members expressed their interest in continuing their discussions about this type of positive approach to environmental issues. Ms. Steltzer will be attending the Renewable Energy Summit together with Commissioner Wagner in Denver on January 11.  She will plan to report back to the full EAB in February. 


Jim Skarbek provided a written update concerning landfill siting and 2006 Public Works projects based on the meeting with the Public Works Director noted above.


Jim Skarbek and Dave Gilkey are planning to attend the Big Thompson Watershed Forum annual meeting on February 16.  They will report back to the EAB in March.


Commissioner Wagner had forwarded an e-mail with photographs of the Alp’s tire pile cleanup that were taken by County Manager Frank Lancaster.  Several EAB members noted the great progress. 


EAB Issue Index:

Doug Ryan will update the Issue Index related to the topics discussed at the January meeting. 


BCC Communication Issues:

Presentation of the EAB annual report will be scheduled for the next appropriate BCC Administrative Matters meeting.


February 14th Agenda:

Horsetooth Lake Management Plan, Renewable Energy Summit, Implementation of EAB workplan elements. 



The meeting ended at 7:30 pm.