Advisory Council Meeting

March 8, 2007


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Roger Bailey

Elnora McCloughan


Ellen Pihlstrom

Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn


Earl Stevens

Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora





Members Absent:

Paul Bell

Steve Budner

Rene DeMattei


Marcy Greenslit

Janet Montera

Barbara Nuss


Karen Reinhardt

Barbara Tuttle

Don Venneberg





Staff Present:

Ruth Coberly

Tina Hugo

Margaret Long





Guests Present:

Marjorie McTaggart

Elaine Boni



Earl Stevens called the meeting to order at 1:36 p.m.


There were no guests present.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Margaret Long gave the Biography in place of Karen Reinhardt.

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF February 8, 2007      

No changes were recommended.  Minutes stand as presented.



Earl Stevens deferred the chair report to be given at the time of the Executive Committee report. 

Update on Office on Aging

Margaret Long distributed a complete and approved copy of the 4-year plan.  Margaret asked the council members to place this plan in the OOAAC binder under the Work Plan section. 


Margaret reported that every year the State completes an on-site audit of the Office on Aging.  The state will be at the office on March 13th and March 14th.  The state will be looking at how the Office on Aging runs the program.  Margaret announced that as part of the audit she and the state personnel will be having lunch at Oakbrook II.  In addition, they will visit with RVNA and SAINT. 


Margaret stated that the big push now for the Office on Aging is working on the Colorado Trust grant proposal.  Lynette and Margaret met with the Colorado Trust last month.  This is a complicated grant because the Office on Aging is a part of a collaborative group of five organizations.  There is a lot of information that must be compressed into 12 pages.  Margaret reported that she plans to take the finished proposal to the commissioners for approval.  The proposal is for approximately $75,000 a year for four years.  The Colorado Trust will announce the selected agencies by the end of April.  The Office on Aging will use this money for the caregiver program, the VOA volunteer respite program, and a faith-based training program.  It will also include a $12,000 grant for Elderhaus and a bit of money for CSU Center on Aging to assist them in the completion of the evaluation part of the program.   


Margaret reported that Kathy Snell and Richard Guest from the Health Department, who currently administer the rural transit contract, have decided not to use Office on Aging funds because of all the strings attached.  Ginny Riley, the Director of Human Services, has agreed to use $22,000 from the fund balance to cover this contract.  Therefore, the Office on Aging will no longer be involved in rural transportation.  Margaret stated Berthoud Area Transportation Service (BATS) will continue to be funded by the Heath Department but will no longer contract with Dial-A-Ride.  Community Corrections will now be the contractor for rural transportation.  They already have employees and the time so it makes sense to use those county resources.  This is a win-win for everyone involved. 


Margaret reported that HB1100 is currently in the Senate.  This bill will bring the Office on Aging approximately $100,000 in new money.  HB1100 has already gone through Health & Human Services and received 3 out of 5 votes.  Margaret asked the council to advocate for the bill to be approved.


Margaret reported that the Office on Aging met with the Foundation on Aging to discuss the Foundation expanding their scope to include a bigger and better funding source.  Margaret noted that United Way will not be a good source for senior funding in the foreseeable future.  Margaret met with Elderhaus.  Margaret reported that Joanne Johnson from Elderhaus will be putting a meeting together with other non-profits that serve seniors to determine if there is interest in creating a funding source for seniors.



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Marjorie McTaggart reported that the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board met with the new director of the CSU Center on Aging, Manfred Diehl.  Manfred shared his views with the council.  The Center on Aging will continue to research senior aging issues and would like to develop a relationship with the Fort Collins Senior Center.  Manfred’s expressed interest in connecting the dots between the university and community.


Marjorie reported that the Women’s Commission is celebrating Women’s History Month.  The Commission will be giving awards to 7th – 9th graders that submit essays on the most influential women in their lives.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that there is a new program called Caring Companions in the process of development in Loveland.


Earl announced that at this year’s Senior Day at the Capital was the most successful event in years.  There were 19 Representatives and Senators as well as the Governor in attendance.


Earl stated that planning for Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon is fast approaching.


Earl asked for volunteers for the job fair in April.


Earl reported that the Senior Singles Program, founded by Barbara Nuss, is “bursting at the seams” with 140 members. They are having a dinner on April 27th at a cost of $10.00 per person. 


Earl announced that the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board is hosting an exchange visit on May 9th.  In addition, Earl announced that AARP will be hosting a conference in Fort Collins on October 18th.  The Loveland Senior Advisory Board will be sponsoring a conference on October 24th on “What Seniors and Families Need to Know About Long Term Care from 8:00am – 12:00pm.


Earl reported that Christy O’Hanlon from the Seasons Club gave an update on Medicare Part D.   Christy shared with the group that Medicare providers are approaching “vulnerable” seniors to sell them Medicare Advantage plans.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation met with the Boulder Aging Services Division.  The Division has 35 employees and an Aging Services Foundation with 10 board members.  The board writes grants to help the Boulder Aging Services Division get money for their various programs.  Mary stated that the whole purpose of the board is fundraising. 


Roger Bailey stated that he continues to discuss funding with the United Way, but his impression is that funding for seniors will get worse not better.  Roger stated that United Way has changed to a more narrow funding view limited to two or three initiatives.  


Larimer County Commissioner

Margaret Long relayed an email update from Karen Wagner.  Karen stated that she will be at a conference where she will participate in a meeting as a member of the Statewide Transportation Advisory Committee.  Karen will be asking, “What about transit? What about para-transit?”  Karen thanked Earl Stevens and Roger Bailey for agreeing to serve on the RTA Steering Committee.


Human Relations Commission: 

Elaine Boni asked the council members to nominate seniors for their award. 


Commission on Aging: 

No report given.


Margaret Long gave a brief autobiography.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the Older Adult Job Fair letters went out to prospective employers.  In addition, the committee will be handing out flyers to the participants next week. 


Mary reported that the Bridging the Gap committee started planning this year’s event but there has been no decision on a location. The committee made a tentative reservation at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  The Medical Center of the Rockies invited the committee to look at their community room in the basement.  Mary stated that the room is a good size with three smaller rooms that open to one larger room. 


Executive Committee

Earl Stevens reported that Margaret Long discussed the Colorado Trust grant with the committee. Margaret feels that the Office on Aging has a 50/50 chance of being awarded the grant.  Margaret stated that there is a need for additional funding from the private sector.


Earl stated that the Bridging the Gap committee wants to include Estes Park, and is working on this process.  One idea was to use teleconferencing.  


Earl stated that he made a request from the committee chairs to send him a copy of their minutes and has received 4 out of 6 thus far.


Health Committee

Nancy Arthur reported that the committee discussed the Oral Health Task Force meeting at the Harmony Library.  Nancy stated that it seems to be progressing well and that the project will hire a person this summer to administer the task force.


Nancy stated that issues with Medicare Part D continue.  Most recently, it was discovered by CMS that clients who changed plans, continue to have the former company deduct premiums from their account.  This results in the client having both (past & present) companies deducting premiums from their account. 


Nancy announced that the committee is continuing to look at disseminating information regarding a Pandemic.  Katy Mason took a class from the Red Cross on educating the public on the pandemic. 


Membership Committee 

Elnora McCloughan reported that the advisory council will be down to 15 members in June.  The terms of Paul Bell, Karen Reinhardt, and Lloyd Spawn will end.  Margaret Long stated that the Commissioners will start to advertise in April requesting applications.


Nutrition Committee

Roger Bailey reported that at this time, Fort Collins Meals-on-Wheels program does not want to participate in joint fund-raising with VOA and Loveland Meals-on-Wheels.


Housing Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the housing committee needs more members.  Stan stated that the committee is looking at final objectives for the year.  Stan noted that the committee discussed ways to be more effective and how to disseminate information to builders. 


Stan reported that he attended a meeting about mobile homes last week.  Dry Creek Mobile Home Park is closing.  Stan stated that the biggest complaint at the meeting was that the people only have six months to move. 


Transportation Committee

Elnora McCloughan reported that Community Corrections will take over the Department of Health & Human Services contract with Dial-A-Ride to provide rural transit services.  This new service is named the Larimer Lift.

Margaret and Roger are both serving on the City of Fort Collins facilitated task force which is seeking to find ways to mange the changes made in Dial-A-Ride services.  Currently we are trying to figure out who is falling through the cracks.  Dial-A-Ride has staffed people to help seniors and practitioners with the paperwork.  Marjorie McTaggart stated that she will bring the issue to the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board to look at writing a letter to the editor.  Roger feels that a lot a seniors feel that they will not qualify so they are opting out. 


Staff Reports

Laura Sutherlin is currently covering for Lynette McGowan while she is out of the office.  Laura will also be covering for Katy Mason while she is out of the office.  Laura stated that she is doing some education and that the ARCH program is picking up. 


Tina Barker reported that things are going okay with the Ombudsman program.  Tina announced that another home health agency has been de-certified for Medicaid/ Medicare which is the second one in the last six months.



Roger Bailey announced that there is a non-profit agency called the Educational Lifetime Training Center.   They are a volunteer clearing house that provides training and accepts donated computers which they upgrade and sell at reduced prices. 


Margaret Long announced that the fundraiser for Elderhaus will be March 21st and March 22nd at the Fish restaurant.  The five course meal includes wine.   The cost is $60 per person, or $100 per couple, all proceeds go to Elderhaus. 


Earl Stevens announced that the April 12th meeting will be the strategic planning meeting.  Lunch will be at 12:30 followed by the meeting from 1:30 – 4:30.  Lynette McGowan will facilitate and will provide information to the council. 



Earl adjourned the meeting at 3:18 p.m.