Advisory Council Meeting

March 12, 2008


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

David Born

Peggy Bowers


Cassie Castleberry

Helen Davis

Rene DeMattei


Marcy Greenslit

Judy Jones

Elnora McCloughan


Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens

Barbara Tuttle


Stan Ulrich

Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora





Members Absent :

Jim Barlow

Caryll Cram

Manfred Diehl


Tim Dolan

Ellen Pihlstrom

Gail Reader





Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Steve Johnson


Margaret Long

Lynette McGowan

Glen Rathgeber


Linda Rumney

Rebecca Smyser

Laura Sutherlin





Guests Present:

Dana Griffin

Tracy Hays

Mark Shelton






Helen Davis called the meeting to order at 1:38 p.m.


The following guests were introduced:  Dana Griffin from Secure Horizons and Tracy Hays from United Way 211.


Stan Ulrich noted grammatical changes needed to minutes as follows:


  • “Kefalas” continued to be spelled wrong in the noted corrections.
  • Page 2: Fifth paragraph should be Media “are” not “is”.
  • Under Chair Report:  State does not need to be capitalized.
  • Page 3: Place a comma between October and 2009.
  • Page 3: Third paragraph, change “motion” to “moved”.
  • Page 3: Fourth paragraph, add “were told about” after the word infractions.


Motion to accept the minutes as amended was made and passed. 


Helen Davis thanked Tim Dolan for inviting Bob Moore from the Coloradoan to attend last month’s meeting.  Helen stated that Bob’s presentation gave her a new perspective and appreciation for the media.  Helen noted that the Coloradoan did carry an editorial on the caregiver training a few days after last month’s meeting.  Helen reported that the Executive Committee drafted a list of possible presenters for upcoming council meetings. 


Helen discussed attending a forum on long term care at the Harmony Library which was sponsored by Representatives Fisher and Kefalas.  Helen was surprised that there were approximately 100 people in attendance.  There were many stories of struggles from individuals dealing with long term care and long term care insurance.


Margaret Long reported for Elaine Boni from the Human Relations Commission (HRC).   Margaret distributed a copy of the HRC nomination form for their annual award and asked the council if they would like to nominate someone.  The HRC will be hosting a community conversation on elder abuse on May 20th at the Fort Collins Senior Center at 6:30. 


Margaret reported on the Senior Tax Work-Off Program for Katy Mason.  Katy was able to place 76 people in the program, but had to turn away 25 people.  The program had some funding that carried over from last year and the funds allowed for a few extra people to participate this year.  The budget is only $20,000.  Margaret is concerned about next year because she is almost certain that the Homestead Exemption will be nullified.  The $20,000 budget includes administration costs and there will most likely be more people that will need help next year to pay their property taxes.


Margaret discussed the Office on Aging budget concerns.  Currently, the negative supplemental is off the table, but the March projections haven’t come in yet.  Margaret explained that there is a proposal to take one million dollars out of the Long Bill for Older Coloradoans Fund because there is one million for nutrition in the stimulus bill.  Margaret will present a plan of action for the carryover and next year’s plan to the council in April or May. 


Margaret described the outcomes of the state audit.  The state found many “Best Practices” for Larimer County.  Margaret stated that one practice that was noted by the state was the participation in developing the special needs registry.  Margaret acknowledged and thanked Tracy Hays for her help in bringing the registry to fruition. Other practices mentioned were the coordination and relationship with local universities, Advisory Council goals and the five committees’ model and the evidence-based programs such as Powerful Tools for Caregivers.   There were also compliments to Volunteers of America (VOA) and Loveland Meals on Wheels.  The next section of the audit described suggested best practices.  One suggestion was to change the name of the Family Caregiver Program Application to Family Caregiver Program Assessment because it is not means tested.  There was also a suggestion to provide more documentation in Spanish.  Margaret described several items that were compliance issues, including a concern that Loveland Meals on Wheels has been providing textured modified diets without a written doctor’s order, Loveland Meals on Wheels meals did not meet the 600 calorie requirement twice in a month and VOA having a problem with the temperatures at the Fort Collins Senior Center meal site.  Other internal problems that were sited.  The Office on Aging does not have an emergency preparedness and continuity of operations plan, and some programs do not have a system for collecting donations.  Margaret noted that if anyone wanted to see the complete audit, she would be happy to share it with them.


Margaret reported that the office also completed an on-site review of the Ombudsman program.  She is happy to report that there is nothing to correct.  The program is in compliance and received very glowing remarks. 

OFFICE ON AGING PARTNER PRESENTATION:  Tracy Hays, United Way 211 Program Director

Margaret Long introduced Tracy Hays, Program Director for the United Way 211.  Margaret stated that Tracy was instrumental in working on the special needs registry, giving the larger group that extra push to get it done.  United Way 211 is the first to make the call for obtaining information in emergency situations. 


Tracy started the presentation by discussing her expertise with disaster preparedness while working for 211 for the past six years.  She was deployed to Katrina, the floods in Indiana and the tornado in Windsor. 


Tracy described 211 and how it is organized.  Tracy explained that 211 is a national program developed after 9/11 to provide information and referral to the community.  It was created under the FCC which in turn pushed it to be part of the PUC in each state.  In Colorado, 211 is divided into several regions.  Larimer County is part of Region 3 which serves the northwest corner of the state.  Tracy stated that 90% of Region 3 calls come from Larimer County. 


Tracy explained that 211 is set up with three major departments:  Information & Referral, Volunteer Management, and Disaster Response.  Information & Referral is the largest part of the organization.  In normal times, its focus is to advertise its services so that everyone will know how to contact 211.  During disasters, 211 provides public information to the community.  It also is able to connect victims quickly with emergency services and collaborate with other volunteer agencies, law enforcement and emergency managers to assure a coordinated response.


Currently, 211 is working to coordinate with 911 to provide relief services.  In this collaboration, 211 can connect 911 callers who have social needs to appropriate services allowing 911 to focus on emergency services. 


Another function of 211 is its Volunteer Resource Center.  This section of 211 allows agencies to recruit, train and manage volunteers with less cost to their organizations.    


Tracy stated that 211 has trained call specialists that utilize an extensive database. The database holds approximately 2,800 services in our region and about 14,000 services for the entire state.  In addition, 211 has Spanish-speaking specialists and uses a language line when necessary to eliminate any language barrier.  The call specialists are trained to deal with a variety of calls, such as domestic violence and suicide.  Currently 211 is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday. 

The website for disaster information is Then click on the 211 tab.  For information statewide you can go to


Judy Jones gave a brief autobiography.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Stan Ulrich reported that the Board has recruited two or three new members and completed their work schedule for the year.  Stan stated that they discussed organizing a speaker’s bureau and the expansion of the senior center. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the Board will meet at Sterling House at the Orchards in April as part of their outreach.  The Board is currently working on plans for Bridging the Gap Luncheon and the Solutions for Senior Care annual conference.  The Solutions for Senior Care Conference will be held at the Chilson Senior Center on October 17th.  Earl stated that there were eleven seniors from Loveland that attended Senior Day at the Capitol.  The computer classes are currently full and have a waiting list.  They are planning another class for April or May.  There was discussion about providing a 32-hour summer course, but it would cost $130 per person. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation on Aging received a $5,000 grant from JVA for website development.  Their program committee is working on providing mini grants that have been granted to local agencies in the past.  The Foundation is discussing options for an open house to introduce themselves to the community.


Larimer County Commissioner

Steve Johnson reported that he is attending a town meeting with Commissioner Donnelly on March 18th at 9:00 a.m. in Estes Park. 


Human Relations Commission 

See Margaret Long’s report.


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton thanked everyone who attended Senior Day at the Capitol; there were over 60 participants from Larimer County.  Mark reported that the next Commission on Aging meeting will be on April 3rd at the Denver Christian Living Centers.  The commission is continuing to follow legislative bills and can provide updated information.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee discussed some ongoing issues at the Northside Aztlan Center.  The lunch visits at the different meal sites are going well.  Mary noted that the Job Fair flyers will be up at the grocery stores by the last week in March.


Media & Public Relations Committee

Cassie Castleberry reported that the committee is continuing to work toward their goals.  Marcy is working on the Dear Margaret column questions and answers.  Margaret and Earl will be participating on a radio call-in show on May 7th from 5:30 – 6:00 p.m. on 90.1 KRFC.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Rene DeMattei reported that Margaret discussed budget frustrations, transportation problems and the need for more funding for the Senior Tax Work-Off Program.


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the committee is working on the problems at Whispering Pines apartment complex.  Stan received another complaint from a resident living at Woodbridge Apartments.  This complaint was in regards to the parking lot getting icy during winter.  Stan provided some salt to the resident.  Stan stated that the committee spent time discussing bills and the calling tree.  Rene DeMattei is in charge.


Staff Reports

Laura Sutherlin reported that she is continuing to meet with area hospitals on how to refer clients to the ARCH program.  Laura met with Mountain Crest today and will meet with PVHS and McKee later in the month. 


Linda Rumney reported that the Ombudsman program received a good review from the state. 


Lynette McGowan reported that she was pleased to meet Bob Moore from the Coloradoan and that she sent the caregiver press release to him which ran in the editorial section.  Deni LaRue invited Jacque Miller and Lynette to participate on the KRFC radio program to discuss Powerful Tools for Caregivers.  Lynette stated that there is a possibility of eight classes: four full classes now and four more in the planning stage.  Lynette distributed a flyer on the new contract with the Aging Center of the Rockies.  This service is trying to make mental health services affordable for caregivers by providing up to eight individual counseling sessions. 



There were no announcements.



Helen adjourned the meeting at 3:27 p.m.