Office on Aging Advisory Council

June 8, 2006


Held at 220 4th Street

Estes Park, Colorado  80517


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Paul Bell

Steve Budner


Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss

Ellen Pihlstrom


Karen Reinhardt

Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens


Stan Ulrich

Hal Wilson

Sharon Zamora





Members Absent

Amy Farnsworth

Carolyn Funk

Beverly Hageseth


Gerry Hinks

Olivia Larry

Janet Montera


Carol Rehme

Mary Shultz

Don Venneberg





Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Tina Hugo

Laura Kreider


Margaret Long

Katy Mason

Lynette McGowan


Linda Rumney

Laura Sutherlin






Guests Present:

David Born

Lori Mitchell



Lloyd Spawn called the meeting to order.


Lloyd Spawn introduced Lori Mitchell, Director of the Estes Park Senior Center, and David Born, Estes Park Senior Center board member.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Request to add discussion regarding election of officers under the membership committee report.

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF May 11, 2006                             

Earl Stevens recommended a change on Page 5 under Membership Committee report; Elnora McCloughan was nominated as Vice Chair of council, not co-chair.  Lloyd Spawn recommended that there be more details about the people who are mentioned.


Lloyd Spawn distributed a flyer on the AARP Drive Safety On-line Course.  Lloyd requested that members sign up for the Speakers Bureau and announced that there will be another training session in the Fall.  Lloyd announced that Barbara Nuss has received recognition from the White House for completing 5,590 volunteers hours. 


Elnora McCloughan distributed nomination ballets.  Katy Mason collected and tallied the ballets.  The results of the voting were as follows:   Earl Stevens as Chair, Elnora McCloughan as Vice-Chair and Lloyd Spawn as Nominating Committee.


Margaret Long apologized to Lloyd for not having his appreciation plaque at the meeting and thanked him for chairing the council during the past year.  Margaret reported that she is currently working on the county budget and the development of the ADRC pilot program, now referred to as ARCH, Adult Resources for Care and Help.  Margaret announced that she will be working on the 4-year plan.  Some planning for the 4-year plan has been completed through the focus groups that were gathered for the White House Conference.  Margaret would like to reach out to the Hispanic population to get more input.  Margaret will be creating an outline for the 4-year plan and will send the outline to the council members for input. Margaret reported that currently there is a petition circulating to “undo” Referendum C on the ballot in November.  Margaret stated that if the petition is successful and it is put to the voters in November, and should the voters pass this measure it will be retroactive.   This would mean that the Office on Aging might have to pay back the extra funding that was received from Referendum C. 

Medicare Part D Update: 

Katy Mason reported that the Office on Aging will officially stop assisting dual eligible clients with Part D on June 16th.   The Ombudsmen will continue to help with Medicare Part D in the smaller Assisted Living residences.  Katy announced that Andrea Loftus, our temporary employee who has been helping clients with Medicare Part D, resigned effective June 16th.  Andrea was hired as a permanent employee at the Health District.  Katy stated that the dual eligible clients will be calling the Aspen Club for help on Part D.  Katy went on to explain that there is a glitch in the process for transferring confidential information from Human Services to the Aspen Club.   Human Services is currently working on the problem.  Currently, Human Services cannot transfer confidential client information to outside agencies.  Katy announced that she will continue to work with the Coalition. 


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Marjorie McTaggart was not present. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that much of the discussion at the meeting was about Medicare Part D and the Job Fair.   


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz was not present.


Larimer County Commissioner

Karen Wagner was not present.


Human Relations Commission

A representative from the Larimer County Human Relations Commission was not present. 


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton was not present.


Ellen Pihlstrom gave a brief autobiography.


Education Committee

Lloyd Spawn reported that Carol Rehme and Janet Montera gave an update on the successes on the Older American’s Month.  Lloyd commented that there was some discussion regarding the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon, Speakers Bureau, and a meeting with Jill Taylor at the Aspen Club.  Lloyd announced that the Legislative Breakfast will be September 8th.  Steve Budner commented that he will invite the press.


Executive Committee

Lloyd Spawn reported that the committee briefly discussed reporting of VOA volunteer hours.  Lloyd stated that Stan Ulrich will give his biography during July’s meeting at the Aztlan Center.  Lloyd reported that there was some discussion about sensitivity to other cultures.  Tina Barker stated that there are a couple of professors at CSU that may be available to discuss diversity.  Tina will contact the professors and arrange for a speaker for the June 16th committee meeting at 9:15 at the Fort Collins Senior Center. 


Health Committee

Nancy Arthur reported that the focus of the committee has been on Part D issues.  The committee started discussing the dental program and oral health.  Nancy stated that Katy Mason and Margaret Long will meet with the Women’s Center. 


Membership Committee

Elnora McCloughan reported that she hasn’t heard from the Commissioner’s Office regarding terms for current council members which ends July 1st.  Margaret Long stated that they will be interviewing four applicants on June 30th at 1:30 to 3:00 in the Courthouse Offices building on the 2nd floor. 


Nutrition Committee

Margaret Long updated the council on the new caterer from Anheiser Bush.  The new caterer will start the first Thursday of this month.  Diane Stobnicke, Director of Volunteers of America, feels comfortable about the transition.  Nancy Arthur commented that the caterer is open to comments and that the food looks and smells wonderful.  Nancy stated that the delivery schedule for OakBrook is at a different time, but the residents are getting use to it.  Margaret stated that the congregate meals will be one of the areas that will be addressed in the 4-year plan.


Housing Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the housing committee completed the mobile home surveys.


Transportation Committee

Elnora McCloughan reported that the committee discussed the outlying, smaller areas and would like to get key people involved.  Earl Stevens create a letter inviting key people to a meeting.  Elnora stated that Reggie Kemp from Wellington is interested in starting a SAINT program in Wellington. 


Staff Reports

Lynette McGowan reported that she is working on bringing together new partnerships for caregiving.  Lynette went on to report that the Office on Aging did not receive the Rosalind Carter Grant, but thanks to Referendum C and more state funds, the Office on Aging is able to go forth with the caregiver grant as envisioned.  The collaborating agencies will meet on June 28th.  Lynette described the three county collaboration; Larimer, Weld and Boulder.  The three counties will work together in creating pilot respite programs in local churches.  Lynette stated that she will be holding several mini support groups called Caregiver Conversations in June.   


Katy Mason reported on the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon.  They have selected a keynote speaker, the council’s very own Paul Bell who will discuss the Center on Aging.  Katy reported on the dental meeting with the Women’s Center.  It appears that the dental situation is in a more dire straights situation than previously envisioned.  The Health District and Loveland Health Center are full and are not seeing new patients.  We have a crisis and there is no easy solution at this point.  The Long Term Care dental program is a separate problem.  The facilities in Larimer, Weld and Boulder had a dentist that would go to some of the facilities and was able to bill Medicaid through a “loop hole” for routine dental care.  Medicaid has tightened that “loop hole” making the process cumbersome and timely.  The dentist that was going into facilities has resigned.  Laura Kreider, an Ombudsman intern, will be working on the dental issue and will be going to faculties to conduct surveys and research. 


Laura Sutherlin reported that she is working on putting together training for the ARCH program.  The training will consist of how internal Human Services staff  refer appropriate calls to ARCH.  Laura described that ARCH is partnering with United Way 211 for more of the informational type calls.  The training will take place in July.  Laura commented that there is a lot of overlap in long term care issues within the Human Services department. 


Tina Barker reported that Laura Kreider will be revising the dental survey completed by former Ombudsman Diane Pelletier, to find and clarify the current dental needs of facilities.  Tina stated that she is hopeful that the outcome will show what training facility staff might require to utilize the PETI (Medicaid billing) process.  Tina reported that facilities are receiving a lot of F250 tags for not providing appropriate dental services.  Tina commented that a “tag” is a deficiency given by the State Health Dept. and becomes part of the public record for that facility.   Tina noted that Dr. Goss, the dentist who had previously resigned after the Medicaid changes, was hired by SAVA Senior Care.  SAVA Senior Care has several Skilled Nursing facilities in Larimer, Boulder and Weld counties.  At $500 per facility, SAVA Senior Care is contracting with Dr. Goss to provide all necessary dental services.  Tina reported on the Centenarian program in Evans.  Approximately 26 centenarians participated in the event.  Tina reported that the Office on Aging is working on a better or more reliable method of getting information on upcoming centenarians.   



Steve Budner suggested that committees that are not working on specific issues start looking at the issues and concerns of the larger group.  Steve made the suggestion that the council should consider alternative ways of doing things or look at doing things differently than what has been done in the past.


Elnora McCloughan stated that the counterfeiter has been caught.  He was a 15 year old and had given his correct contact information for the bus. 


Earl Stevens announced that the 32-hour computer class has been canceled due to lack of interest.  Earl stated that Thompson Valley High School is planning to offer the class later this summer.  Earl commented that he was at the Estes Park Senior Center today for lunch and had a great lunch and he found that the people are a delight. 


Lloyd Spawn announced that Bill Benton is interested in serving on the Housing and Health committees.  Bill will contact the chairs of the committees.  Lloyd stated that he will not be at the next council meeting. 


Lloyd thanked the Estes Park Senior Center for allowing the council to meet at their facility.  He also thanked the council for allowing him to chair the council.  



Lloyd Spawn adjourned the meeting.