Advisory Council Meeting

June 12, 2008


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524

Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Steve Budner

Cassie Castleberry


Helen Davis

Manfred Diehl

Marcy Greenslit


Elnora McCloughan

Janet Montera

Barbara Nuss


Mary Shultz

Earl Stevens

Barbara Tuttle


Stan Ulrich

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent:

Jim Barlow

Rene DeMattei

Ellen Pihlstrom


Don Venneberg







Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Randy Eubanks


Margaret Long

Ruth Long

Katy Mason


Lynette McGowan

Laura Sutherlin






Guests Present:

Joanne Johnsen




Elnora McCloughan called the meeting to order at 1:34 p.m.


Marcy Greenslit introduced Joanne Johnsen, Executive Director of Elderhaus.


Earl Stevens noted a change to page 3, second to the last paragraph, Laurie should be spelled Lori.  Earl moved to accept minutes with correction, Steve Budner seconded motion.  Motion was carried.


Joanne Johnsen has been the Executive Director of Elderhaus for the past nine years.  Joanne distributed business cards, and brochures for both the north and south locations. 


As Joanne grew up, she described her family as very loving and strong advocates for others.  Joanne started working early on in nursing homes.  In college, she became a bookkeeper for a nursing home.  After working in the nursing home, she decided to go into Special Education, but ended up with a degree in accounting. 


Joanne stated that she is a single mom of two girls.  She moved to Fort Collins and started volunteering.   In addition, Joanne did some accounting to pay the bills.  Joanne’s first client was from a non-profit in Longmont. This client was a beautiful and talented seventeen year old young woman.  She was involved in a head on accident which left her paralyzed from the neck down.  After working with her, Joanne decided she wanted to help people in similar situations.  Joanne started working at Boulder County Enterprises, a non-profit agency that works with seniors.  That’s when she fell in love with seniors.  After working in Boulder, she moved to Masonville and started working at Elderhaus.  Joanne stated that Elderhaus is a part of her heart.  Joanne went on to explain that the agency helps the kind of people that she loves to work with. 


Joanne described a couple of clients that are served by Elderhaus. 

●   The first example is a fifty-five year old mother living in an Assisted Living facility.  Due to her frontal lobe dementia, the client has difficulties with social skills; the Assisted Living asked for help. 

●   In another situation, Elderhaus is helping a woman in her sixties with her husband who is eighty-four and has Alzheimer’s.  In addition, this woman cares for her at-risk son and her daughter, and has just declared bankruptcy.


Joanne noted that the south location of Elderhaus has a recreation center and is for younger, more able clients.  The program at this location are higher energy and include walking groups and programs that teach living skills.  In addition, the south location can handle the early stages of Alzheimer’s.  Joanne noted that the staff is very skilled at keeping a close eye on these clients without the clients even being aware that they are being watched.  Once the client’s dementia increases, the client is moved to the northern location to keep the client safe from wondering.  The hours of operation for the south location are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The hours for operation for the northern location are 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Joanne reported that Elderhaus works with forty-two different grants.  Joanne explained that 68% of the funding is for transportation for the Medicaid and Foothills Gateway clients.  The daily rate is $52/day and Elderhaus has $2,200 in scholarships available.


The Office on Aging helps fund the Medicaid Helper program for Elderhaus.  This program assists clients in the community complete the Medicaid application.  The Office on Aging also helps fund the Mobile Heath program.  This program partners with RVNA, the Aspen Club and nine other community agencies providing various health promotion activities such as blood pressure checks. 


Joanne finished by stating how much she appreciates the support from the Office on Aging.   Elderhaus served 27,023 clients last year with the help from 1,300 volunteers who provided 10,000 volunteer hours.


Elnora McCloughan thanked the advisory council for their great support during the time she was chair.  Elnora briefly described the email that Margaret Long sent regarding surviving excessive heat.


Elnora McCloughan distributed ballots for the election of chair and vice-chair.  The nomination was for Helen Davis as chair and Marcy Greenslit for vice-chair.  Elnora asked if anyone else had any nominations.  Cassie Castleberry moved to accept ballot as is.  Earl seconded the motion.  Motion was passed unanimously. 


Margaret Long thanked Elnora for being the chair and presented her with an appreciation plaque.  Janet Montera’s term on the advisory council has ended.  Margaret thanked Janet Montera for her work on the advisory council and presented her with a certificate of appreciation.  Margaret stated that Janet has gone the extra mile in putting together the media plan. 


Margaret reported on the one-year state and federal plans and apologized that she had to submit these plans before this meeting.   Margaret noted that the advisory council can suggest changes to the plan as necessary.  Margaret distributed a spreadsheet that broke down 2007 funding verses 2008 funding.  Margaret described the shaded area on the spreadsheet as internal costs, a mixture of administration, salaries, operating and some direct services.  The direct services are the Family Caregiver Support Program’s respite care program and material aid, and the Ombudsman program.  In addition, a portion of Laura’s Sutherlin’s salary and benefits are included in the Information and Assistance portion of the budget.  The budget should be able to sustain Laura’s position through 2010.  We will continue to look at other available funding.  Margaret noted that the plan has an increase in administrative costs because the office will be moving to a rental building at the end of July 2008.   


Margaret described the process for determining the contract increases.  Margaret emailed the existing providers and asked each provider how much it will cost to continue service at the same level.  In addition, Margaret asked providers for any one-time purchases they would like to make.  The majority of providers showed a large increase in costs due to increases in gas, food, and shipping costs.  See exhibit for details on increases for contractors.


Stan Ulrich moved to accept the one-year plan, Earl Stevens seconded the motion.  The one-year plan was approved by a unanimous vote.


Randy Eubanks gave a brief autobiography.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Stan Ulrich reported that the Board met at Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab as part of their outreach meetings.  The Board held a new election of officers and reappointed their chair.  Stan noted that discussion was held regarding the expansion plan for the Senior Center.  This plan includes an eight million dollar wing addition to the senior center.  Four million was promised by City of Fort Collins and the other four million will be raised by the 501(c)3.  The first fundraising event will be the All American Picnic on July 3rd; Stan has already baked 41 pies.  The next fundraiser will be the Brain Freeze, an ice cream festival. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the Board gave updates on the Bridging the Gap Networking Event.  Earl reported that approximately 610 people attended the job fair.  The Board is finishing up work on a new brochure and magnet.  These brochures and magnets will be distributed to the “hard to reach seniors” in the Loveland community.  Earl noted that the computer class sponsored by Thompson Valley High School was canceled.  Earl reported that the computer class in the fall is still scheduled.  Earl stated that the Senior Expo at the Chilson Senior Center was successful.  Earl commented that the Board is following in the foot steps of the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board and the Office on Aging Advisory Council, by meeting at alternative sites six times a year. The first alternative site will be in August at the new Mirasol living complex in Loveland. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation submitted their grant proposal to JVA Consulting and is awaiting response.  They are currently working on action items as outlined in the strategic plan.


Larimer County Commissioner

Randy Eubanks reported on the progress of interviews to fill the four open advisory council positions.  There were only two applications received, but only one of the applicants was interviewed.  Randy explained that one of the applicants was killed in an airplane accident in Nebraska.  Randy stated that the positions will be reposted.  Randy reported on Pride in the Park and stated that he manned a booth near the Office on Aging’s booth.  The Office on Aging had a booth and conducted a survey on the needs of older GLBT.  Randy reported that the new prescription cards are here or should be here shortly.  Randy thought that working with some of our coalitions and providers would be a good way to distribute the cards. 


Human Relations Commission 

No report given.


Commission on Aging

No report given.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that they had volunteers to help at Pride in the Park, but they weren’t needed this year.  The committee discussed issues at Northside Aztlan involving VOA and Los Ancianos.  Mary stated that they are working on finding surrogates to stand in line for seniors during the Mission of Mercy dental clinic in July.  There will be a room provided for seniors to sit down and have water.  Mary noted that one potential problem is that the dental program starts at 5 a.m. and the seniors and surrogates will have to start lining up at 2:00 a.m.   The surrogate must be older than 18.  Mary commented that Carolyn Funk started a friendly visitor program at Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab with six clients.  The committee discussed the Special Needs Registry being set up through United Way 211.  Mary reported that there seems to be a problem with listing cell phones because some seniors have cell phones and not land lines.


Media & Public Relations Committee

Janet Montera distributed the Media Plan.  Janet explained that the intent is to keep the document fluid and make changes to the document as the needs of the council change.  Janet asked the council to place the three page document into their council notebook.  Janet noted that there is a media notebook which has a complete copy of the media plan.  Janet thanked Margaret Long, Katy Mason, Deni LaRue, Helen Davis, Cassie Castleberry, and Marcy Greenslit for helping complete the plan.  Janet stated that this plan includes a yearly schedule of simple steps, such as placing ads in newspapers.  Deni provided a list of media outlets and Helen prepared an ad regarding the Answers on Aging Resource guide.  Janet asked staff to update the telephone numbers when the Office on Aging moves in July.  Janet stated that committee members could start attending the Commissioner’s Citizen meetings.  Janet reminded council members that if they attend these meetings they could talk about senior issues and make announcements regarding committee or council issues.  In addition, Janet reminded the council that for additional events members attend, they can promote and distribute the Answers on Aging Resource Guides.  Members might also consider participating in the Larimer County Radio Show and KRFC radio shows.  Janet encouraged the council members to actively pursue these types of activities.  Janet reported that provider presentations have been scheduled through October 2008.  Janet stated that she does not feel it is necessary to have providers present more than once unless an issue will be addressed by the council that involves or affects that provider. 


Janet stated that the council used to have a Speakers Bureau.  Janet suggested that the council have a committee meeting in the fall to discuss the issue of developing a promotional DVD or other promotional items.  Another idea the committee discussed was branding all of the information that the Office on Aging publishes or distributes.  Janet thanked the council and stated she really did enjoy being part of this team.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Steve Budner reported that the majority of time was spent discussing the one-year plan with Margaret.  Steve reported that the committee received an update on the Foundation on Aging and ARCH program.

Pubic Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the committee again discussed the Route 8 bus stop issue.  Stan stated that there is not much the committee can do about the issue until the next bus schedule is printed.  The committed discussed starting a shuttle service for Fort Collins patients to be transported to the Medical Center of the Rockies.  Stan recommended to the council continue to talk to legislators.  Stan also encouraged council members to volunteer for the legislator’s campaigns.  Stan commented that this will help legislators get to know you and encourage them to listen to you. 


Staff Reports

Margaret announced on behalf of Lynette McGowan that Lynette is working on a large strategic planning workshop for the Larimer County Caregiver Coalition.  The workshop will be held June 17th.  This Coalition came together about three or four years ago and received the Colorado Trust grant. 


Katy Mason reported that the Bridging the Gap Networking Event is on September 26th and will be held at McKee Medical Center.  The Office on Aging will pay the $18 registration fee for council members if they plan on attending.  Katy will be asking for volunteers to be table hosts.  Katy distributed a flyer on the Mission of Mercy dental clinic on July 18 & 19.  The Office on Aging will need volunteers to work throughout the day.  Katy noted that in Alamosa County the clinic served 1,359 people.  The planning group agreed that a surrogate can stand in line for seniors.  Katy commented that this is an incredible community event and asked council members to please be on the look out for volunteers.  Katy reminded the council that at the next meeting in July, council members will have the opportunity to sign up for council committees.  Katy urged council members to start thinking about what committees they are interested in and be ready to sign up next month.  Katy asked the council if committees should meet in July.  The council agreed that all committee meetings be canceled in July and start up again in August.  Katy distributed a copy of the Foundation on Aging grant proposal narrative that was submitted to JVA Consulting.


Laura Sutherlin reported on the ADRC Grant.  This grant is working with Healthcare Policy and Finance (HCPF) and the State.  This grant is specifically asking to extend ARCH funding to those pilots that have programs working with hospital discharge planners.  HCPF is reviewing ways to work with hospital discharge planners helping clients with a mental illness.  The focus well be to provide discharge planners with more information so that there are more options to keep clients in the community instead of discharging to nursing homes.



Manfred Diehl announced the upgrade to their webpage at the Colorado State University Center on Aging.  Due to limited staff, it is difficult to update information on a regular basis so the center will provide reliable links to national information on their webpage.  The center selected the most authoritative entity in the country for each subject which will make this website a really good resource.  Manfred asked the council to access the resource page, play with it and send any feedback on gaps, or user friendly issues back to him.  The direct link to the resource page is:



Elnora adjourned the meeting at 3:48 p.m.