Advisory Council Meeting

June 11, 2009


Held at 2573 Midpoint Drive, Ste. 108

Fort Collins, Colorado  80525


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

David Born

Steve Budner


Cassie Castleberry

Caryll Cram

Helen Davis


Rene DeMattei

Marcy Greenslit

Judy Jones


Elnora McCloughan

Ellen Pihlstrom

Gail Reader


Mary Shultz

Barbara Tuttle

Stan Ulrich


Sharon Zamora







Members Absent :

Peggy Bowers

Manfred Diehl

Tim Dolan


Earl Stevens

Don Venneberg






Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo

Steve Johnson


Margaret Long

Ruth Long

Katy Mason


Lynette McGowan

Glen Rathgeber

Linda Rumney


Laura Sutherlin







Guests Present:

Elaine Boni




Helen Davis called the meeting to order at 1:34 p.m.


There were no guests present.


Minutes were accepted as presented. 


Helen Davis reported that the Executive Committee is currently reviewing applications for new advisory board members.  Helen stated that interviews will be on Wednesday, June 24.  Currently the committee has received four applications leaving one open position on the council.  Helen reported on the Community Conversation on Elder Abuse which was sponsored by the Human Relations Commission.  Elaine Boni from the Human Relations Commission thanked Margaret and staff for their participation and stated she would like to see this conversation become an annual event. 


Helen Davis announced the nomination of Marcy Greenslit as chairperson and asked for other nominations.  Cassie Castleberry moved to accept Marcy as chairperson and  Stan Ulrich seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously.  Helen announced the her nomination as vice chairperson.  Cassie Castleberry moved to accept Helen as co-chairperson and Carol Cram seconded the motion.  The motion was passed unanimously. 


Margaret Long reported on the Matter of Balance, an evidence-based fall prevention program.  Margaret stated that she is working closely with the Aspen Club and Seasons Club to have staff trained as master trainers.  Margaret announced that Laura Sutherlin will be trained noting that she has twenty years of experience as a physical therapist.  Margaret discussed other evidence-based programs, such as the Volunteers of America’s Healthier Living and the Caregiver program’s Powerful Tools for Caregivers. 


Margaret stated that she is discussing carryover funds with the Planning, Funding & Partnership committee. Because of the additional federal funds, stimulus funds and money that wasn’t spent this year, the Office on Aging has more carryover than the state allows.  Margaret will submit a plan to the state on how we will spend the money. 


Steve Johnson gave a brief autobiography.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

No report given.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Judy Jones reported that the Board met at the new Hillcrest independent living facility.  Judy accepted the United Way Community Award for Barbara Nuss at the annual United Way luncheon. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation on Aging is working on a website and is planning a Town Hall meeting.


Larimer County Commissioner

Steve Johnson reported that he is pleased that the Senior Tax Work-Off Program received $10,000 in stimulus money.  Steve noted that the commissioners are working on this year’s budget.  This year they are changing the budget process in the county by budgeting for outcomes.  The commissioners have defined six to seven responsibilities for county government and have put together a work team for each group.  The purpose of the change in the budget process is to make it more transparent to the tax payers.


Human Relations Commission 

No report given.


Commission on Aging

No report given.


Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that Katy announced that the Senior Tax Work-Off Program will receive stimulus funds.


Media & Public Relations Committee

Marcy Greenslit reported that there was a Soap Box article about the Office on Aging in the Coloradoan.  The Dear Margaret articles are still going strong in the Berthoud paper.  Marcy stated that the committee will focus on getting out information about United Way 211.  Lynette McGowan mentioned the need to get out information on the Special Needs Registry.  Marcy noted that Earl and Margaret will be on the radio on September 3.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

Steve Budner reported that the committee discussed the carryover plan with Margaret. The committee is also continuing work on the MCR transportation issue.  The main issue is transporting people from Fort Collins to the Heart Center of the Rockies at MCR.  The committee is trying to determine how many people this is affecting because they have only know of a few incidents thus far. 


Public Policy & Advocacy Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the committee discussed the ending of the legislative session. 


Staff Reports

Lynette McGowan reiterated the role that council members have as ambassadors for the Office on Aging.  Lynette laid out materials that are available.  Please contact Lynette if you need materials for churches or other organizations.  Lynette reported that two Powerful Tools for Caregiver classes are finishing up and fall classes are in the process of being scheduled.


Laura Sutherlin reported that we did receive the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA) grant, although we don’t know the dollar amount at this time.  The Office on Aging and the Aspen Club will work together to reach out to people who have not applied for Medicare Part D or Medicare Savings Plans.  Currently, Laura is working on a grant application for the Colorado Health Foundation.  Laura stated that she will be taking some of Lynette’s case load to help Lynette with caregiver consultations starting in July.


Tina Barker and Linda Rumney reported that they and the four volunteer Ombudsmen attended the 3-day State Ombudsman Conference in Estes Park. 


Katy Mason reported that she is writing an article for the Larimer County Grand-Family Alliance which supports grandparents and other relatives who are raising children of other family members.  Katy is pleased to announce that this vital organization is thriving.  Katy stated that the Senior Tax Work-Off Program received $10,000 of the stimulus funds.  However, there is a worker’s compensation issue which has become a concern because of a large claim.  Currently the Department of Human Services takes on the worker’s compensation responsibility because the program’s payroll runs through this department.  Because of the large claim, the Department of Human Services would like each individual county department that employs a Senior Tax Work-off worker to take on the worker’s compensation responsibility.  Katy is concerned that there will be departments that won’t be willing to take on the risk.  Margaret commented that Kathy Snell would like the program to place people in non-profits in the community with the stimulus dollars.  If there is a problem placing employees in county departments, Margaret stated that the program may look into placing workers into local non-profits. 



Helen Davis announced that four of our council members will be leaving the council.  Helen recognized each of them and presented each with a certificate of appreciation.  The following council members were recognized for their service: Rene DeMattei and Barbara Tuttle for three years of service, Elnora McCloughan for six years of service and Steve Budner for fifteen years of service.  Margaret presented a plaque to Helen for her service as chair. 



Elnora McCloughan stated that her experience on the council has been a privilege.  She enjoyed the provider site visits and the meal site visits.  Elnora stated that she learned a lot from Stan while participating on the Public Policy and Advocacy committee. 


Barbara Tuttle thanked the council for the opportunity to serve.  She stated that the staff and members are very good to work with.  Barbara enjoyed seeing friends that she has worked with over the years. 


Rene DeMattei stated that her job has expanded so much that she just cannot add one more thing.  She will continue to attend the Public Policy & Advocacy committee meetings.  Rene expressed appreciation for learning about information that has helped with her aging parents.


Steve Budner went through a litany of history since he started on the council in 1993.  He had seen a lot of changes and thanked Margaret and Katy for their great effort.  Steve noted that the Office on Aging has moved through three different physical offices, had three program managers and fourteen board chair persons during his time on the council.  Steve stated that the greatest things to come out of this council are the Bridging the Gap Networking Event, the Job Fair and the Dial-A-Ride transition to the City of Fort Collins. 


Margaret presented Steve with a Longevity Award plaque. 



Stan announced he has tickets for the Senior Centers ‘All American Picnic” on July 3.  Tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for children 12 and under and children under 6 are free.


Thank you to Stan for his wonderful pies! 



Helen adjourned the meeting at 3:16 p.m.