Unapproved Meeting Minutes

June 10, 2004

1:30-3:30 PM

Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Room 135B

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Paul Bell

Bill Benton

Steve Budner


Carolyn Funk

Gerry Hinks

Johanna Inman


Elnora McCloughan

Thomas Nix

Barbara Nuss


Carol Rehme

Karen Reinhardt

Mary Shultz


Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens

Ken Tharp


Stan Ulrich

Hal Wilson






Members Absent

Rita Dykstra

Ray Martinez






Staff Present:

Tina Hugo

Margaret Long

Katy Mason


Glen Rathgeber

Stacy White






Guests Present:

Nancy Arthur

Olivia Larry




Lloyd Spawn called the meeting to order.



Lloyd recognized Nancy Arthur, who started as a Service Coordinator at Oakbrook II recently.  Her position is funded through HUD.  She explained that the main purpose for her position is to keep seniors living independently in their own homes.  She has worked in hospitals for over 20 years as a registered dietician.  She has been working with Genevieve from the Office on Aging and the Aspen Club to help seniors with the new Medicare prescription drug cards and applying for the $600 credit.


Lloyd also recognized Olivia Larry who will be joining the Council in July.



There was no open discussion or community input.



Corrections to page 2:  Chair Report 2nd paragraph; change Carolyn Rehme to Carolyn Funk, page 5:  Senior Attainable Housing Committee; change Lloyd Spawn to Stan Ulrich, and page 7:  Loveland Senior Advisory Board Report 3rd paragraph; change possibility to possibly.


Earl Stevens moved to accept the minutes, Barbara Nuss seconded the motion.  Minutes accepted as submitted with the three corrections.



Mary Shultz reported that she had just come from the State of the Community Luncheon sponsored by the United Way of Larimer County.  Margaret gave a speech at the event about issues affecting seniors and individuals with disabilities.  Speeches were also given about mental heath and housing issues. 


The Education Committee has been working on setting up the Legislative Breakfast, which will be on September 10th at the Senior Center at 7:30 p.m.  The Office on Aging will be sponsoring the breakfast.


Caring Conversations will be presented at the Chilson Senior Center on October 30, 2004.  There will be groups there who have information on end of life issues. 



Stan reported that there are a total of three new members: Olivia Larry who was present, Reginald Kemp from the Wellington Senior Center, and Paulette Pardun who is getting her PhD in Gerontology.  There were six committee members whose terms were up; they all reapplied and were accepted.  There are now 21 members total. 



Gerry Hinks was born in Iowa.  Her family left Iowa when she was in sixth grade and moved to Colorado Springs because her brother was very sick and they thought the high altitude would be good for his health.  She graduated from Colorado Springs High School, married her high school sweetheart, and moved to South Dakota with her husband who was a member of the Air Force.  All of Gerry’s children were born in South Dakota.  After leaving South Dakota her family lived in California, Texas and Florida. 


Gerry eventually remarried and started working in the aircraft industry.  She worked in purchasing at Grenache Air Services, a company that refurbished and customized corporate aircraft.  Her family moved to Miami where she lived for three years before moving back to Orlando where her husband passed away from leukemia. 


At age 56 Gerry started college in Ft. Collins. She had moved back to Colorado to be near her brother who had become very ill.  Gerry has also worked at PVH in the past and is very interested in the Donor Alliance.  Council members were encouraged to contact Gerry for more information about organ donation.



Stan reported that the Nominating Committee met and came up with a slate of officers.  He passed out a voting form, indicating candidates nominated for each office as follows:  Mary Shultz for Chair, Lloyd Spawn for Vice Chair, and Steve Budner, Stan Ulrich, and Carolyn Funk for the Membership Committee.  Stan asked for any other nominations for each position three times, none were offered.  Tom moved for acclimation, Earl seconded, and it was moved that the nominations be accepted.



Elnora McCloughan, director of Berthoud Area Transportation Services (BATS) gave a report on the services provided by the organization.


The Town of Berthoud took a survey in 1990 to see what residents felt the biggest need was.  Results from the survey showed an interest in both a senior center and transportation service. During the pilot program in April of 1992, BATS provided 36 trips using a donated 1979 Dodge van and volunteer drivers.  By December, they had provided 144 trips. At that point they decided to write for grants and get a handicap accessible vehicle. 


BATS is currently providing up to 1,100 rides per month, and driving approximately 6,000 miles a month.  Their current budget is $147,000.  Because of federal funding, BATS is open to the public, although 58% of their rides are for seniors.  BATS currently has three vehicles and four drivers who are employees of the Town of Berthoud. 


BATS has a suggested donation of 50¢ in town and $2-$5 for out town trips.  The average they receive is $1.60 per ride.  Elnora reports that the OOA funding helps immensely and is the largest amount of money that comes in.  They also receive 5307 Federal funds.  The Town has been supportive by approving a 1% tax, a portion of which funds transportation. 



Review of 2004/2005 Plan for State Senior Service Funding: 

Margaret reported that she has finished the state plan which explains how the Office on Aging plans to use state funding.  Margaret reminded council members that how we choose to use state dollars does not impact what our total funding allocation for specific contracted services will look like for 2005 since we will be blending the state revenues with the Federal revenues.  Margaret explained that in this plan she has put the state dollars into different services proportionate to what we had done in this year’s budget.


Margaret noted that out of the state funding we use $129,000 for services and only $14,000 for administration.  We are not planning to spend any state money on capital expenditures, on senior center operations, or program development this year. 


Margaret reminded council members that the state funds for services for this plan are one-third less than for the current plan. She also noted that it could have been worse as the JBC had originally recommend a two-third cut in funding.


Margaret asked for the council’s approval of the state plan.  Karen moved that the plan be submitted, Earl seconded the motion.  The motion was carried to submit the Colorado State Funds for Seniors Services Grant Fund.


Current Projections on 2005 Office on Aging Budget

Margaret handed out a one-page projection of the total money the Office on Aging will have in 2005 for contracted services.  Margaret reported that she had just completed the county budget and has projected what it will cost to keep internal staff.  Funding for contracted services is determined by subtracting the fixed internal costs from the available revenue. This year’s funding was close to $500,000, but next year it will drop to $433,000 which is a drop of $63,000, or a 12% reduction. 


Margaret noted that the Office on Aging and Advisory Council will need to continue to focus on how we are going to tackle allocating the state and federal money in light of this significant reduction.  This process will require setting priorities and evaluating current providers.  During this process, it will be important to look at where we get the “biggest bang for the buck.”  It will also be important to assess what the impact of reducing funding would have on a service provider and if it would make them stop the service completely. 


Margaret also explained that there are some restrictions on where and how much service can be reduced.  For example 3% of Title III Part B funding must be used towards legal services unless a waiver is requested from the state.  A waiver is also necessary if home health services are reduced below 15%.  Transportation services also require a waiver if less than 25% of Part B funds are spent.


Older Americans Act funding is currently allocated in two large pots plus several smaller pots.  One pot (Part B) of money pays for transportation, home health care, legal services and other services.  The other big pot of money (Part C-1 and C-2) pays for nutrition. 


The Office on Aging currently funds the following providers through Part B funding: First Call for information and referral, Wallace & Kling for legal services, Blue Grouse for helping complete public assistance applications, and RVNA for homemaker and personal care services.  Part B is also used to fund the following transportation providers: North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Authority, SAINT, Special Transit, Wellington Senior Center, and Elderhaus.  OOA funding for transportation has increased significantly this year due to Federal carryover funds, but it is important to realize that this level cannot be sustained. 


Part C-1 funds are used to fund congregate meals through the VOA Seniors’ Nutrition Program. This service may be facing a cut although it is possible to move money from B to C-1 to reduce the size of the cut, but then there would be more cuts in Part B.  It is possible to transfer up to 40% between Part B and Part C.  Part C-2 funds home delivered meals.  The two agencies funded by C-2 funds are VOA Seniors’ Nutrition Program and Loveland Meals on Wheels. 


Other funds that cannot be transferred are Part D (health promotion) and Part E (family caregiver program).  The Office on Aging also receives a couple of small pieces of funding that are not Title III.  These funds are Title VII funds and are used to pay for a small portion of the Ombudsman Program.



Education Committee

The Education Committee discussed the Speakers Bureau.  Mary suggested postponing the Speakers Bureau until after the summer. 


The Legislative Breakfast is set for Sept. 10th.  Carol Rehme has volunteered to help with the invitations to encourage legislators to attend.  Advisory Council members will all receive an invitation to the event.  Committee chairpersons will be developing the program agenda for the event. The1st of August is the target date to have at least a rough outline of the program.


The Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon, is scheduled for September 24th at The Ranch.  Advisory Council members will be receiving invitations and are encouraged to attend.  Admission will be $18 based on the catering fee.  The Office on Aging will help to pay for this event by covering the cost of the rental fees at The Ranch.  Many different senior service providers will be in attendance.  The purpose of the event is to get service providers together to discuss what they are doing so that they can be better educated about available services in the community.   


Executive Committee

Mary asked for a response from the council regarding what they think about having providers do presentations at Advisory Council meetings.  The council felt that this practice should be continued because it gives them a better understanding of how agencies work together. 


Margaret suggested that it may be helpful to do a mapping project related to transportation by looking at meal site locations, the concentration of seniors, and current bus routes.  Margaret will talk to North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Authority staff to see if they can assist the Office on Aging with this type of project.


Health Committee

Margaret has been meeting with the Women’s Center and Catholic Charities Northern to plan for the future of the Dental Program.  The Women’s Center has expressed interest in possibly relocating the program as they continue to streamline their services with a focus on their original mission.  Catholic Charities Northern has indicated an interest in administering the program.  Margaret will meet with staff from the Women’s Center and Catholic Charities Northern to develop a plan for continuing the program.


The committee is trying to assess what senior’s health care needs are. The committee has changed their meeting to every 3rd month.  They will start their site visits in July.


Membership Committee

Already discussed.

Nutrition Committee

The Coalition is working on putting a meeting date together.  Liz from Loveland Meals on Wheels went with Leighanna from VOA to look at the fundraising VOA does in Denver.  Liz believes that it now makes sense to do joint fundraising.


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

JoAnn, Stan and Peggy attended the Sensible Housing Summit that was sponsored by the City of Ft. Collins and the Ft. Collins Board of Realtors.  The focus of the summit was to discuss issues related to affordable housing and practical housing for all.   


Stacy reported that the Practical Housing for All segment of the summit was very interesting. Peggy Haller teamed with Mark Beck from the Ft. Collins Commission on Disability to discuss universal design and aging in place.


Steve reported that there has been some follow-up with the problem (smoking in the entrance way of the apartment complex as well as some maintenance issues) at the Woodbridge Senior Apartments.  Peggy has drafted a letter to be sent out to the owners from the Housing Committee.  


Tom reported that there was an article in the newspaper that mentioned there are about five projects for building senior units and assisted living units in the next couple of years. 


Transportation Committee

Karen reported that she attended a meeting with the Interfaith Council about providing transportation for their congregation members.  They will talk to Gary Thomas with SAINT about insurance concerns when taking people in their personal vehicles. 


Margaret reported on a new grant the Office on Aging is administering. The Community Partnership Transportation grant is for medical transportation for seniors and individuals with disabilities.  Disabled Resources, the House of Neighborly Services, and Larimer County Human Services—Options for Long Term Care are receiving funding. 


Transportation Committee members will be working with OOA staff to schedule site visits within the next two months.  Those sites are: Bellvue Senior Center, North Front Range, Wellington Senior Center, SAINT, Elderhaus and Special Transit.


Staff Reports

Katy reported that she will be helping with provider site visits.  She reiterated the importance of doing a really solid program evaluation and explained how the site visits are the cornerstone for doing that.


The Office on Aging has been working on outreach related to the Medicare prescription drug cards.  Genevieve has been going to the subsidized housing sites and meal sites to talk with people about the cards.  The goal at the Office on Aging is to educate people about the $600 credit. Office on Aging staff have been working closely with other organizations such as the Aspen Club and McKee Medical Center to help educate seniors about the cards.


Margaret reported that she had talked to the head of the State Senior Insurance Program (SHIP) and the federal government is sending some additional money down to help states publicize this program, although Colorado will not be receiving much this year because the allocation formula is weighted to give more funds to states with larger poor populations.  Colorado plans to use what money they receive this year to fund offices in areas such as Craig and Meeker that had lost funding a few years ago.  Because of this our local SHIP, the Aspen Club, does not expect to receive extra funding this year. 



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board

No report.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl reported that the Grocery Shoppers Program at King Soopers wanted to charge $19.95 per load.  After some discussion, King Soopers will now charge only $5.00.  Internet orders are free.


During this summer, they are putting down new carpeting, turning off the electricity and getting new computers.  There will be no July meeting in Loveland.


The Cherry Pie Festival with will from 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. on July 17th. There will be music and entertainment and pies supplied by Schmidt’s. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary reported that the Foundation on Aging is currently looking at outsourcing their funding. 



Mary thanked everyone for the opportunity for having served as Chair for the last year and reports that she will enjoy serving for another year.


Bill Benton announced a need for volunteer golf cart drivers to help transport patients and visitors from the Poudre Valley Hospital parking lot to the building.



Mary adjourned the meeting.