July 14, 2005

1:30-3:30 PM

Held at 700 E. 4th Street

Loveland, Colorado  80537


Members Present:

Nancy Arthur

Paul Bell

Bill Benton


Carolyn Funk

Gerry Hinks

Reggie Kemp


Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss

Mary Shultz


Janet Tosch

Stan Ulrich

Hal Wilson


Sharon Zamora







Members Absent

Steve Budner

Olivia Larry

Ray Martinez


Ellen Pihlstrom

Carol Rehme

Karen Reinhardt


Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens






Staff Present:

Tina Barker

Ruth Coberly

Tina Hugo


Katy Mason

Margaret Long

Diane Pelletier


Linda Rumney

Karen Wagner






Guests Present:

Breanna Brown

C. Dean Miller







Mary Shultz called the meeting to order.


Mary Shultz asked the new members to introduce themselves.  Sharon Zamora, Janet Tosch and Nancy Arthur gave a brief introduction of themselves.  Mary stated that Ellen Pihlstrom is also a new member but could not attend today.  


There was no open discussion or community input.


Hal Wilson motioned that the minutes be accepted as printed, Carolyn Funk seconded the motion.


Mary Shultz reminded the council of the statement Earl Stevens made regarding the possibility of the Loveland Senior Advisory Board sponsoring a Caring Conversations type training again this year.  The Loveland Senior Advisory Board made a decision to host a Medicare Prescription Drug Card program training instead.


Mary asked the members of the Advisory Council that attended the Regional Governors White House Conference on Aging to make comments on their experience.  Mary stated that there were two things that stood out for her; one is the fact that Colorado seniors contributed six million dollars in volunteering hours and the second is that metropolitan areas are unaware of the existing transportation problem in rural areas.  Stan Ulrich found the conference interesting but was dissatisfied with the fact that there was no attendee participation at the conference.  Margaret Long stated her dissatisfaction with the fact that the Governor did not select Jeannette Hensly, Director of Aging and Adult Services to attend the National convention.


Mary reminded the council that the Bridging the Gap Networking Luncheon is set for September 30th at the Lincoln Center.  The tickets are $18 and table hosts are needed.  Mary also stated that the Legislative Breakfast is set for September 29th at the Fort Collins Senior Center.


Staff Change

Margaret Long reported that Diane Pelletier’s last day will be July 21st.  Diane is completing a special project for the Office on Aging.  She is surveying the long term care facilities regarding dental issues and needs.  Margaret will present Diane’s findings to the Health Committee.  Linda Rumney has taken over Diane's Ombudsman position.  Margaret also stated that Laura Sutherlin’s (Intern) last day will be August 5th.  Margaret commended Laura for being a great help with projects such as the Criminal Background Checks policy.


Margaret proposed that a new member training be held before the next council meeting, August 11th from 12:00 – 1:30.  Lunch will be served.


Margaret announced that she is holding a Criminal Background Checks meeting on July 29th from 1:00 – 2:30.  After that meeting, Margaret will host a Nutrition meeting from 2:30 – 4:00.  All members are welcome to attend. 


Margaret announced that Thomas Nix has decided to resign from the council due to health issues.  Ellen Pihlstrom has taken his place.


On-site Provider Reviews

Katy Mason announced that the provider on-site reviews will begin in September.  Katy commented that the reviews help with planning for funding cuts and assessing services.  Katy distributed a calendar and sign-up sheet to the committee heads.


Katy reported that Medicare Prescription Drug Card program training will be held at the Chilsen Senior Center in November.  Thompson Valley High School has offered up to 75 computers for the weekend which will be available immediately following the training.  Katy will be recruiting volunteers to do one-on-one sessions to assist people in the sign up process.


Katy announced that she is working on a proposal to increase funding for the Senior Tax Work-off program.



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

C. Dean Miller stated that he was impressed with effort put into the Governors White House Conference on Aging.  Dean felt that the main issue, economic security, is not being addressed with the passion that it requires.  Dean was quite upset with Honorable ­Dorcas Hardy because she did not want to present the concerns with Social Security at the conference.  Dean discussed his concerns with Honorable Dorcas Hardy.  Her response was that the concerns with Social Security will be in the report, but will not be discussed at the National Conference.  Dean reiterated that this was the number one concern gathered from Colorado seniors. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens was not present to give a report.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz commented that there was no meeting held.


LCOOAAC Meeting Format

Mary Shultz reminded the council that at the last meeting there was a recommendation from Lloyd Spawn for a change in the format of the council meeting.  The recommendation would change the format to a business meeting from 1:30 – 2:30 with a short break and then more detailed reports, work sessions and presentations from 2:40 – 3:30.  Discussion ensued but a decision was not reached.  Stan Ulrich moved to table this discussion until the August meeting when Lloyd would be present for the discussion.  Bill Benton seconded the motion.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee discussed the Legislative Breakfast.  The committee will complete the agenda at the next meeting on July 15th.  The committee decided to use a different format for the agenda; there will be a presentation instead of testimonials.


Executive Committee

Mary Shultz reported that there was no meeting due to the Fort Collins Senior Center 10th Anniversary celebration.




Health Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that there was no meeting in June.  The next meeting will be July 26th at the Alzheimer’s Association located at 415 Peterson.  The committee will discuss goals for next year, the Medicare Prescription Drug Card program and the dental program.  Carolyn invited the new members to attend.


Membership Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that there was no meeting held.  Carolyn stated that there were 16 applications received for the Office on Aging Advisory Council.


Nutrition Committee

Hal Wilson reported that there was no meeting held.


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

Reggie Kemp reported that the committee discussed Ridden Farms.  Ridden Farms is an affordable housing complex with 129 units including apartments and cottages.  The committee wondered if public transit or the school district was involved in the process.  The committee was confused because the complex has 70 parking spaces.  Reggie stated that the committee also discussed Retirement Pension plan concerns.  They discussed the potential of using some soap box articles in the paper. 


Transportation Committee

Reggie Kemp reported that the committee discussed issues with Foothills Gateway client transportation and problems with seniors out in Wellington.  The seniors would like to have shopping trips to such places as Wal-Mart.  Most of the seniors would need to have someone available to assist with wheelchairs and shopping.  Reggie commented that the committee is charting all of the funding resources that are going to rural transportation. 


Karen Wagner reported on the transit meeting that was held on Tuesday, July 12th with Cliff Davidson from North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO).  The meeting was a work session with discussion on the possibility of expanding the existing system for seniors.  NFRMPO recommended that the county administer the funds they have for rural transportation themselves rather than continue the contract with NFRMPO.  They based their recommendation on a recently completed study by a consultant.  The consultant’s conclusion was that direct administration of the limited county funds for rural transit would allow the county greater flexibility to target the needs of residents.  The Commissioners will follow this recommendation.


Staff Reports

Tina Barker announced that there is a Centenarian celebration on Saturday, July 23rd from 12:00 – 2:00 at the Hilton.  Tina reported that the county provides and presents certificates signed by the Governor.  She stated that when available, Commissioners, staff and council members attend the celebration and present the certificate.  Tina asked the council members to reply to the email that Tina Hugo will be sending out asking for volunteers to help with the certificate presentations.   Any council members interested in participating in the Centenarian program need to let Tina Hugo know.

Tina invited the new council members to become volunteer ombudsman. 



Karen Wagner announced that the commissioners signed in support of referendum C & D.  Karen recommended that the council members read materials from other supporting groups.  Karen warned that there will be a lot of well funded opposition to these referendums.   Karen also reported that the commissioners made an informal decision not to put a Criminal Justice issue on the ballot this year.  The decision was made because it is extremely complicated and not a very comprehensive issue. 


Margaret Long asked Karen if it would be okay if the council decided to advocate regarding Referendum C&D.  Karen stated that in her opinion she would rather the council did not because it may appear that they are speaking for the County.  Karen will discuss with the commissioners and let Margaret know what their recommendation is regarding Referendum C&D support. 



Mary Shultz adjourned the meeting.