7:00 p.m.  July 21, 2010

Ft. Collins Room

Public Comment: 

§  None

Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by:  Mike Adams, Chairman 

                Motion to approve June meeting minutes made by:  Pat Young      Motion seconded by:  Kaycee Lytle 

Motion voted on and passed  


§        None


§     Queens – Lillie reported that they had received 3 applicants so far for the Lady In Waiting contest.  On July 24th they will hold a fund raising horse show.  The Queen’s luncheon will be held on August 7th.

§  Ovations – no report 

§  Chairman’s Topics:   Mike Adams sent around a sign up sheet for volunteers to help with the vet check- in and also one for volunteers to sign up to help with the camping check- in.

Committee Reports:  

§  Pancake Breakfast – Loren Maxey reported that the Queen’s will be using a portable mic to thank sponsors, etc. during  the breakfast.  There are 10-15 hot air balloons that plan on taking flight during the breakfast.  There will be directional signs to the restrooms.

§  Parade – Pat Young passed out parade information including individual responsibilities, cell phone numbers, and a staging map.

Alan Rankin will bring tables and chairs.  Pat announced that it will be okay to bring in personal 4 wheelers but that they much let Pat know.  Everyone needs to be at old fairgrounds around 4 or 4:30 pm   Start time is 6:30 pm.  Fair Board can park in the lot by the old farm house.  Ribbons have been ordered for all participants.  15 orange vests with Parade Staff  printed on them will be available.  After parade bring radios and carts to railroad tracks.  Discussed Highway Technologies traffic control price.

Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock –Greg Melick reported the next meeting will be next Tuesday.  Board members are invited to help with the sale. Good response to the video developed by the Queen’s and Jr. Livestock committee.

§  Animal Welfare – Mike went over the printout from Shannon on the rabies incidents in state.  None reported in Larimer County.

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin reported 70 players signed up to play in the July 31 tournament at Marianna Butte.  He needs 2 more players.  Various prizes have been donated.  The Tuesday Fair pig races will be featuring TWTWP.  There will be a TETWP table in the BEC concourse during the rodeos and also in the FNB Building North Hall.

§  Guest Services – Frank Marino reported to date there are 88 volunteer members.  The schedule is pretty much filled.  Lisa will get him the meals vouchers.  Ovations has offered coolers for  ice and water.  The phone # in the volunteer office will be 619-4087.  Ryan Young has the name tags ready.

Extension:  Laurel Kubin

§  Reported the resignation of Wendy Woerner, 4-H Livestock agent.  Weld County 4-H Livestock agent will be here during Fair to help out.  The 4-Her’s will be able to honor Wendy at Friday night’s bonfire ice cream social.

§  Rodeo:  Steve Humann –reported that there will be a 23 minute PRCA Animal Welfare video playing at the Rodeo vendor booth in the FNB Building North Hall.  Steve passed out copies of the list of top 20 cowboys that are entered in this year’s rodeo.  He also discussed the Catch It program event.

Ranch Update: 

§  Entertainment & 2010 Fair Schedule – Lisa Lytle reported entertainment contracts done and the tri-fold schedule is ready for distribution.

§  Building & Grounds – no report

§  Arena Activities – no report

§      Marketing – Ryan Young

o Fair advertisement on billboards in Ft. Collins and Loveland. 

o Utility bill stuffers out

o Posters out all over Northern Colorado

o Newspapers are running stories

o More radio interviews this year

§     Sponsorship – Katie Buttermore reported cash and trade should come in over $20,000 of last years.  She invited Fair Board members to attend the sponsor parties before each rodeo performance on the patio.

Other/New Business: Lisa Lytle reminded everyone of the Toast to Ag dinner and auction.  Loren Maxey asked members to help pass out pancake breakfast posters.

Old Business:  None

Adjournment:    Motion to adjourn meeting made by: 

Gary Marison       

                           Seconded by: 

Greg Melick 

                           Voted and passed        

                           Meeting adjourned at 8:45


      Next Meeting:                                                                  August 25, 2010

                                                                Ft Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:  KL, Secretary

Recorded by: ms