7:00 p.m.  December 16, 2009

Ft. Collins Room

Public Comment: 

§  None

Meeting called to order at 7:03 p.m. by:

               Mike Adams, Chairman 

Approval of November meeting minutes made by:

Motion to approve November meeting minutes with change to spelling of name Kim Vicchio made by:

Kaycee Lytle

                                     Seconded by:

Larry Dunn

                                      Motion to approve November meeting minutes voted on and passed.


§        None


§      Queen’s – No Report

§  Ovations – No Report

Chairman’s Topics – Mike Adams

§  Introduced new members, Gary Marison & Frank Marino

§  Announced re-appointed members, Mike Adams, Loren Maxey, Kaycee Lytle, & Pat Young

Committee Reports:   Mike asked each chair person to give a brief explanation of what their committee does for benefit of the new members.

§  Pancake Breakfast – Loren gave his explanation

§  Parade – Pat Young is the new chairperson.  Alan Rankin reported there will be a meeting in January with Engaging Loveland representative Kim Vecchio and there will be more info at next Fair Board meeting.

§  Junior Livestock – Gregg Melick reported that the Jr. Livestock sale committee elected new officers and Denny Hodgson is president.

§  Animal Welfare –No report

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink – Alan Rankin gave a brief description of the event. The fund raising golf tournament is scheduled for July 31 at Water Valley.  In May there will be a fund raiser pancake breakfast at Applebee’s with all proceeds donated to TETWP.  Alan will have more info on this at January meeting.

Guest Services Committee – Frank Marino (new chairperson)

§  Mike Adams gave brief description of the committee’s duties.

§  Ranch liaison to Guest Services Committee will be Kiersten Rennels, scheduling coordinator.

Extension – Laurel Kubin

§  Described Extensions part of fair

§  Start in January updating the premium book, etc..

§  4-H enrollment taking place at this time

Rodeo- Steve Humann

§  Described the PRCA rodeo during the fair

§  Reported on PRCA convention.  Very informative, good round table discussions and also got signed contracts for upcoming rodeos.

Ranch Update – Abby Powell & Bob Herrfeldt reported on-

§  Buildings & Grounds – Liz Garcia updating commercial vendor applications

§  Arena Activities – Abby Powell has  some events are already confirmed

§  Entertainment – Lisa Lytle is negotiating contracts for the big events such as the pig races and splash dogs

§  Marketing – Ryan Young will be using same graphic for marketing as last year.

§  Sponsorship – there will be an increase in prices on packages. 

Other/New Business:

§  Voted on 2010 Fair Theme  -  2010 Fair Theme will be “Larimer County Fair & Rodeo, Home Grown”

§  Voted on 2010 Board Officers  - Mike Adams, Chairman, Larry Dunn, Vice Chairman, Kaycee Lytle, Secretary

§  Discussed changing Larimer County Fair & Rodeo logo, suggested that  it needed to be updated

o  Bob Herrfeldt suggested to maybe change color and/or font and take off the ribbon

o  Mike Adams announced that anyone wanting to present ideas can bring them to the January meeting,

Old Business:

§  Kathay Rennels resigning Commissioner thanked the Fair Board for her time serving them.  The interim will be Commissioner Steve Johnson.  Steve Humann extended a formal thank you to Kathay for her dedication and loyalty to the Fair.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by:

Gregg Melick

Seconded by:

Pat Young

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.


Next Meeting:                                            January 27, 2010

            Ft. Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.