7:00 p.m.  August 25, 2010

Ft. Collins Room

Public Comment: 

§  Cheri Kois spoke of her concerns with the lack of handicap parking in the barn area.  Bob Herrfledt stated awareness of the problem and explained the need to be code compliant.  Cheri asked that the Fair Board consider having several handicap parking spots available close to the barn area for 2011 Fair.  Cheri also had some questions on the horse project leader training and the horse check in times.  Laurel Kubin replied that they are striving for improving the leader’s roles by adding more training and specific requirements on applications.  Shannon Fancher and Abby Powell gave some history as to how the horse check in schedule evolved and explained how it is the best for all involved. 


Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m. by:  Mike Adams, Chairman 

                Motion to approve July meeting minutes made by:  Kaycee Lytle     

Motion seconded by:  Alan Rankin 

Motion to approve July meeting minutes voted on and passed  



§  CAFS Convention “Save the Date” – Mike Adams  (Queen’s attended  in 2009 so will not attend again until 2011)

§         Parade Thank You Card – Pat Young

§        Rodeo Thank You  Card– Steve Humann  (tour of behind the scenes before the rodeo)



§      Queens – no report

§   Ovations – no report 

§  Guest Services – Frank Marino introduced terrific volunteers Francis who clocked 125 hrs and Brad who clocked 51 hrs.  Frank passed out notes and a report on the guest services.  Liz Garcia requested that Frank and the coordinators meet several weeks prior to the 2011 Fair.


Chairman’s Topics:   Mike Adams

                     Mike asked for a creation of a sub-committee to develop a list of activities of responsibilities for Fair Board members to be    present for at the fair/during the fair.  The sub- committee will be Shannon, Frank, Gary, Pat, Kaycee, Steve and Greg.  Their first meeting will be September 22 at 6:30 prior to Fair Board meeting in Ft. Collins room.

                     Discussion held to reschedule the July meeting due to Fair.

                     Motion to have July Fair Board meetings on the third Wednesday of the month instead of the fourth made by: 

                                Shannon Fancher

                     Motion seconded by: 

                                Alan Rankin

                     Motion to schedule the July Fair Board meetings on the third Wednesday of the month instead of the fourth voted on and passed.


Committee Reports:  

§  Pancake Breakfast –Alan Rankin reported that approximately 1300 people were served.

§  Parade – Pat Young reported everything went great.  Few changes for next year include better recognition of Pancake Breakfast, better staging signage, and better traffic control.  190 entries totaling $1780 in revenue.  Ribbons were passed out to all participants.


Liaison Reports:

§  Junior Livestock – Greg Melick reported the sale totaled $187,000.00.  Many new buyers.  Everyone happy with new venue.

§  Animal Welfare – Shannon Fancher thanked 4-H Extension for the ethic plan, check-in went great with superintendents helping each other.  Not one animal welfare activist complaint.  Less stress due to better cooling in barns.  Shannon announced that she will not be re-applying for a Fair Board position when her term is up in 2010.  She still will offer her services to the Fair.

§  Tough Enough to Wear Pink –Alan Rankin reported $10,700.00 was raised for the hospital.  Golf tournament brought in $6,000.00 and Pig Races donated $300.00.  A fund raising trail ride is being scheduled in the spring.  The golf tournament is scheduled for July 16th and the pancake breakfast at Applebee’s will be May 1.


Extension:  Laurel Kubin

§  Reported good fair and thanks to all for their help.  Thanked Ryan for the advertisement of the early events.   Came in within budget.  4-H Livestock agent position probably will not be filled any time soon.









§ Steve Humann – reported a 15% increase in ticket sales and sponsorships


Ranch Update: 

§ Entertainment & 2011 Fair Schedule – Lisa reported the 2011 schedule is using the 2010 template and expanding on it.  The Fair website will be easier to use and read with changing it over to Google.  Shannon suggested putting stats of 2010 Fair and updates on the web site.  Would like to add a new event on Sunday.  Something for families and kids.

§ Building & Grounds – Liz reported 125 commercial vendors at $31,500.00.  Issues with electrical, radios, and golf carts.  Toast to Ag huge success.

§ Arena Activities – Abby reported need to look at schedule due to set up challenges.  Would like to see more free events to come in versus paying for events.  The mounted shooting was a huge draw and they may hold their National Finals during the Fair.  Great having Fair Board members attending animal check in.   Gnarly Barley very successful.  Grimm Brothers of Loveland were the winners.  In 2009 1200 mugs were sold and in 2010 1800 were sold.  This event is in partnership with Ovations.

§   Marketing – Ryan Young reported the marketing expenses came in under budget.  Great public relations. 

§  Sponsorship –Katie Buttermore reported good feed back from sponsors.  Fair is becoming an easy event to sell.


Other/New Business:  

§    Pat Young asked for discussion on the 2011 parade date.  After a long discussion, it was decided to leave the date and time for   the parade 9:30 am on Saturday, July 30th as voted on at the February 24th meeting.

§    Alan Rankin brought up some issues that need to be addressed.  Problem of underage drinking in campers.  Traffic issues around carnival, maybe need a stop sign.


Old Business: 

§   Pat Young suggested changing some of the regular scheduled Fair Board meetings eliminating a couple.  After some discussion the item was tabled and will be re-evaluated at September meeting.



Motion to adjourn meeting made by:  Pat Young         

Seconded by:  Alan Rankin          

Voted and passed        

                           Meeting adjourned at 9:35 pm


      Next Meeting:                                                                  September 22, 2010

                                                                Ft Collins Room ---7:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:  KL, Secretary

Recorded by: ms