Unapproved Meeting Minutes

FEBRUARY 12, 2004

1:30-3:30 PM

Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive, Room 135B

Fort Collins, CO  80524



           February 12, 2004

               1:30-3:30 PM

Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive,

 Room 135B Fort Collins, CO  80524


Members Present:

Paul Bell

Bill Benton

Steve Budner


Carolyn Funk

Gerry Hinks

Ray Martinez


Elnora McCloughan

Carol Rehme

Mary Shultz


Lloyd Spawn

Earl Stevens

Stan Ulrich





Members Absent

Rita Dykstra

Peggy Haller

Johanna Inman


Tom Nix

Barbara Nuss

Karen Reinhardt


Ken Tharp

Hal Wilson






Staff Present:

Donna Brumbaugh

Tina Cheatum

Ruth Coberly


Stacy Duenwald

Margaret Long

Glen Rathgeber


Qualear Wilson

Melanie Wolf






Guests Present:

C. Dean Miller

Stephanie??? Chisman





Mary Shultz called the meeting to order.



Stephanie Chisman, a CSU intern in the human development department, will be doing her internship at the Fort Collins Senior Center for the remainder of the semester. for ????ask Steve CSU intern human development



No open discussion/community input was offered.




Mary Shultz announced that Karen Reinhardt, an advisory council member, Karen Reinhardt contracted a virus that left her severely ill for several weeks including a stay in the hospitaldue to her already weak immune system caused by her chronic respiratory problems and congestive heart failure. Karen’s health is improving and she is feeling better.. However; hHowever, she will not return to the council for a while.



Lloyd Spawn requested clarification for the information regarding Larimer County aiding Arapahoe County, located at the bottom of page three3. Margaret Long clarified that the proposed aid was for Larimer County residents and that Arapahoe County is the broker that arranges the services. Also, Earl Stevens also pointed out that waiver was misspelled on page 2two of the minutes. Earl made a motion to accept the minutes. Steve Budner seconded the motion. Minutes accepted as submitted with corrections.



No chair report was provided.



Carol Rehme is 52 years old. She grew up in south central Kansas and attended high school and junior college in the area. She graduated from Wichita State University with a double major in journalism and speech. She met her husband while attending school and they were married a year after graduation. She has four4 children: , one in Fort Collins, one in Denver, one in Connecticut, and one in Brazil serving as a missionary. She also has her first grandchild, Avery Sage Crockett, living in Connecticut. She was a stay at home Mmom for years and has recently started a writing skills/storytelling business, Vintage Voices, where she provides??? She also coordinates an interactive programs in eldercare facilities. and the program is growing by leaps and bounds. Last year, Carol established a non-profit corporationorganization to maintain this service. She has also been a contributing writer for Chicken Soup for the Soul. She announced stated that her hero is her eldest son, who has been critically injured twice, with serious complications and injuries both times, but who recovered and meets his challenges head-on..




Title V/Outreach Program Title V—Outreach Program

Margaret pointed out that the Office on Aging (OOA) has been provided a ½half- time employee at no direct cost whose salary will be paid for with through the Title V funding via theProgram Senior Community Service Employment Program...  Genevieve Fitzpatrick will be developing providinga new outreach program program  outreach to assure that seniors, especially those at- risk,  are made aware of resources available to them. funded by Title V. Margaret hopes to have Genevieve work 5five hours a day, Monday-Thursday, and out in the  with a majority of her time spent in the field at senior focal centers and other places where contact can be made with seniors.field part of the time. Title V will pay for the transportation needs of the individual. Also, the position is one year in length Thepoints. The position is funded for one year and may continue be continued depending on needs and funding. Genevieve grew up in France and graduated from the University of Paris. She knows speaks French and Spanish fluently. Margaret is excited to have her on board with the OOA team. 


Possible Community Partnership Grant

Margaret informed the council of one time only funds from a possible community partnership grant. She is uncertain at this time as to how much money will be provided. The funds will be allocated for transportation.Margaret informed the Council that she had been invited to make a proposal for Community Partnership funds for transportation. Money for grants from the Community Partnership will come from the cCity of Fort Collins and Larimer County. The funds would be available for this year only. Margaret is still working on the proposal, but said it would be focused on helping the senior and disabled populations obtain transportation to medical appointments.


Update on statewide needs assessment

Margaret announced that the Sstate-wide needs assessment is in process and more information regarding the assessment will be available the first part of March. The National Research Center in Boulder will be conducting the research. A total of 375 calls telephone interviews will be made completed in Larimer cCounty. Margaret encouraged the council members to let folks seniors in the community know that the survey is being conducted soon and to reassure them that it is an official survey and the information being collected will not be used for fraudulent purposes. Survey information Preliminary Rresults from the survey should be available during the summer.


Site visits—updating “tools” and deciding on time line

Margaret suggested that committee members wait to conduct site visits until the summer months to allow Office on Aging staff to help coordinate the effort. She encouraged committees to update current assessment tools used during site visits. Margaret also encouraged council members to consider what other information might need to be collected during site visits.


Margaret also discussed the types of information that needs to be gathered at site visits. Some issues to be addressed are quality of services, determining what the impact of cuts in OOA funding would have on the agency and their ability to provide services, and how critical the services are to meeting basic needs of seniors.



SPAM blocker

Margaret informed council members that the SPAM blocker is not blocking incoming hotmail or yahoo e-mails addressed to county e-mails.


Additional information

Margaret Long distributed Ttrends charts to the council. The first chart indicated trends in poverty rates by age, 1966-2001. The chart showed a steady decline in the percentage of the senior population in poverty. However, Margaret pointed out that the second chart entitled, “Percent Poor, Near Poor, and Low-Income by Age in 2001” reflects the growing percentage of the senior population that is isn the  nearly poor and surviving at and a low-income bracket. She is concerned about the these seniors that who may be falling through the cracks as they may not qualify for government assistance, but do not have the income to meet their basic needs.  and Margaret hopes to  that we can continue to find more ways to assure that we target address this population in the future with our programs..



Education Committee

Steve Budner reported that the upcoming job fair will be held on Wednesday, April 7th from Noon until 5:30 p.m. Some booth rentals have already been made at a cost of $25 each. The job fair committee??  plans to get together at 1pm on Thursday, February 19th at the Fort Collins Senior Center.


The sSpeaker’s bBureau power point presentations were also discussed. Carol Rehme plans has volunteered to write a press release regarding about the PowerPoint presentations available.


Also, apparently sSome requests have been made for the Speaker’s Bureau presentations. Calls will need to be returned and times scheduled for presentations to be given. Melanie Wolf of the OOA staff will handle this coordination function.


Executive Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the Transportation Roundtable plans to conduct a meeting in April. More information will be provided at a later date.More information available at a later date.


The changes in the Advisory Council bylaws were also discussed.  


Health Committee

Carolyn Funk reported that the committee made the decision to not pursue Spanish translation of the Senior Bulletins Yellow Pages at this time.


Carolyn announced she will design a tool for upcoming site visits and present at the next meeting, which will be held on Tuesday, February 24th from 8-9:30 a.m. at the Egg and I located on Ssouth College Avenue in Fort Collins.


Margaret added that Paul Bell applied for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Grant? and the committee hopes to hear a response by March. Paul, Gerry Hinks and Carolyn will attend the upcoming session regarding the grant. Margaret reported that last month the OOA submitted a letter of intent to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The work on the proposal included in the letter of intent was donewritten by Paul Bell and a community collaboration of long-term care providers who have been meeting for two years looking for ways to address the shortage of skilled staff in long-term care, particularly the shortage of nurses. In order to apply, a government or non-profit agency was needed and the OOA happily agreed to join the partnership. Paul explained that there were a number of applicants, but he hopes to impress the foundation with the committee’s letter of intent submitted. It is expected that we will get notified in ApriMarchl if we are selected to submit a proposal. The Health Committee will play an active part if a proposal is written. The first grant would be for up to $150,000 for an eighteen month development period an annual amount of $100,000 and, , if renewed for 4 years,  if approved  for a full grant, there would be an additional $750,000 awarded. Cities like San Francisco and Atlanta have received the grant in the past.



Membership Committee

Stan Ulrich announced that the council has 1-2 vacancies has one vacancy and he is trying to fill the slots..


Nutrition Committee

Margaret Long reported that the Nutrition Coalition met last month. The recent direct mail campaign results far exceeded expectations. A net total of $16,000 was raised and allocated between Volunteers of America and Fort Collins Meals on Wheels program. Margaret pointed out that VOA is continuing to look for ways to increase the efficiency of their program. Also, Loveland Meals on WheelsMOW may soon be facing a difficult decision regarding their current kitchen location. Loveland Meals on Wheels is currently renting the kitchen from the Thompson Valley School District and the district plans to leave the location. They Depending on what happens to the building, Loveland MOWs may be forced to find a new kitchen to use for their program.


Senior Attainable Housing Committee

Steve Budner reported that Candice Mayo from Habitat for Humanity is coordinating the newest venture for the organization: a  44 unit condominium/townhouse locationed in the at Richards Lake development. Folks Seniors desiring to live in homes must contribute so many hours of sweat equity to the project. Seniors unable to provide sweat equity at the location are also able to work at the two Habitat for Humanity store locations, one on Taft Hill in Fort Collins and the other on Hwy 287 in Loveland. The desire is to move into the facility in early spring.



Transportation Committee

Margaret reported that she had been in touch with the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board after she became aware that they, too, were looking at bringing transportation providers together. She will be working with the Transportation Committee to see if the two groups wish to joint forces to advocate for increased access to transportation. on a Roundtable.


Margaret mentioned that the Transportation roundtable plans to meet next month. Mike Richardson, gave him Bill’s name and put heads together for work at Senior Center???????  Margaret pointed out the need to question what the committee plans to request of providers during site visits

Margaret talked about the types of information that needs to be gathered at the site visits. Some issues to be addressed are quality of services, information just in case the need to cut back spending occursdetermining what the impact of cuts in OOA funding would have on the agency and their ability to provide services, and the criticalness of the  how critical the services are to meeting basic being provided.

 Bill requested that Ray Martinez find out the possibility of the City of Fort Collins providing free rides for for various committee members. Bill stated that he and several other Ccouncil members who want to ride the buses to see if they can better understand in order to find out the concerns of senior riders. Bill asked for the topic to be on the agenda for the next Transportation cCommittee meeting. Discussion ensued.


OOA Staff

Donna Brumbaugh, announced that the ombudsman program have has gained a Colorado State University Sstudent Iintern,.  Qualear Wilson. She will be completing her Master’s in Social Work in May of this year. Donna praised the program’s current volunteers for their hard work and the ability for them to make necessary compliance visits to facilities. 


Stacy Duenwald reported for Katy Mason. Katy is currently working on placing applicants in job positions for the Senior Tax Work-Off Program. Stacy pointed out that 100 applicants had applied for the program. Unfortunately, the program can only employ approximately 70% of the 100 that applied for the program. The applicants in the most financial need are accepted to for the program first.


Stacy added that the OOA has distributed 10,000 sSenior yYellow pPages 10,000 senior yellow pages. The amount distributed is up from last year. and has recently ordered 5,000 more copies to distribute this year.


BYLAWS REVISIONS—distribution and discussion

Mary announced that the revised copy of the bylaws needed to be adopted if there were no further changes. Stan Ulrich moved to adopt the bylaws. Earl Stevens seconded the motion. Bylaws accepted and adopted. 



Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Dean Miller Miller discussed the city sales tax proposal regarding the possible purchase of property adjacent to the senior center to be used for parking for the facility. He requested any ideas to be passed on to Steve Budner and forwarded to him. Steve emphasized the difficulty parking has been at the senior center in the past and the need to remedy the situation. Also, the Rolland Moore Park Shuttle works in conjuction with the senior center to provide rides as needed. Mayor Martinez requested a letter in writing discussing the issue. 


Dean Miller also informed the council that the advisory board plans on having various presentations on different aging topics at their monthly meetings. The board hopes to become better informed regarding aging issues and preventative measures to aid aging persons with social, spiritual, health,h and mental alertness issues. The board hopes to continue to collaborate with various aging organizations in the community, including the aAdvisory cCouncil. John Smith is the contact person regarding the presentations.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board Report

Earl Stevens updated the council regarding the new senior club at McKee Medical Center in Loveland. The club will be called The Seasons Club. He has been appointed as serving on the Board of Directors of the club. The Cclub plans on opening on Monday, March 22nd. There is an annual membership fee of $10. Also, members will have expedited medical services at McKee. The club hopes to have 3,000 members by the end of the year.


Earl also reported on the Loveland Senior Survey.. Copies were provided to Margaret Long, Ray Martinez, and Steve Budner.


Beginning computer classes will be offered March 1strst and March 4th and Iintermediate computer classes will begin March 8th and 11th. All classes will be offered at Thompson Valley High School.


Earl reminded the council about the upcoming event, “An Evening in Italy,  at the Chilson Senior Center. The event is scheduled for Saturday, February 28th from 5:30-8:30 p.m. It is sponsored by The Seasons Club through Banner Health McKee Medical Center. –The Seasons Club. 


The Senior Prom is scheduled for Monday, April 26th. Sponsors are Thompson Valley High School Honor Society and the Chilson Senior Center. More information will be provided at a later datethe March meeting.



Foundation on Aging Report

Mary Shultz pointed out that the foundation plans to start a beginning computer class after spring break. More information will be provided at a later date.



No announcements offered.




Mary Shultz adjourned the meeting.