The Larimer County Board of Health convened its regular meeting at 7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO.


            MEMBERS PRESENT:                                 Teri Olson, R.N., M.S.N.

                                                                                    Dr. Mark Richards, M.D., M.P.H.                  

                                                                                    Lee Thielen, M.P.A.

                                                                                    Judy Robinson, B.S.N., M.P.H.

                                                                                    Blair Trautwein, J.D.


      Executive Secretary                                        Adrienne LeBailly, M.D., M.P.H.


OTHERS PRESENT:                                       Marie Macpherson, Bruce Peters, Averil Strand       Ingrid Rosoff, Steve Yurash, and Commissioner                 Steve Johnson



1.   Awarding of the Joseph Jabaily Public Health Hero award to Lupe Harbison of the
           Women’s Resource Center


The Public Health Hero award was presented to Lupe Harbison for her untiring efforts to reduce inequities and promote health for all.  The presentation was followed by a celebration and refreshments.


2.    Call to order


            The Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:25 P.M.



3.   Approval of Minutes of May 14, 2009


The minutes of the May 14, 2009 meeting were unanimously approved



4.   Staff presentation on WIC Program and recent/upcoming changes – Ingrid Rosoff


Ingrid Rosoff, WIC Program Director, explained to that WIC is a supplemental food and nutritional education program for low-income families that have infants, children up to the age 5, and women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or up to six months postpartum. The program was created by Congress in 1974 to address hunger and malnutrition in this vulnerable population. Ingrid distributed materials with questions and answers about the WIC program and eligibility.  She explained the program is federally funded by the USDA, and our department currently has three clinic sites (Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park) staffed with 15 employees—of which seven are bi-lingual, and three are Registered Dieticians—to serve the caseloads of 4300+ clients.  As of June 1, 2009 the food packages have changed to provide a healthier nutrition value, including fresh fruits rather than juices, and lower fat dairy and proteins.  The Board the National WIC Association has partnered with Sesame Street, and now the WIC program can offer Sesame Street booklets to their clients containing a magazine and DVD providing nutritional tips from Elmo and friends, which children find more interesting.  Colorado has partnered with Wyoming and Utah to develop a new WIC computer system to allow the program to go paperless and have more access to data; Larimer County had been chosen to be one of the two pilot sites that will begin testing the system in December 2009.



5.    Update on Budget Process and County Strategies to Measure Outcomes – Dr. LeBailly


Dr. LeBailly distributed the “Health and Well Being” strategy map created for the 2010 budget process to the members of the Board and discussed the process of choosing indicators to track for the public that were understandable and limited in number. Commissioner Johnson expressed the Board the Commissioners’ desire to provide taxpayers with information to show they are receiving good value for their county tax dollars.  Dr. LeBailly passed around the handouts from the budget training: “Building the Logic Model and Related Measures” and “Balancing the Perspectives” and discussed the meetings where staff were trained to come up with ways to measure the outcomes of county services, rather than just the number of activities.



6.    Review of proposed topics/handouts for joint BCC/BOH meeting on July 9 – BOH and staff


Dr. LeBailly reminded the BOH members and Commissioner Johnson of the joint meeting to be held July 9, 2009 at 6:00 P.M. and discussed items for the agenda; such as Pandemic H1N1 flu virus, West Nile Virus, likely staff reductions, and reviewed some handouts to be updated for the joint meeting.


7.         Director’s Report – Dr. LeBailly


Dr. LeBailly updated the Board on Pandemic Flu issues and the challenges the department foresees, especially the issues of vaccinating county residents for the novel H1N1 flu.  The federal government has not made a formal decision to vaccinate the public, but has placed orders with manufacturers for the vaccine.  There are questions about how to distribute a limited supply of vaccine and which groups will be designated as priorities for vaccination.  She also shared her concerns about outbreaks that could occur in summer camps in Larimer County, with children congregating from all over the U.S., and in campus gatherings during the summer (such as the Campus Crusade for Christ International conference held at CSU).


Dr. LeBailly updated the Board on the beginning of the West Nile Virus season, with a positive mosquito pool (the first in the state) found in Fort Collins last week.  It’s too early to have a sense of what kind of season we’re looking at this summer. The June rains will certainly increase the Aedes species of mosquitoes, which are not West Nile transmitters here, but we don’t yet know how the Culex mosquitoes will increase in numbers or infection rates.  She reminded the Board that anyone over 50 would be considered at higher risk for complications of West Nile infection.


Averil Strand, the Community Health Services Director, shared a report “The State of Children and Youth in Larimer County,” produced by the Larimer County Healthier Communities Coalition.  The report, compiles information from 29 sources, like the U.S. Census Bureau, Colorado Department of Education, and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. She advised the Board that the report was to be released today and we would send them the link to review or download the document.


Dr. LeBailly advised the members she was asked to participate on the Data and Technology Workgroup for the State Public Health Improvement Plan process, and she distributed a handout of a Powerpoint presentation describing the state’s process to develop the State Plan. Lee Thielen invited the Board members to attend a meeting to give input into the state Board of Health’s efforts to define core services and standards. It will be held in Fort Collins on August 4. [Further info: the meeting will be from 9:30 Am to 2:30 PM at the Larimer County Courthouse, 200 W. Oak, in the Hearing Room]


8.         Celebration of over 12 Years of Service to the Board by Outgoing BOH member Blair Trautwein – all


The members celebrated Blair’s 12 years of service to the Board of Health.



9.         Next meeting will be July 9, 2009.  The Joint Meeting of the Board of Health and the Board of Commissioners will begin at 6:00 P.M.  The Board of Health meeting will begin at 7 PM or at the completion of the Joint Meeting.



10.       Adjourn


The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 pm









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Amy Smith, Recording Secretary                    Adrienne LeBailly, MD, Executive Secretary