The Larimer County Board of Health (BOH) convened its regular meeting at 7:00 PM at the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE), 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO.


           MEMBERS PRESENT:                                  Dr. Mark Richards, M.D., M.P.H.

                                                                                    Teri Olson, R.N., M.S.N.

                                                                                    Steve Yurash (by phone)

                                                                                    Commissioner Steve Johnson



      Executive Secretary                                        Adrienne LeBailly, M.D., M.P.H.


Staff:                                                                Avie Strand, Nettie Underwood, Jerry Blehm, Bruce Peters, Kori Wilford, Claudia Nichols and Amanda Mozer


Guests:                                                              Bob Lantz


 1.     Jabaily Public Health Hero Award for Health District of Northern Larimer County and executive director, Carol Plock - Board of Health and Award Recipient


Ø Board presented the Joseph Jabaily Public Health Hero Award to the Health District of Northern Larimer County and their executive director, Carol Plock.  A reception with refreshments followed..


    2.     Call to order


The Board of Health meeting was called to order at 7:43 PM.


3.      Approval of the April 15, 2010, Board of Health meeting minutes


            The minutes of the April 15, 2010 meeting were unanimously approved.


4.   Family Planning Program - teen pregnancy prevention presentation - Kori Wilford and Claudia Nichols, Reproductive Health Outreach, Health Educators


Ø Kori Wilford and Claudia Nichols presented the Title X Family Planning Program to the Board

·  Federal program enacted in 1970 as part of the Public Health Services Act

·  Larimer County’s clinic is one of about 4,400 clinics nationwide that offer clinical services with the goal of having every child a planned and wanted addition to the family

·  Program provides reproductive health services, family planning methods through clinics, and health education services to individuals primarily of low income

·  Program has two main components: 1) community health education and outreach focused on reproductive and sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of unplanned pregnancies’ etc. and 2) access to Family Planning services at three clinic sites in Larimer County (located in Loveland, Estes Park and Fort Collins)


Ø Family Planning outreach project

·  Funded by special dollars through the Larimer County Department of Human Services (DHS), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) money

·  Encourages individuals in Larimer County who are at greatest need to seek Family Planning services (may include people who want to delay pregnancy or who do not want to become pregnant)

·   Reached over 20,000 individuals in Larimer County over the past decade

·  Collaborates with schools

o Program was instrumental in the community-wide effort to help improve the Poudre School District’s human sexuality curricula for 7th and 8th grades

·  Collaborates with community agencies

o Our partnership with DHS has been recognized nationally by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the National Reproductive Health Association

·  Focusing recent efforts on Larimer County’s Latina teen birth rate as it is about eight times higher than the birth rate of Larimer County’s non-Latinas.


Ø Family Planning clinics

·  Provides low-cost and highly effective birth control supplies that women can’t afford, either because they don’t have insurance, their insurance doesn’t cover contraception, or because the cost is prohibitive if they get it elsewhere

·  Provides annual physical exams for women, men, and teens

·  Operates a sexually transmitted disease clinic along with Family Planning clinics

·  All fees at clinics are based on the availability to pay or on a sliding fee scale


Ø Success of Family Planning Programs

·  Every public dollar spent to provide Family Planning services saves on average $4.02 in Medicaid costs for pregnancy-related services and new born care

·  In Colorado about 27,000 unintended pregnancies are prevented by Title X services every year

·  Helps prevent unintended pregnancies which reduces the number of abortions, lowers the STD rate (including HIV) and improves women’s and adolescents’ health


Ø National data

·  U.S. has the highest teen pregnancy and birth rate of any other industrialized country in the world

·  3 out of every 10 girls in the U.S. become pregnant at least once before age 20

·  The U.S. saw a 34% reduction in teen birth rates between 1990 and 2005

o In 2005 and 2006 the U.S. teen birth rate increased about 5%; first jump that had been seen in over a decade

o Colorado has not seen those increases yet but it’s something to pay attention to


Ø Colorado and Larimer County data

·  In Colorado a baby is born to a mother under age 20 every hour and a half

o Becoming a teen parent is the main reason that girls drop out of school

·  Colorado Organization of Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention (COAPPP) has indentified that rural youth, Latino youth and youth in or aging-out-of foster care are at greater risk of pregnancy than other youth populations.

·  In Larimer County between 2005-2007 there were 251 births to females aged 15-17; a low and consistent rate


Ø U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Adolescent Health has identified three main goals for reducing teen pregnancy in the U.S.

·  Goal 1: Invest in evidence-based teen pregnancy reduction strategies

o Program works with the Larimer County Healthier Communities Coalition (HCC), specifically the Sexual Assault Victims Advocates Team, to engage the community in evidence-based practices

·  Goal 2: Target populations at highest risk for teen pregnancy

o Collaboration with HCC and Wellington Town Board resulted in a published report in the North 40 newspaper on improving the health and well-being of teens, specifically around teen pregnancy, and the initiation of a Wellington Youth Advisory Board

·  Goal 3: Increase access to clinical services

o Starting a new grant project in July that will look at increasing access to clinical services; planning to look at the community college population, the Latino community, etc.


Ø Colorado Department of Public Health has identified four strategies to reduce teen pregnancy

·  Strategy 1: Leverage the strengths and assets of community partners

o Started a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Action Group and conducting a youth development training for approximately 30 community agencies on how to incorporate youth into programs and utilize them as resources

·  Strategy 2: Promote positive and healthy youth development

·  Strategy 3: Partner with parents

o Ms. Nichols has been conducting “Youth and Wings” with Latino families, a two-hour workshop created by COAPPP addressing how parents talk to their children about sex using a culturally sensitive approach

·  Strategy 4: Implement evidence-based programs and/or strategies

o Family Planning Program replicates evidence-based programs and strategies that have been shown to reduce teen birth and pregnancy rates 


5.   Confirm election results on Poudre School District physical education resolution - Board Members


Ø Dr. LeBailly presented the election results provided via email to Board Members

·  Board’s bylaws allow electronic participation in meetings, but email votes need to be confirmed at a regular meeting

·  Three votes were in favor and two votes were opposed

·  Resolution passes

·  Board confirms the election results by email


Ø Coalition for Activity and Nutrition to Defeat Obesity (CanDO) hopes the Board of Education will support the resolution to encourage PSD if they decide to go for a Mill Levy to try to maintain or improve physical education in the schools

·  People in the health community have testified before the Board of Education in support of this resolution as public comment is allowed at the beginning of every Board of Education meeting

·  A BOH member may want to testify at a future Board of Education meeting

o Lee Thielen may be the most appropriate Board Member to testify as she knows the issue and lives in the district

o Dr. LeBailly will ask Lee Thielen if she is interested in attending and speaking at a future Board of Education meeting


6.   Discuss plans for Joint meeting with BOH and Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) - Board Members


Ø Board discussed some possible agenda items for Joint meeting between BOH and BOCC:

·  Briefly discuss mission and roles of the Department and the Board

·  Define what Public Health means 

·  Share BOH policy governance and ends documents

·  Discuss BOH core services framed around the Health and Well-being Strategy Map and include Public Health issues Board is most concerned about

o Dr. LeBailly will send the most recent Strategy Map to Board Members

·  Discuss what a good buy Public Health is in Larimer County

·  Discuss County’s budget situation  

·  Share editorial from New England Journal of Medicine

·  Begin exploring Paraphernalia (Syringe and Needle) Exchange Bill and assess if BOH and BOCC would be interested in holding a Joint work session in the fall to learn about the bill, the evidence regarding such programs, and the services that Northern CO AIDS Project is interested in providing.

·  Start discussion around long-term strategies to fund West Nile Virus programs

·  Senate Bill 194 responsibilities of dept, Boards of Health, and Commissioners


7.   Directors report - Dr. LeBailly


Ø Dr. LeBailly provided a legislative update to the Board

·  Paraphernalia (Syringe and Needle) Exchange bill passed both Houses

·  Medical Marijuana bill

o LCDHE waiting for final version of bill to be released


Ø Dr. LeBailly shared with the Board Larimer County’s Environmental Health Division award from CSU’s Environmental Health Student Association for an outstanding internship site for students


Ø Dr. LeBailly invited Dr. Richards to attend the County Commissioners meeting in Vail in June as the BOH President


Ø Dr. LeBailly informed Board that LCDHE presented their online pre-registration system for H1N1 flu shots at a poster session at the National Immunization Conference

·  Dr. LeBailly will also be presenting the system at the National Association of County and City Health Officials in July

·  LCDHE is in the process of modifying the online pre-registration software system to make it an “open source” system so any County or State in the U.S. could use it in the future; system to be called Public Health Event Web Registration (PHEWR) system

Ø Skunk rabies

o Rabid skunks have been traveling west from the Colorado’s eastern plains

o LCDHE thinks they will be in Larimer County by this or next summer

o Ground based animals are much more likely to have close contact with domestic animals (dogs, cats, horses, etc.) and there is a greater chance of exposing humans

o It’s very expensive to treat rabies and it’s less expensive to vaccinate a pet

o Unvaccinated or not up-to-date vaccinated animals may have to be euthanized to examine their brain or boarded for months at a veterinary facility, which may be unaffordable

·  LCDHE is trying to partner with CSU Public Health and Veterinary School students to get the word out on the importance of keeping pet vaccinations up-to-date     


8.   Next meeting June 10.  Joint meeting with BOCC at 6 PM, followed by regular meeting at 7 pm or when joint meeting is finished.  Lee Thielen will present Board Governance training at regular meeting.


Ø Board discussed possible topics for June or future BOH meeting:

·  LCDHE budget

·  What kind of West Nile Virus control program Larimer County will have this year



9.   Next meeting –  June 10, 2010



The Board of Health meeting was adjourned at 8:52 PM.













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Amanda Mozer, Recording Secretary                    Adrienne LeBailly, MD, Executive Secretary