Advisory Council Meeting

August 14, 2008


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524

Members Present:

Jim Barlow

Cassie Castleberry

Caryll Cram


Rene DeMattei

Manfred Diehl

Marcy Greenslit


Elnora McCloughan

Barbara Nuss

Mary Shultz


Earl Stevens

Barbara Tuttle

Stan Ulrich





Members Absent:

Nancy Arthur

Steve Budner

Helen Davis


Ellen Pihlstrom

Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora





Staff Present:

Bethany Allen

Tina Barker

Tina Corrigan-Hugo


Margaret Long

Ruth Long

Katy Mason


Linda Rumney

Laura Sutherlin






Guests Present:

Mark Shelton

Diane Stobnicke



Marcy Greenslit called the meeting to order at 1:34 p.m.


Marcy introduced Diane Stobnicke of Volunteers of America.


No changes were recommended, minutes were approved. 

OFFICE ON AGING PARNTER PRESENTATION:  Diane Stobnicke, Volunteers of America

Diane Stobnicke, Volunteers of America (VOA) Director shared a Meals on Wheels client story.  One of the volunteers went above and beyond to help a client’s daughter purchase a prom dress and transported him to attend her graduation.  Another VOA volunteer will be recognized in a segment of Everyday Heroes on Channel 7. 


Diane stated that VOA has been helping people since 1876.  The Office on Aging provides funding for their Congregate Meals, Meals on Wheels, and Caring Companions programs.  Diane distributed a copy of the congregate meal menu for August.  Currently Wild Sage Catering provides the congregate meals for VOA.  From Diane’s statistics, she noted that the number of congregate meals has steadily decreased.  Diane stated that one reason for the decrease in meals may be that we are in the lull before the boomer generation.  Another thought is that some people may be moving to Meals on Wheels because they do not have transportation to a congregate meal site.  There is also the theory that the concept of congregate meals does not appeal to the younger seniors.  Diane is looking at changing the image of congregate meals and reviewing the location of congregate meal sites in relation to lower income seniors.   The Sanctuary was added as a congregate meal site this year, and Diane is working on adding one more day each week at the Northside Aztlan Center.  Diane distributed statistics from 2004 to the present showing a steady decline in congregate meals.  Diane explained that in 2004, a few meal sites were dropped due to funding.  Currently VOA pays $4.50 each for meals served and $4.80 for no shows.  The suggested donation is $2.50 and Diane stated that she expects donations to decrease due to the economy.


Diane went on to describe the Meals on Wheels program.  Diane explained that VOA only provides frozen meals; therefore, the recipient must be able to heat the meal in the microwave or oven.  If the client needs a warm meal, then VOA contacts or refers the client to the Fort Collins or Loveland Meals on Wheels program.  Diane distributed a sample menu for the frozen meals.  Diane reported that participation in this program has been steady and is increasing.  Diane noted that VOA is not necessarily serving more people but the clients are staying on the program longer and/or ordering more meals.


Diane discussed the respite program, “Caring Companions,” which started three years ago.  The first year involved the planning and program design.  Caring Companions is a volunteer respite program which enables caregivers to get out of the house for 2-hours per week.  Diane stated that this program is very popular with volunteers.  VOA requires an application with two personal references, then a personal interview and background check.  For the recipient, VOA conducts a home visit.  Diane explained that VOA will not place a volunteer in a home if they are not comfortable in the home during the initial visit.  Once everything has been approved, the coordinator will try to match interests, hobbies etc. for the best match.  Then VOA makes another home visit with the recipient and the volunteer to make sure the recipient is comfortable. 


Diane reported on another, more recent program which was developed as a class project by two Colorado State University, School of Social Work graduate students.  The students worked on the development of a Friendly Visitor program.  VOA is currently piloting the program at Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab.  The program is a nice overflow for volunteers waiting to be matched in the Caring Companion program. 


Diane distributed brochures for all VOA programs which included such programs as, Healthy Living, a 6-week class on dealing with chronic illness and empowering clients to take charge; the grocery shopping program; Handyman Program; RSVP; and the Foster Grandparent Program. 


No report given. 


Margaret reported that the Office on Aging no longer resides at 1501 Blue Spruce, but the council will continue to meet at 1501 Blue Spruce.  Margaret noted that all of the staff’s telephone numbers have changed with the move to 2601 Midpoint Drive.  An Open House at 2601 Midpoint Drive has been tentatively scheduled for September 24th.  Margaret commented that the Office on Aging has two cubicles reserved for volunteers or interns in the new Midpoint building. 


Margaret reported on behalf of Lynette that the Caregiver Coalition completed a video to raise awareness of caregiver issues and resources.  The video is fifteen minutes long and will be scheduled to view at next month’s meeting. 


Margaret stated that currently the office is working hard to update the Answers on Aging Resource Guide.  Margaret noted that some of the advisory council members will be featured on the new front cover.  Margaret thanked those who volunteered to have their pictures taken by Norm Rehme.  The plan is to print a total of 25,000 copies at various intervals during the year in increments of 5,000 copies per printing.  This will enable corrections and changes to be made throughout the year. 


Margaret reported on the Special Needs Registry which was spear-headed by 211.  The registry is for people who live alone, do not have a car or other transportation, and have a medical condition.  The registry will allow first responders to be better prepared to serve those on the registry in case of an emergency and/or evacuation.  The Sheriff’s Department will maintain the database and 211 will enter the data.  There will also be an option for people to enter their own information on the internet. 


Katy Mason distributed the sign up sheet for this year’s provider site visits.  Katy gave a brief explanation on the site visits.  There will be nine different visits in September.  Katy encouraged council members to visit different sites to get a better idea of the various providers.  Katy asked that each member attend two or three visits with a hope that most council members attend three visits. 


Caryll Cram gave a brief autobiography.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Stan Ulrich reported that the Senior Advisory Board discussed the expansion of the senior center.  The board is currently working on a theme for the expansion committee and the logo.  The logo will be adopted next week and the grant writing will start next week as well.  The committee will have to raise 6-8 million dollars for this expansion.  Stan asked the council if any members were interested in entering the chili cook-off as a team. 


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the Senior Advisory Board meeting was held at Mirasol as part of their outreach.  A City Council person and the City Manager attended the meeting and discussed the different City functions as well as new changes and the budget system.


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation on Aging is in the process of conducting a financial audit.  Mary stated that the Foundation voted to buy a computer and accounting software.  Mary reported on two functions she attended, Senior Day at Walmart and a foreclosure seminar sponsored by Senator Salazar’s office and Crossroads.  Mary stated that she felt that both were well worth the time and she hopes to participate again next year.  Mary also attended a Board development training at 211. 


Larimer County Commissioner

No report given.


Human Relations Commission 

No report given.


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton reported that he had received the ARCH recommendations. 


The Commission on Aging is focusing on the ongoing digital TV converter program.  Mark reported that the Commission has established an agreement with community colleges across the state to help people with their digital converter. 


Mark discussed the Commission’s strategic planning committee’s focus on the OAP health and medical program, senior friendly communities, Silverprint and the potential of a cabinet position in the Governor’s office.  The next meeting will be the Eastern Plains Speak Out in Fort Morgan on October 2 & 3.   Mark encouraged advisory council members to attend.  Margaret reminded the council that our Legislative Breakfast is scheduled for October 3, at 7:00 a.m.


Margaret commented on the digital TV conversion and a number of glitches involved.  She asked if one of the Advisory Council committees would be able to work on this issue.


Marcy Greenslit reminded all the chairs to bring goals to the next Executive Committee meeting as well as the answers to the questions presented by the chair. 

Community Outreach & Education Committee

Mary stated that Sharon gave a report on changes between VOA and the volunteers at the Northside Aztlan Senior Center.  The committee also discussed Project Visibility, Mission of Mercy Dental Program (very successful, treated 1,500 people), Project Lifesaver, an electronic bracelet for people with Alzheimer’s, and the Friendly Visitor program at Lemay Avenue Health & Rehab.


Media & Public Relations Committee

No report given.


Planning, Funding & Partnership Development Committee

No report given.


Pubic Policy & Advocacy Committee

No report given.


Staff Reports

Tina Barker reported that she is back from maternity leave.  Beth Allen’s last day will be August 27th.  Linda Rumney stated that the ombudsman program participated in Senior Law Day on Saturday, August 9th providing three presentations on the role of the Ombudsman and resident rights.  Approximately 250 people attended Senior Law Day this year which was held at Colorado State University.


Laura Sutherlin reported that she is busy working on the Answers on Aging Resource Guide update. 


Katy Mason reported on the Bridging the Gap luncheon.  Invitations have been mailed.  The Office on Aging is offering to pay the cost of the luncheon for council members.  Please R.S.V.P. by e-mail to Tina Corrigan-Hugo at .  The council needs seven volunteers to act as table hosts at the luncheon. 



No announcements were made.



Marcy adjourned the meeting at 3:24 p.m.