August 10, 2006


Held at 1501 Blue Spruce Drive

Fort Collins, Colorado  80524


Members Present:

Roger Bailey

Paul Bell

Steve Budner


Rene DeMattei

Marcy Greenslit

Elnora McCloughan


Janet Montera

Barbara Nuss

Ellen Pihlstrom


Karen Reinhardt

Mary Shultz

Lloyd Spawn


Earl Stevens

Barbara Tuttle

Stan Ulrich


Don Venneberg

Sharon Zamora






Members Absent

Nancy Arthur

Gerry Hinks

Hal Wilson





Staff Present:

Tina Hugo

Margaret Long

Katy Mason


Glen Rathgeber

Karen Wagner






Guests Present:

Elaine Boni

Marjorie McTaggart



Earl Stevens called the meeting to order.


Earl Stevens welcomed Elaine Boni from the Human Relations Commission.


There was no open discussion or community input.


Stand as presented.

CONSIDERATION OF MINUTES OF July 13, 2006                             

Grammatical changes to page 3 the title of Council Member Biography to be corrected.  Also change to page 4, last paragraph, third sentence to read, It will be held at the McKee Medical Center in Loveland. 


Earl Stevens reported that the executive committee discussed the procedures and the arrangements for the Legislative Breakfast.  Earl stated that he discussed the nutrition committee site visits with Hal Wilson.  Hal feels that he is unable to take an active role with the committee at this time.  Earl appointed Dr. Bailey as the interim chair for the nutrition committee.


Mary Shultz gave a brief overview of the Legislative Breakfast.  Mary stated that the Legislative Breakfast was started by the Education Committee six to seven years ago as a forum for legislators and candidates to discuss current issues.  Mary asked the council members to come up with questions and give them to her as soon as possible.  The breakfast will be held on September 8th starting 7:00 a.m. at the Fort Collins Senior Center.  Mary requested that members RSVP to Steve Budner at   221-6861.  Mary reported that the invitations will be mailed to the legislators, candidates, and the council members.  Mary described the tentative schedule.   Earl will be in charge of the welcome and introduction of the legislators.  He will also invite the council members to stand for recognition.  Margaret will discuss the current funding situation.  Mary stated that there had been a recommendation to show a short testimonial film for next year’s breakfast.   Mary asked the members to give her or Steve suggestions.


Lloyd Spawn requested that members sign up for the Speakers Bureau.  Lloyd commented that showing the PowerPoint presentation requires little practice and is quite easy.  Lloyd announced that he would like to see someone else take an active role in the Speaker Bureau because he doesn’t plan on extending his term after 2007.  Earl stated that the Speakers Bureau is an excellent means of getting information out to the community and an integral part of the council. 


Margaret Long reported that she is still unsure what the implications are regarding HB1023 (the immigration bill).  Margaret doesn’t believe that it will affect the Older Americans Act programs.  The issue of citizenship does not apply because there is no application process for services provided by the Older Americans Act programs and the programs are not entitlement programs.  Margaret stated that public assistance programs will be affected by HB1023. 


Margaret indicated during the last meeting that the Office on Aging has made a commitment to working on the county’s pandemic planning.  There is a committee working on the process to identify people with special needs.  Laura Sutherlin and Margaret are participating in this committee which includes participants from government, 211 and consumers.  Margaret stated that she encourages the council member’s advocacy on this issue.


Margaret reported that the Office on Aging staff just finished a day and a half planning retreat.  The purpose of the retreat was to look at roles, determine if they are well defined, and review the focus for next year.  Margaret stated that some interesting things came out of this retreat and she will share the results with the council. 


One of the topics was the need to have focus groups for both the Hispanic and gay and lesbian populations to gather input from these groups on senior issues and needs.  This input is needed before the new four year plan is written.  We will also use the input gained by the focus groups which were held for the Governors White House Conference on Aging.  Margaret suggested that the October council meeting be scheduled with extra time to discuss the four year plan.  The public hearing for the four year plan will occur at the November meeting.  The plan must be submitted by December 1, 2006.


Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board Report

Marjorie McTaggart reported that the board discussed scheduling outreach meetings, as well as the Bridging the Gap luncheon.  There will be a copy of discussion topics for table hosts at Bridging the Gap.  


Marjorie reported that there is still not enough communication regarding available Dial-A-Ride transportation between PVH and the Harmony campus.  Margaret stated that she will take a look at the process.


Loveland Senior Advisory Board

Earl Stevens reported that the Loveland City Council is conducting surveys of all 52 boards and commissions.  Earl commented that the Senior Advisory Board is looking at the Fort Collins model.  The board would like the Loveland City Council to be more involved.


Earl stated that Senior Advisory Board still has $1,100 from the Caring Conversations Conference held last year.  They are looking at scheduling another conference in the Spring. 


Foundation on Aging

Mary Shultz reported that the Foundation has been in existence since 1989.   The Foundation provides grants to the Women’s Resource Center, and Elderhaus, as well as funding for seniors in emergency situations.  Basically, they assist people who “fall through the cracks” of other agencies.  Mary stated that the Foundation will most likely be dipping into their principal to meet people’s needs this year.  Katy Mason thanked the Foundation for helping and stated that the Foundation is able to respond quickly to needs in the community.  The Foundation has helped the Office on Aging in the past month by obtaining room air conditioners for the frail elderly. 


Larimer County Commissioner

Karen Wagner reported on the Pandemic workshop.  She was surprised to learn that this type of virus affects the under 35 age group more than the elderly.  Karen stated that some good planning will come out of this workshop.


Karen reported on the results of the county survey.  The customer satisfaction survey had traffic congestion along with growth and drugs as the highest concerns.  Karen found it interesting that there was no connection between drugs and crime.  Crime was rated at the same level of concern as weeds.  Congestion and transportation are huge issues.  Due to the passing of Referendum C and Senate Bill 1 there is money available for transportation.  Some ideas that were submitted from the Metropolitan Planning Organization were:  to create a new bus route from Loveland to Greeley, and to expand the Van Go system between Denver, Greeley, Loveland and Fort Collins.  Karen thanked those who went to the transportation summit and stated that the results will be out after September. 


Karen reported on the Criminal Justice Act which will be on the November ballot.  Karen described this as a huge expensive proposition which we will completed in pieces.  Karen stated that it costs $94/day to house someone at the detention center.  Primarily, the detainees are there because of a mental health or substance abuse issues.  Karen stated that we need a treatment center and/or programs in the community to free up beds in the detention center. 


Human Relations Commission

Elaine Boni reported that Lloyd Spawn did an excellent presentation at their meeting.  Elaine stated that the commission wants to link with other groups in Fort Collins because many of the problems are the same.


Commission on Aging

Mark Shelton was not present.


Marcy Greenslit gave a brief autobiography.


Education Committee

Mary Shultz reported that the committee set the agenda for the Legislative Breakfast.  Mary stated that she needs to get a count for how many people are attending.  This year the committee is inviting the press. 


Executive Committee

Earl Stevens reported that the committee discussed the Legislative Breakfast and changed the committee meeting schedule.  The Executive meeting will be 9:15-10:15 and the Education meeting will be 10:15-11:15.  


Health Committee

Mary Shultz reported that there is an Oral Health Task Force meeting on August 15th at Hospice from 12:00 – 1:30pm.  Margaret reminded the council that the new aging population will most likely have their own teeth and there have been studies linking general health to oral health.


Membership Committee

No report given. 


Nutrition Committee

Dr. Roger Bailey will head the Nutrition committee on an interim basis.


Housing Committee

Stan Ulrich reported that the Susan Collins has completed the mobile home survey report and suggested that the council get a plaque or something for Susan as a thank you. 


Transportation Committee

Elnora McCloughan reported that the committee scheduled a meeting to discuss northern Larimer County transportation.   The agenda for the meeting included the possibility of starting a Saint program in Wellington.  Elnora reported that no one showed up to the meeting.  Dr. Roger Bailey proposed to the council that they take an advocacy role regarding the proposed funding cuts to Dial-A-Ride by the City of Fort Collins.   Margaret asked Commissioner Wagner if she saw any problem with this approach.  Karen will asked the other commissioners and get back to Margaret.


Staff Reports

Margaret Long stated that the Office on Aging staff is attending a workshop on mental illness.  Margaret commented that there is a shortage of geriatric mental health practitioners in our area. 


Katy Mason reported that she has scheduled all the provider site visits and stated that the new members are welcome to come.  Katy announced that the Bridging the Gap Luncheon will be on September 29th and the Office on Aging will pay for half of the cost for council members.  Katy stated that the members should send their registration form to the City of Loveland and make their check out for $9.  Katy asked for two more table hosts and noted that the Fort Collins Senior Advisory Board has put together a cheat sheet for discussion topics.  Katy announced that the speaker will be our very own Dr. Paul Bell. 



Earl Steven called attention to the OOAAC September calendars; the next Advisory Council meeting WILL be in Loveland next month at the MCKEE WELLNESS CENTER.


Earl announced that this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be the Annual Loveland Invitational and Sculpture Shows. 


Steve Budner reminded the council to turn in their questions for the Legislative Breakfast to either him or Mary Shultz.



Earl Stevens adjourned the meeting.