December 21, 2010

Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Mandy Kotzman, Nancy Grice, Paul Resseguie, Ed Ott, Cordelia Stone, Ed Stoner.

Meeting Called to Order: Mandy Kotzman (Chair) called meeting to order @ 7:10PM

Agenda: Adopted as written

Meeting Minutes: July 20, 2010 meeting minutes adopted as written (Ed Stoner, motion to approve, Susanne Cordery-Cotter, 2nd, approved unanimously).

Communication Items:

1.   Committee Member Items:

Susanne:      Received Greeley pipeline update letter dated October 25, 2010. Pipeline complete to Shields, northern segment scheduled for construction fall or winter 2011.

Discussion:  Per Mandy, pipeline not connecting to Greeley’s reservoir per a newspaper article because they do not yet need the water. Per Ed, northern segment effected landowners coalition in communication; one landowner made deal with Greeley to allow access in return for dropping contest on augmentation plan for pond. Segment beside Jax still in contention.

Susanne:      Received letter re Stegner gravel pit request for three year extension.

Discussion: Per Samantha, we will review the Stegner pit request at our January meeting.

Susanne:      NISP Draft Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement scheduled for late 2011.

Discussion: Pipeline segment between Horsetooth and Glade is apparently critical to the project; it is within LaPorte Area Plan therefore LAPAC may have an opportunity for input.

Mandy:        City of Fort Collins’ water main installation project on north side of 54G appears to be resulting in continuous paving between road and sidewalk from School to eastern extent. This will be distracting to motorists and pedestrians/cyclists because there is not a clear delineation between roadway and sidewalk. Could be particularly hazardous after snowfall.

Discussion:  LAPAC will forward memo to County and City to provide input on this issue. Susanne to draft memo.

2.   County’s Communication Items:

Samantha Mott:

Stegner pit request will be before LAPAC in January. Mandy requested refresher on relationship between Timberline pit start schedule and Stegner pit; Rob Helmick will provide information in January.

LAPAC will be asked to review minor special review for an accessory dwelling at January meeting.

New Planning Division Director, Linda Hoffman, would like to meet LAPAC members and will attend a meeting in the near future.

Pope – Preserve at Bingham Hill had a second show cause review December 13, 2010 and part of the previous approval was revoked. The Community Hall portion of the application was revoked; the basketball camp portion remains approved. Revocation and second review is rare.

3.   Poudre River Kayak Park Update:

Mandy Kotzman provided an update on the status of the proposed Kayak park in the vicinity of Lions Park. Mandy met with Meegan Flenniken of the County’s Open Lands division. The County had originally agreed to do a special review, however after talking to DOW (landowner) the County chose not to review. Apparently, a kayak park is not within the DOW’s mission, a flood plain study may cost $50,000, the City’s proposed kayak park may cost $250,000, a land swap between DOW and the County is not something either party wants to put effort into, and the NISP project may reduce the amount of time the kayak park can be used each year. Meegan recommended that Mandy establish a “group” to move the project forward. Mandy is considering establishing a group, developing a conceptual design and moving the project forward. LAPAC members present were very supportive of this idea and would like to see the project move forward.

Action Items:


Discussion Item:


Meeting adjourned: 7:59 pm