Minutes – December 16, 2008


Members present:  Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Andre Duval, Craig Hults,  Ed Stoner, Cordelia Stone, Mandy Kotzman, Paul Resseguie &Ed Ott.



Staff present:  Karlin Goggin & Jill Bennett


Guests:  Asher & Sylvia Haun


Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @7:10 PM at Ed Stoner’s home.


Minutes were approved as written.


Agenda was adopted as written.


Communication Items:


            Members: Mandy – We began a discussion on the Greeley Pipe Line. There is no new information on the pipeline.

                        Ed S – John Stegner told Ed that there is a plan to put up 300 new homes around the gravel pit once it is complete.

                        Craig – CLP received money to improve bridges and paths around the school.

                        Cordelia – She had composed a thank you letter for Randy Eubanks. All of the LAPAC members present approved the letter and signed it. 


            Staff: Jill – She checked into posting articles to the Larimer County web site for LAPAC. It would be best to go through Deni LaRue in the Commissioners office.


Personal Appearances:


Agenda Items: Prepare for January 13 Communities Meeting.

            The meeting on the Road 54G renaming will be held at CLP Elementary

            Lunch room

            6:30 to 9:00 PM

            January 13, 2009


            We will post announcements in the North 40, the Post Office, Hot Topics – Larimer County, CLP & a mailing to everyone on Road 54G.






            The meeting agenda will be…

1)   Intro

2)   Explain renaming process

3)   Gage interest

4)   Go over possible road names


Plans, Ideas and things we might consider for next year

Ed S – We might want to expand the 1041 powers, look at improving white water rafting in LaPorte and redoing the LaPorte area plan.




Discussion Items: Thanks to Ed Stoner for hosting the December LAPAC meeting.



Meeting adjourned @9:00