LAPAC Meeting Minutes

November 17, 2009

Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Andre Duval, Nancy Grice, Ed Stoner, Ed Ott, Craig Hults, Cordelia Stone  and Paul Resseguie


Meeting Called to Order: Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @ 7:05PM

Agenda: Adopted as written.

Meeting Minutes: October 2009 meeting minutes edited to remove #1 and approved.

Communication Items: Add address of properties discussed to meeting minutes.

Committee Member Items:

1.   Susanne Cordery-Cotter – 1041 powers were not approved, tabled for task force alternative, will be on agenda again December 21, 2009, 6:30pm, Hearing Room.  Would like additional members to attend if possible to show greater support from proponents.  Ed Stoner attended Commissioner’s meeting.  Opened up for another 6 weeks, wanted greater exemptions.  Jill discussed additional details regarding what the changes would be.  L&E process needs to be researched more.  See Jill regarding criteria that Commissioners make decisions with.  Jill will get more info to LAPAC members.

New library Director, Holly Carol, would be happy to meet with LAPAC, plan to talk with her regarding attending January meeting. 

Red Feather sent information regarding school closures.

Staff Member: Jill Bennett –Planning Commission to add solar facilities to the December meeting…paragraph has been drafted regarding language.  5acre threshold falls under 1041 to include solar collectors, transforming facilities, storage facilities, appurtenant facilities and disturbed areas.  

Agenda Items:

Bingham Hill Farm Special Review – 3924 Bingham Hill Rd, Fort Collins, CO

Toby Stouffer , Planner, Larimer County, presented synopsis of the proposal – Special Review to have community hall, seasonal camp etc., currently single family residence, has wholesale tree nursery which would continue, 6 week camps, 20 max participants.  Restrooms and kitchens to be added.  Event center would operate year round.  Review criteria included in Special Review packet and includes Section 8 standards of review.  Appeal information added regarding parking lot, recycled asphalt proposed.  83 space parking lot. Property has irrigation water.  Site lighting is being further reviewed for down-lighting and minimizing impacts.  Some issues still being reviewed.  Have received public comment, generally opposed to project and impacts to community. 

Randy Pope, Applicant, willing to answer questions after discussion by public.  Added event centers in 2008 and feels that they will meet those requirements.  Parking to be hidden lighting to be less than 8 feet tall.  Fugitive emissions are trying to be accounted for…ie recycled asphalt w/adhesion.  Camps have already taken place but all in doors thus far….basketball.  Seasonal camps…weddings…probably not much overlap regarding the weddings etc.

John Schmid , Bingham Hill resident, borders property, questions whether letters from landowners have been read.  Opposed to proposal, worried about impacts from transportation and traffic, multiple use roads and parking still probably an issue.  Letters brought by Toby, received late in the process.  Believes he will see impact…ie parking lot.  What about properties value due to development.  Negative to current uses.

4009 Bingham Hill Road , homeowner’s letter addressed to Russell Legg and Toby Stouffer read during meeting.    Contained questions and comments, for example questioned differences between commercial events center and community center.  Notes mule deer population, traffic, parking issues, visibility of the parking lot and already dangerous area as possible issues.  Traffic should be reexamined.  Suggests that proposal is incompatible.

Kelley Stoddleman – lives near property in question.  Discussed music and noise.  No amplified music.  Dancing music will be played indoors for dancing.  Spoke in support of the project.  Gave dates that things would be run.  Would be limited events, 1 per day.  Out by 10pm.  Has been little impact.  75 – 125 people more typical of event sizes.

Liz Whitney – Bingham Hill resident.  No noticeable impacts thus far.  Questions what plans are currently being made.  Basketball court to be expanded.  Questioned amount of infrastructure required.  Applicant believes that noise will not be an issue.  All indoors.  Had concerns regarding bikes on road, traffic and cycles.

Sandy Walker – agree with points already made regarding the proposed development.  Lighting noise traffic and above issues are what are of concern.  Applicant states 83 lot plus overflow.

Becky Douglas – Neighbor, was not aware of the development until late in process. Traffic is the big issue.  Also had questions about the service of alcohol.  Applicant states will be limited to wine beer and catered. Applicant will have security.  Was concerned about drunk drivers on Bingham Hill.  Had questions regarding parking and asked who team was that worked on project. Toby addressed the answer, and referred to initial review.  Commenter had concerns regarding noise and light pollution and wildlife issues that have not been addressed.

Wendy Anderson , community member, was also not aware of the project until tonight.  Was not supporting and also not opposed. 

LAPAC member discussion followed public comment.

Motion made by Ed Stoner, recommend to the planning commission that the Bingham Hill proposal does not meet Subsection A (including traffic, lighting, and noise related issues) & Subsection D of the review criteria, and therefore should not be approved under special review.  Seconded by Nancy Grice.  Motion carried (5 in favor, 3 opposed).  Memo to be drafted to Planning Commissioners recommending disapproval of proposal.

Also agreed to address the process issue regarding notice, and noted that plat change of use is different than boundary adjustments and should probably address the procedural issues.  Susanne to draft memo to Jill regarding above issues that can be forwarded to Russell.


Poudre School district issues. School district is reviewing ways to save money.  Propose moving LAB school on Shields to Cache la Poudre.  School within a school.  Seems to be more negative comments regarding proposal than positive.  Susanne provided summary of options that are being considered.    

Wendy Anderson – commented that integration of LAB School has been tried before and did not work because of difficulty with integration of students.  Suggested it is difficult to add 100+ students into school and maintain separation at same time.  Questioned the risk of CLP closing and was seeking greater notice regarding possibilities of closure.   

Additional comments made regarding displacement of “School of Choice” students which would tend to reduce funding.  Also noted that there are few classrooms available, and there would not be an integration of students but LAB students and staff would remain autonomous.  Comments also made that community seems against the proposal in general.

LAPAC discussion followed public comment.   LAPAC to draft letter to School Superintendant, Planning Commissioners and others (see attached) which notes the above concerns.  Susanne to draft letter for review by LAPAC members prior to submittal. 


Next meeting:  December 15, 2009 at Ed Stoner’s residence.   

Meeting Adjourned:  @9:34 PM