November 10, 2010


Members present:  David Bee, Justin Discoe, Lew Grant, Jason Kraft, Minerva Lee, Val Manning, Brett Markham, George Reed, Chris Van Anne, Becky Waldo and George Wallace.  Others present: Karen Crumbaker (Extension), Lew Gaiter (Larimer County Commissioner), Charl es Gindler (L arimer Coun ty D NR), Donna Goodwin (Extension), and Linda Hoffmann (Staff liaison, Larimer County Planning & Building Division). Guests: LuAnn Goodyear and Travis Rollins (Larimer County DNR).


I.  Val Manning called the meeting to order at 12:36 p.m.

     Board members introduced themselves to attending guests LuAnn Goodyear and Travis Rollins. 


II. The September 9, 2010 meeting minutes were reviewed and approved.


III.  The Board members divided into the committee groups of:  Webpage Development and Social Media, Public Education, Agricultural Land Preservation and Water Availability to work on developing work program goals for 2011.


IV.  After the work session within the committees, each of the committee chairs reported on their plans.

Water Availability Committee – George Wallace

Objective - 1) Finish Presentation; 2) Schedule to do presentations for water boards/water policy; 3) Hold a workshop with activities; 4) Have a representative(s) from AAB at the different water board meetings.

      Action - 1) Finalize Draft of Presentation, Minerva Lee; 2) Schedule presentations, David Bee; 3) Organize Tour of Irrigated Agriculture Habitats, George Wallace.  A suggestion is to present the finalized presentation to the AAB prior to taking it to outside groups.

Agricultural Land Preservation Policy Committee – Lew Grant

      We came up with more questions, where do we go from here?  Three approaches were discussed – 1) Have a voice in high impact committees.  2) Educate the land owners and public.  3) Workshop sometime in the winter months.  Do we have the authority to represent the County?  Linda Hoffmann will report back to Lew. 

Webpage Development and Social Media – Justin Discoe

      The web site has outdated information on it and needs photos of members.  A suggestion of developing a FaceBook account.  Extension has a great one.  Face Book is free and would be able to reach a different audience than traditional communication methods used by traditional agriculture.

Education – Val Manning

  • Develop a spring Seminar in March 2011 similar to the 2010 “Growing Your Future in Larimer County”.  This would include our committees to speak at the seminar.  Would like to have it held at the courthouse again.
  • Have a tractor with a sign about agriculture at the different events including parades, winter markets, fair, summer markets and other area events. 
  • In the fall host a barn tour.  All the activities to be posted on FaceBook. 


V.  Announcements:

·  Becky Waldo said this was her last meeting and enjoyed serving on the board.  She has requested that former board members be left on the email list.

·  George Reed – November 18, 2011 is a Fall Water Users Meeting at Embassy Suites in Loveland.  To RSVP call 970-622-2220.

·  Lew Grant – New EIS for the NISP project will be coming out next month or two.  A copy of 2008 AAB recommendations has been requested.

·  Those who have any speakers/topics/suggestions for future meetings should e-mail Val Manning.

·  Request to have Legacy Land Trust invited to AAB meetings.

·  Next AAB meeting on January 12, 2011. 

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.