Minutes – September 16, 2008


Members Present:  Ed Stoner, Nancy Grice, Paul Resseguie, Mandy Kotzman, Craig Hults, Susanne Cordery-Cotter.


Staff Present: Jill Bennett


Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m.


Agenda was adopted as written


Minutes were adopted with changes


Communication Items:


1.   Two members received separate notices regarding two variances: a variance for a parcel at Ideal Lane and Taft Hill and a building setback from 54G variance. LAPAC does not review variances; therefore these items will not come before LAPAC.

2.   Ed Stoner was subject to the County street renaming project; his street was renamed, he purportedly missed a July 7 deadline to comment to the County on the proposed name; he does not recall seeing correspondence asking for comment and is not pleased with the new name. He will appeal.


1.   The County’s comments on the NISP Draft EIS are posted on the County webpage

2.   The proposed winery development will likely come before LAPAC at our October meeting

3.   The 1041 Powers process continues with a Planning Commissioners hearing on September 17, 2008 and a Board of County Commissioners hearing on October 20, 2008.


Personal Appearances:



Agenda Items:



Discussion Items:

Members discussed the 54G renaming project. A question was raised regarding the limits of the renaming, Susanne will get clarification from the County Addressing Coordinator Karlin Goggin. Steps for renaming were reviewed and members agreed that an article in the North Forty News might help gauge people’s interest in the renaming. Susanne will draft an article for members’ review.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.