LAPAC Meeting Minutes

August 18, 2009

Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Andre Duval, Ed Stoner, Cordelia Stone, Mandy Kotzman,  Ed Ott, Craig Hults and Paul Resseguie


Meeting Called to Order: Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @7:05 PM

Agenda: Adopted as written.

Meeting Minutes: July 2009 meeting minutes adopted as written.

Communication Items:

            Committee Member Items:

                        1.         Poudre River Library District – Response to LAPAC meeting, 10-year Master Plan was adopted, Laporte will be considered in future for any further development, may not happen for some time.  Resolve to periodically remind them we are interested in being considered as a future site for development.

                        2.         Question regarding what is “Link Library” associated with CLPE.  To be investigated further.

                        3.         ISON Subdivision – review and hearing yesterday (8-17-2009), petitioner asked for allowance on length to width ratios (wanted longer skinnier ones, received variance for lot shape in addition to acreage issue.  LAPAC concerned this may set precedent.  Denser properties were there before plan.  Member discussion regarding drafting LAPAC letter to request involvement in variance requests on lot sizes.  Variance procedure does not require LAPAC involvement currently.  What types of variances do we want to examine?  (setbacks, lots sizes … for example).  LAPAC to request statistics on variances.  Susanne will contact Jill.

                        4.         Lyon’s Park Poudre River Enhancement Proposal – Lyon Park proposal has been brought to County.  Has had positive feedback.  Ownership is scattered, may impact any future development.  Tentative next step is to create website to garner feedback.

                        5.         Greeley Pipeline – Greeley granted access to do limited impact assessments on various properties.  Questions regarding how compensation to landowners was assessed.  What is impact to River?  Keep eyes out for cumulative impact study by Army Corps. 

            Staff Member: Larimer County representative not present.

            Guests: Rob Graves – No comments on Greeley Pipeline issues…attended to receive more information.

Agenda Items: 1041 Powers Discusssion

            Committee members reviewed County outreach materials Jill Bennett provided.  LAPAC agreed some clarification necessary on rule language.  LAPAC also supports the effort to further define 1041 powers.  Susanne will draft memo seeking clarification to questions regarding terminology and provide thanks to the county for their efforts.  Memo will be attached to August minutes.

Meeting next month on 15th.    

Meeting Adjourned:  @ 8:05PM


Recommendation from the LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee

August 18, 2009


Recommend approval of the designation of water and sewer transmission lines with the changes below:


14.4. Designated Matters of State Interest.

J.  Siting and development of new or extended domestic water or sewer transmission lines which use 24 inch or larger diameter pipelines or two or more pipelines of any size which are parallel to and located within 100 feet of one another and have a total diameter equal to or greater than 24 inches. Domestic water transmission lines include those used to transport both raw and treated water. This designation shall not include the maintenance, repair, adjustment or removal of an existing pipeline or the relocation of an existing pipeline within the same easement or right-of-way. The designation shall also not include the addition,  replacement,  expansion or maintenance of appurtenant facilities on existing pipelines. The definition of appurtenant facility does not include pipeline(s).