Minutes of August 10, 2006


The Larimer County Planning Commission and Larimer County Board of County Commissioners met in a special joint session on Thursday, August 10, 2006, at 6:30 p.m. in the Hearing Room.  Commissioners’ Cox, Hart, Karabensh, Morgan, Pond and Waldo of the Planning Commission were present. Commissioners’ Boulter and Oppenheimer were absent.  Commissioner Wallace presided as Chairman.  Chair Gibson presided for the Board of County Commissioners and Commissioner Rennels and Wagner were present.  Also present were Jill Bennett, Principal Planner, Russell Legg, Chief Planner, Doug Ryan, Health Department, Deni LaRue, Community Information Manager, Jeannine Haag, County Attorney, and Jill Wilson, Planning Technician and Recording Secretary.


Chair Gibson opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance, and asked for public comment on the County Budget and the Land Use Code.  No one from the audience addressed the Board regarding these topics. 




ITEM #1 RED FEATHER LAKES AREA PLAN  #06-CA0061:  Ms. Bennett provided background information on the request to adopt the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan as an element of the Larimer County Master Plan.  She stated that the plan area as defined would include the Red Feather Lakes Fire District and adjacent undeveloped private land but did not include the Crystal Lakes and Glacier View Meadows Subdivisions.  She remarked that there had been an extensive public outreach process to inform the community of the proposed plan.  Three community meetings were held, and a community opinion survey was also mailed to all know property owners in which 336 responses were received.  She explained that the community process was facilitated by the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan Advisory Committee (PAC), which was a board of thirteen residents, business people, and landowners who were appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. 


Included in the plan were sections describing existing conditions, a community vision, future land use and development, and community pathways.  A community vision statement was developed by the Plan Advisory Committee along with four key elements concerning future land use and development.  Those four elements included the village center area, existing businesses, new residential development, and the Red Feather Lakes road corridor.  The community pathway section of the plan presented information about many of the important community issues and options, which would continue to be discussed and debated following the Plan adoption.  She remarked that if the Plan was adopted the following steps would occur and continue:  the Red Feather Lakes Plan Advisory Committee would continue to meet, changes to the B-Business zone district or a new zone district appropriate to existing businesses in the area would be considered, existing business owners would be worked with to rezone their properties, and important issues would be discussed with the community. 







Lucille Schmidt, Red Feather Lakes resident, was a member of the Plan Advisory Committee.  She stated that the plan helped the community work as a group to recommend and discuss what was important to the town.  It allowed members of the community to discuss and have a voice in the way planning occurred in Red Feather.


Bill Gilbert, 17420 Red Feather Lakes Road, believed that the first community meetings that Commissioner Rennels held three years ago led the way to start the new planning process.  He stated that he had attended many of the PAC meetings along with the community meetings.  He thanked all of the participants for their time and effort, especially Deni LaRue, Jill Bennett, and Russ Legg.  He believed that the draft plan for the Red Feather Lakes area should be approved by the Commissioners and Planning Commission.  While he did not feel the Plan was as good as it could have been he felt that it was a very good start.  There were many issues that still needed to be dealt with such as protecting the area’s water and the potential development along the 74E corridor.  He stated that he felt that the makeup of the plan committee was the problem.  In his view the PAC was dominated 9 to 4 by business, real estate, and large property interests in the area.  He firmly believed that was the reason why there were so many unresolved issues still in the Plan.  He recommended that any ongoing planning advisory committee have a more equal representation of business and citizen members and be scaled back to a much smaller number such as seven to nine members. 



Commissioner Wagner complemented everyone for their work because it made a tremendous contribution to the residents of the Red Feather Lakes area and also to the County.  She stated that it set a great example to other communities within the County to plan the future of their own communities.


Chairman Gibson thanked all the participants for their hard work.


Commissioner Rennels complemented the Plan Advisory Committee members.  She also recognized all the County employees that took time out to be involved with the development of the Plan.  She stated that it was a huge step for the community and encouraged everyone to keep working together to help evolve the Plan. 




Commissioner Rennels recommended that the Larimer County Planning Commission adopt the proposed Red Feather Lakes Area Plan as an element of the Larimer County Master Plan.




Chairman Gibson turned the hearing over to the Planning Commission to continue the hearing.


Chairman Wallace asked if there was any other public comment.






Commissioner Morgan echoed earlier comments recognizing the Staff and members of the Plan Advisory Committee.  He stated that plans such as the Red Feather Lakes Plan helped the County and also acknowledged the commitment of achieving good planning.


Chairman Wallace stated that she had worked with the committee and encouraged everyone to continue to work on the Plan.  She remarked that what had been accomplished was extremely important and what would occur in the future with the Plan was also very important. 




Commissioner Morgan moved to adopt the proposed Red Feather Lakes Area Plan as an element of the Larimer County Master Plan.


Commissioner Pond seconded the Motion.


Commissioners' Cox, Hart, Karabensh, Morgan, Pond, Waldo, and Chairman Wallace voted in favor of the Motion.






Commissioner Pond moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the Red Feather Lakes Area Plan Resolution, dated August 10, 2006.


Commissioner Waldo seconded the Motion.


Commissioners' Cox, Hart, Karabensh, Morgan, Pond, Waldo, and Chairman Wallace voted in favor of the Motion.




Mr. Legg thanked the Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission for their time in examining the Plan and acknowledged the two Planning Commission members that were members of the Plan Advisory Committee, Commissioners’ Nancy Wallace and John Huddleston.



ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the hearing adjourned at 7:03 p.m.





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Nancy Wallace, Chairman                                            Kristen Karabensh, Secretary