44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lake


July 9, 2009





The meeting was called to order at 1:37 p.m. by Ross Reid.



Members in Attendance:  Gene Allen, Gene Barker, Susan Bradley, Terry Ferebee,  Dennis Frydendall, Bill Gilbert, Eunice Michalka, Ross Reid, Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge, Roger Svendsen, Bud Thomas



Members Excused Absences:  All other members had excused absences



Adoption of Agenda:  All RFLPAC members approved the adoption of the agenda. 



Approval of Minutes:  The June 11, 2009,  minutes were approved by all RFLPAC members.



Communications from Committee Members:  None



Communications from County Representatives:  None



Larimer County Representation:  Jill Bennett, LARCO Planning;  Kathay Rennels, County Commissioner



Guests Present:  Stephen  Johnson, Pat Bradley, Terry Donnely, James Crave, Jim Little, Janice Weixelman



Comments from the Audience:  None




Woody Biomass Location

Information on the Red Feather Woody Biomass Location and Extent Review was presented by Dave Lentz, County Forest Specialist.  A collection and drop off site for woody biomass is proposed for a location approximately 1 mile north of the Red Feather Lakes School on the west side of CR 73C.  The site will be fenced with a locked gate and signs will be posted explaining the accepted use.  This year they will not accept slash and there will be no burning.  The site will be open to accept round wood only on Saturdays in September and October.  The site will be cleared by the end of October.  If the program continues next year,  the site will be open by April and closed by July.  The wood will be hauled away as soon as a full load is collected - approximately 8 cords.  Peak to Peak Wood is a partner in the program; they seek to develop markets for wood from fire mitigation, beetle kill, etc.  This site is considered low impact with 10  - 50 users anticipated each day it is open.   More information about Peak to Peak Wood can be found at


Concerns, questions and responses:

Could it be moved to a less visible site? – There is a requirement of 400 ft of visibility along the road where trucks would be entering and leaving; other possible sites did not have that.  Also, a more visible site discourages unauthorized dumping.

Would like PAC to be updated on expected use and impact each year. – That can be done.

Concerned this could open the way for industrial use of land in that area. – This project had a specific contract with the land owner limiting the use, specifying no slash and no burning and each load removed as soon as it is collected.

Concern about live beetles being brought into the area. –  all wood will be out of the site before the beetle fly.

Concern about unauthorized dumping. – There will be clear signs posted regarding what is allowed.  If unauthorized dumping becomes a problem, the site will be closed. There has been no problem in the other two sites.

Will county remove culvert and road base when project is over to discourage trespassing? - Yes

Would wood from the National Forest fire mitigation cutting planned for 2010 be stored on this site?  - Probably not.  Peak to Peak Wood collects directly from the large load sites, Forest Service or private.


Lucille S. moved that the Red Feather Lakes PAC recommends by vote approval of the woody biomass plan as presented by county forester, Dave Lenz, for the location on Creedmore Lakes Road.  The motion stipulates annual review and update to the RFL-PAC, including site location and activity.   Roger S. seconded the motion.


Gene Allen                yes

Gene Barker             yes

Susan Bradley         abstain

Terry Ferebee           yes

Dennis Frydendall   no

Bill Gilbert                  yes

Eunice Michalka      yes

Ross Reid                 no

Lucille Schmitt         yes

Michael Sledge        yes

Roger Svendsen      yes

Bud Thomas             yes


Community Meeting

The community meeting will be July 21, 2009 at 7:00 pm.  Jill Bennett distributed a diagram of the proposed room set up.   The Roads Committee met last week with Jill Bennett, Kathay Rennels, and Jerry White to finalize plans for the meeting.  They decided on an open house format rather than a presentation.   Background information and the handouts to be used at the meeting are on the Larimer County website,  PAC members will be need to host stations, talk with community members and help set up the room before the meeting.  Denny LaRue, Jill and Kathay prepared a timeline of the history of the Red Feather Plan and the Planning Advisory Committee; this background will be helpful to community members who attend the meeting.  There will be tables around the room with graphics and handouts covering the history leading to this meeting, a map of the problems with plats, a wheel diagram of associated issues, forms and a flip chart for written comments, and what the next steps will be.  The next steps are 1.) the next PAC meeting where PAC reviews the community meeting and decides what/if formal recommendations to make to the commissioners.  2.) Perform the centerline survey (securing funding).  3.) Hearing with the Commissioners to designate the requested roads as public.


At least 2 and possibly all three of the Commissioners will be at the meeting.


Concerns expressed:

PAC members should be careful in response to questions that concern legal matters.  The question and answer handout may be helpful in such situations.

Specific dispute situations are not part of this meeting and not necessarily a PAC issue.  It may be appropriate to recommend that people contact the planning commission.

Residents may feel a need to claim the boundaries they want before PAC takes action, not realizing that PAC has no authority in such situations.

Stress to attendees of the meeting that declaring certain roads as public roads is not a resolution of problems, but can be a means to a resolution.



RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 2:40 p.m.




Michael Sledge