June 16, 2009

West Fort Collins Water District


Chair-Mandy Kotzman called the meeting to order at 7:10PM.


LAPAC Board Members Present: Craig Hults, Ed Stoner, Cordelia Stone, Mandy Kotzman & Nancy Grice


Larimer County Staff Present: Jill Bennett


Ed Stoner made a motion to adopt the LAPAC Meeting Agenda as written, Craig Hults 2nd the motion. Board approved the agenda.


Cordelia Stone made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting, Nancy Grice 2nd the motion. Board approved the minutes.


Communication Items:

1.   From Cordelia:

Cherry Sokoloski of The North Forty News contacted Cordelia Stone seeking additional information about LAPAC's request that the Poudre River Library District put a “Brick & Mortar” branch in LaPorte. Cordelia and Mandy Kotzman will meet with Cherry on June 21st. LAPAC wanted to ensure that Cherry knew that LAPAC had not yet communicated these ideas to the Library, but most likely will have by the time the North Forty article goes to press. The Library District is holding an Open House on June 25th inviting the public to comment on the District's Draft Facilities Plan. Cordelia volunteered to draft a memo from LAPAC to the Library District, communicating LAPAC's request for a library building in LaPorte. She will send it to the LAPAC Board members for review and edit prior to the June 25th Open House.


2.   No communication items from Jill.


No Personal appearances


Agenda Action Item

1.   Ison Subdivision:

Subdivision Request - The Larimer County Commissioners approved a zoning variance because they considered this subdivision was consistent with the adjacent land use. Mandy Kotzman shared Andre Duvall’s comments. He is against the subdivision request and would deny it due to it setting a precedent for subdivision creep. The request does not comply with, and is not consistent with, the Zoning in the LaPorte Area Plan. It was noted that although the existing higher-density subdivisions to the west of the proposed Ison subdivision were present when the current LaPorte Area Plan was drafted and adopted, the zoning was set at 1 unit/10-35 acres rather than being changed to match these subdivisions – a strong indication of the intent of the Plan to maintain the rural character of this area. The LAPAC Board is concerned that zoning variance given by the County Commissioners violates the intent and letter of the LaPorte Area Plan. Nancy Grice motioned the LAPAC draft a memo to Larimer County that states “LAPAC does not support the subdivision plan as presented because the plan is not consistent with the zoning of the LaPorte Area Plan”. Ed Stoner 2nd the motion. Larimer County will meet on July 15th regarding the subdivision request, so the LAPAC memo will need to be drafted before the end of June.  There was also discussion by the LAPAC concerning whether the LAPAC Board should have been consulted by the county commissioners prior to their ruling on a zoning variance request when a request is within the LAPAC boundaries, as this one is.

Discussion Items:

1.     Renaming County Road 54G:

Cordelia Stone gave the LAPAC Board an update regarding the 54G renaming meeting held by the Larimer County Commissioners. In order for the renaming of 54G to move forward, the LAPAC needs to demonstrate public support for renaming 54G. Cordelia Stone will draft a renaming 54G petition for the LAPAC to review and approve for circulation. The intent of this survey/petition is to garner a greater response rate than achieved by the prior County survey, and to get a sense of the sentiment from the broader LaPorte community.


2.     Poudre River Trail:

Jill Bennett gave the LAPAC a trail update. The immediate safety concerns (protruding handrails, exposed irrigation ditch) have been addressed and modifications implemented.


3.     Other community Improvement Projects:

Jill Bennett mentioned there is grant money available for various community improvements. Nancy Grice expressed a safety concern in regard to the on-street section of the bike trail along the Cotton Willow subdivision and adjacent to the white house with the red roof across the road from the Canyon Ridge Church near Bellvue. A concern was expressed by Ed Stoner that community improvement projects is not a role and responsibility of the LAPAC. Discussion concerning potential community improvement plans or proposals for LaPorte was tabled by the LAPAC.


At the July LAPAC Meeting, office bearers will need to be elected.


The meeting was closed at 8:39PM.




TO:                 Larimer County Planning Commission

                        Larimer County Commissioners


FROM:           LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee


DATE:            23rd June 2009


SUBJECT:    Proposed Ison Subdivision



The LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee considered the above referenced development application at its regular meeting on  __15 June 2009_________________.


The Committee adopted the following comments regarding the application:


____    We find that the request is generally consistent with the LaPorte Area Plan.


____    We have no concerns with the application at this time.


_X_     We have the following concerns relating to the application as proposed:


The proposed ISON subdivision is not supported by LAPAC (unanimously) because it is not consistent with the land use specified in the LaPorte Area Plan.


Furthermore, LAPAC did not want this development to set a precedent supporting unplanned development “creep”.  The LaPorte Area Plan was generated after the existing higher-density subdivisions were in existence, but the clear intent, to maintain the rural nature of this area, was reaffirmed by the specific zoning in the Plan – 1 residential unit/10-35 acres.


Until such time as a new LaPorte Area Plan is generated, LAPAC believes that developments should comply with the intent and letter of the existing Plan.











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