44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lake

June 11, 2009


The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m. by Chairperson Ted Carter.

Members in Attendance :  Gene Allen, Susan Bradley, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Dennis Frydendall, Bill Gilbert, Eunice Michalka,  Lucille Schmitt, Michael Sledge,  Roger Svendsen

Members Excused Absences :  All other members had excused absences.

Adoption of Agenda :  All RFLPAC members approved the adoption of the agenda. 

Approval of Minutes :  The May 14, 2009, minutes were approved by all RFLPAC members.

Communications from Committee Members :  None

Larimer County Representation :  Jill Bennett, LARCO Planning; Kathay Rennels, County Commissioner

Kathay Rennels and Denny LaRue shared a handout on the Bleiker Life Preserver, a process which facilitates communication in public meetings.  It is designed to provide systematic development of informed consent.  Kathay recommends it be used at the July public meeting.

Guests Present :  Denny LaRue, Stephen Johnson, Pat Bradley, Deborah Hawkins, Mr. & Mrs. Clark

Comments from the Audience :  At the end of the meeting, Stephen Johnson again encouraged PAC to prepare for difficult questions at the public meeting.  The Clarks described the road/property dispute they are currently involved in with a neighbor.  Although the PAC has no authority to act in such a situation, this dispute illustrates the need for a designation of public roads.


The Road Subcommittee:

Bill Gilbert presented a Press Release about the July Public Meeting.  Michael S. made a motion that the Press Release be adopted as written for release to the appropriate media.  Gene Allan seconded.  The subsequent discussion included the following questions and concerns:

·   the release should name the roads under consideration

·   not naming the roads could bring out more people to the meeting; naming the roads could cause confusion and resistance since there is not enough room in the Press Release to explain why those roads were chosen

·   what is the process of how news media handle a press release?  There is no guarantee that the release will be used as written.  It is important to state the essentials – what, when, where, who, why – succinctly at the beginning.

·   the concept of “traveled way” is important because it is the term used in the state statutes.

·   the roads under consideration for the designation of Public are Main, Firehouse, Hiawatha, Nokomis, Leticia, Monoma, Eagle Tree Cr., and Ramona.  Many of these roads will require a slightly different process to be designated Public.

·   several views were expressed on listing the county staff with which the PAC as worked:  keeping the wording concise vs. pointing out the time, effort, research, and thought which has gone into the process.

Jill Bennett suggested the Road Subcommittee work with Denny LaRue (who has had considerable experience writing Press Releases) to rewrite the release.  Michael S. and Gene A. withdrew the motion and second.

Susan Bradley made a motion that the Road Subcommittee, with the assistance of Denny LaRue, and taking the PAC’s discussion into consideration, rewrite the release and release it without further approval of the PAC.  The motion passed unanimously.   The Road Subcommittee will meet with Denny LaRue and Kathay Rennels on Monday, June 15th at 9:15 a.m.

Kathay Rennels stressed that the importance of a Press Release is to get people to the meeting.  It will be the PAC’s priority to explain the situation to the people when they are there.

Questions and Answers:

A handout had been prepared of the questions the PAC had brainstormed and the answers provided by the County Attorney and the Sheriff’s Department.  The Committee discussed each one, making sure they understood and agreed upon the meaning of the answer.

By consensus the Committee agreed to eliminate questions 11 and 12, amend question 5 appropriately, and place the document on the county website and use it as a handout for the July public meeting.

The question was raised of how the PAC will measure community response.  The Road Subcommittee has considered various ways to poll people at the end of the public meeting.  Ted C. pointed out that it is the PAC’s job to listen and decide the opinion of the community.  He also pointed out that after the public meeting the members of PAC may have differing views of the community opinion.

RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m.


Michael Sledge, RFLPAC Secretary