The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm at the West Fort Collins Water District, LaPorte.


Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Cordelia Stone.


Staff Present: Jill Bennett - Planning Dept.

Russ Legg, - Planning Dept.


The meeting agenda was adopted

The meeting minutes from April 17, 2007 were adopted.


Communication Items:


  1. Committee Member Communications:

1.   Stegner Pit - machinery is at road level and berms have been removed. Question was raised as to whether these actions are in compliance with the County requirements imposed at the time of approval. Jill Bennett will check and get back to us.

2.   287 Bypass relocation: the relocation of 287 will result in Hwy 287 going directly north from the bypass, north to Laramie. Hwy 14 will remain entering Poudre Canyon.


  1. Jill's Communication Items:

3.   Jill introduced a new member of County planner staff, in attendance tonight - Toby Ieuter.


Personal Appearances:


Judy and Gene DeVore:

The DeVores appeared before LAPAC on March 20, 2007, and subsequently had a hearing with the County Commissioners. The County Commissioners rejected their request to re-zone from PD (Planned Development) to O-open, stating that it would not result in allowing the use they requested (single-use trade use). The DeVores returned to LAPAC tonight to request assistance in arriving at an alternative solution. Discussion ensued regarding surrounding uses (sawmill, log home builder), traffic volume (currently 10,850 trips/year, plumber buyer would be approximately 10,400 trips/year), and allowed uses under O-open.


LAPAC members arrived at several options for consideration including the following:


1.   Rezone to C-commercial (which would allow the single-use trade)

2.   Revise the LaPorte Area Plan

3.   Rezone to O-open

4.   Residential with home business

5.   P.D. with continuation of existing taxidermy allowance condition


Rezoning to C-commercial (which would require an amendment to the LaPorte Area Plan) and revising the LaPorte Area Plan were dismissed because the process is lengthy, complex and the members are not ready to revise the plan yet. Options 4 and 5 would not make the property a marketable as the DeVores would like. Option 3, rezoning to O-open appears to result in the widest range of uses (although not the plumber use as desired by the DeVores), is consistent with the LaPorte Area Plan and is a readily implementable option.


A motion was made to request that the Commissioners rezone all three lots to O-open in a prompt fashion. Motion was seconded and passed unanimously. See attached memorandum.


An apology was made to the DeVores regarding the confusing nature of the process.


Agenda Items:


Russ Legg provided an overview of Transfer Density Units (TDUs). The following is a summary.


TDUs (also called Transfer Density Rights or TDRs in other part of the country) require a receiving site which receives an increased density, and a sending site which provides the units to the receiving site. Sending sites may have one or more of the following characteristics:



Water areas

Community separator

View shed


The Larimer County Open Lands Master Plan provides ideas of what may be considered valuable.


1.   Determining the number of units sent and received is an issue that needs to be addressed. As an example, Fossil Creek has made such a determination. It need not be one to one, there can be a bonus system (e.g. amenities such as an eagle's nest provide a bonus).


2.   Determining the nexus, i.e. the distance or parameters between sending and receiving areas, is another issue that needs to be addressed.


The sending and receiving unit must both be controlled (not necessarily owned) by the same party. Other communities have developed TDU processes, some are voluntary and some are mandatory. The voluntary concept is more palatable to the Larimer County planners.


If TDUs are to be implemented into the LaPorte area, they would have to be initiated by LAPAC, there would need to be a county-wide enabling regulation established and the LaPorte Area Plan would need to be amended.


Items 1 and 2 above are items that can be further discussed and addressed by LAPAC.


Next meeting June 19th


The meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.