44 Fire House Lane, Red Feather Lake

May 14, 2009




The meeting was called to order at 1:37 p.m. by Chairperson Ted Carter.


Members in Attendance:  Gene Allen, Susan Bradley, Ted Carter,  Dennis Frydendall, Bill Gilbert, Lucille Schmitt, Roger Svendsen, Bud Thomas

  Members Excused Absences:  All other members had excused absences.


Adoption of Agenda:  All RFLPAC members approved the adoption of the agenda. 


Approval of Minutes:  The April 9, 2009,  minutes were approved, as corrected, by all RFLPAC members.


Communications from Committee Members:  None


Larimer County Representation:  Jill Bennett, LARCO Planning; Kathay Rennels, County Commissioner

Kathay Rennels reported that the possibility for funds for the centerline survey are still in the works.  She hopes that Don Sandoval, Dept. of Local Affairs, can attend next months meeting and hear a clear explanation of the proposed project from PAC.


Guests Present:  Stephen Johnson, Pat Bradley, Terri Donnelly, Bob Story, Joe Bunton


Comments from the Audience:  At the end of the meeting, Stephen Johnson encouraged PAC to prepare for difficult questions at the public meeting, give straightforward answers, and put  more information in the notification and publicity for the meeting. 




The Road Subcommittee met with Kathay Rennels, Jill Bennett and Denny LaRue to create a clear statement of the problem for presentation at the public meeting.  With further discussion by the PAC, there was a consensus to use the  following statement in a post card notice to property owners:   “The roads are central to many community issues and there is no clear process for problem resolution and future planning.”


Jill Bennett said there are no confirmed answers from the county attorney yet.  His opinions should be available by next month’s meeting.


The following concerns and questions were expressed during the discussion:

·  the influence of roads in relation to many other community issues

·  the need for planned, community action vs. individual  action from self-interest

·  the desire for someone to have authority/responsibility for the roads and the reality of the long process to reach that point

·  the issue of maintenance is still not being addressed

·  designating a road as “public” does not mean it is county maintained

·  recognizing that working with the 6 chosen roads – which the county attorney agrees can be designated Public -  is a first step and other roads, with less clear situations, can follow the process later

·  the importance for the full Committee to agree and be behind this process in order for the public meeting to be successful

·  Storage and Irrigation has received legal advice not to release ownership of the dams which are part of the 6 designated roads; they are happy to give easements

·  the need for respect for private property surrounding the roads designated Public


The public meeting has been changed to July, 21 at 7:00 pm.  Plans and suggestions for the meeting were discussed:

·  Roger S. and Eunice M. were asked to greet people at the “where do you live” board (showing the 6 roads) and encourage participation

·  a separate map, showing the 6 roads, was suggested

·  cards available for people to write down questions, comments, and concerns.  Some of these might be addressed during the presentation.  They might also help give a sense of the general pro or con feeling of the community

·  a display with a wheel diagram showing multiple issues which the roads influence, including a brief description of each “spoke”

·  take-home handout with a summary of the issues, the information from the county attorney, etc.

·  presentation explaining what the issue/problem is, why we are discussing it, why the public meeting is being held, what solutions PAC is proposing, etc.  (The Roads Subcommittee will draft something.) 


The Roads Subcommittee meets at the library from 10 -12 on Mondays.


Lucille S. offered notes on the history of road issues and some of the specific road problems in RFL.


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m.





Michael Sledge, RFLPAC Secretary