Minutes – April 21, 2009


Members present:  Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Craig Hults, Ed Stoner, Cordelia Stone, Mandy Kotzman, Paul Resseguie & Ed Ott.


Staff present:  Jill Bennett


Guests:  Steve Johnson – County Commissioner


Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @7:00 PM


Agenda was adopted as written. Discussion items 1 & 2 order was reversed.


Minutes were adopted with changes.


Communication Items:


            Members: Ed O, Nancy and Susanne requested another term on the LAPAC Board.


            Staff: Jill – There is a 2-house subdivision going in on North Taft Hill & Ideal Subdivision.


Agenda Items:           

54G renaming – After the vote for the renaming was tallied The NO votes were 2 to one over the YES votes. The People on 54G voted strongly against the proposal.

            Ed O Made a motion that LAPAC take no further action on the name change. There was no second. Motion died.

            Susanne made a motion to ask the county commissioners to consider changing the name to “LaPorte Main St” taking into consideration other broader community input”.

            Cordelia second.

            The motion pass with a vote of 7 to 1.

            A memo requesting a public hearing on this matter will be prepared and sent to the County Commissioners.  [Memo is attached.]


            What does LAPAC want from the library district? : Representatives of the library district recently visited LAPAC. At this meeting the representatives asked LAPAC what LaPorte would like from the library district.

            Ed O made a motion that LAPAC respond by saying “In response to your request for public input LAPAC requests Poudre River Library District put a “Brick & Mortar” branch in LaPorte”.

            Nancy second.

            The motion passed unanimously.

            Cordelia and Ed O will work together to collect data in support of the branch.


Meeting adjourned @9:04




County Commissioners


LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee


May 6, 2009


Renamin g Count y Roa d 54 G


During the last ten months, the LaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee has provided assistance to petitioners Sylvia and Asher Haun in the renaming of 54G. Sylvia and Asher began the process with a request to the County to rename 54G. Because the renaming project potentially affects many residents, County planners asked, and LAPAC agreed to assist the petitioners and proceed through the renaming process.

With guidance from the County addressing coordinator, LAPAC and the petitioners performed the following tasks:

   Solicited input from LaPorte area residents via phone, email and in person

   Provided information to the North Forty News, which ran two articles on the renaming concept and process

   Requested additional input from area residents and received 11 emails with suggestions for names and their rationale

   Held a community meeting where we explained the County’s renaming process, gauged public interest and received ideas for possible names

   Arrived at a list of 22 compliant names, considered and voted on them to arrive at a short list

   Discussed and considered the renaming concept at nine of our meetings.


Followin g ou r communit y meeting , th e Count y addressin g coordinato r maile d 17 1 prox y card s t o resident s wh o liv e o n th e affecte d stretc h o f 54 G askin g the m t o vot e o n whethe r t o chang e th e nam e an d whic h nam e ou t o f a selectio n o f four , i f i t wa s renamed , the y woul d prefer . 6 5 card s wer e returned , 2 1 i n favo r o f changin g th e name , 4 0 oppose d an d 4 wit h n o opinio n stated .

Base d o n inpu t w e receive d a t th e publi c meeting , w e believ e th e opponents ’ objection s includ e reluctanc e t o chang e busines s stationar y an d letterhead , skepticis m tha t th e Count y wil l correctl y adjus t ta x records , an d th e cos t t o taxpayer s t o renam e th e road .

Based on input we have received by phone, email, and in person from LaPorte area, and other County residents, we believe that many people in the area, who do not necessarily live along 54G, feel that they are directly affected by the name of the road, and are in favor of renaming 54G to provide LaPorte with