MEETING MINUTES April 15, 2008




Members present:  Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Andre Duval, Will Wade, Cordelia Stone, Ed Ott.


Staff present:  Jill Bennett, Russ Legg




Chair – Susanne called the meeting to order @7:00 PM


  1. Adoption of agenda – Cordelia made a motion to approve as presented, Andre 2nd, approved unanimously.
  2. Minutes from the November 20, 2007 meeting – Andre made motion to approve, Will 2nd. Motion approved unanimously.

Communication Items: 


Committee Member Communications:

            Susanne: Received notice of River Walk Subdivision Public hearing. The Planning Dept has accepted the subdivision.

            Cordelia: She has applied for another term on LAPAC.

Jill’s Communication:

            1041 study is moving forward. It will cover Power plants, Wind Energy and Electric Transmission Plants. It should be to the Commissioners in June for approval in July.

            We had some discussion on the development east of Kinsley. We have heard little about it.


Personal Appearances: 


Action Items: Glade Reservoir.

            On May 5th there will be a meeting with the commissioners. The EIS will be presented at this time. LAPAC will receive a copy of the EIS.


            Our regular meeting is on May 20th & June 17th.

            Comments are due to the Commissioners by June 23rd

            Commissioners must receive comments by July 7th


            We had a lot of discussion on whether we should have a public meeting in LaPorte.


            We decided to have our May 20th meeting to discuss Glade Reservoir draft EIS. This meeting will focus on how the reservoir will affect LaPorte. The first hour will be for open discussion. 2 min max each person. The second hour will be for the LAPAC board.       Since we expect a large turnout we will try to find a bigger place. We will also request minimal replication.


            Paul will check on the availability of the Tapestry House.

            Ed Ott will check on the availability of the Primrose Studio.


            We will have an extra meeting on May 13th to go over 1041 process.


Discussion Items: 


Meeting adjourned