LAPAC Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2010


Members Present: Susanne Cordery-Cotter, Nancy Grice, Craig Hults, Mandy Kotzman, Ed Ott, Paul Resseguie, Ed Stoner.

Meeting Called to Order: Susanne Cordery-Cotter (Chair) called meeting to order @ 7:00PM

Agenda: Adopted as written

Meeting Minutes: November 2009 meeting minutes adopted as written (Ed Stoner, motion to approve, Ed Ott, 2nd, approved unanimously).

Communication Items:

            Committee Member Items:

            Susanne – School superintendant has confirmed in writing that CLP Middle School will not be closed and is not an option to consider as district considers restricting.

            Susanne – LAPAC members received another letter regarding pipeline project. Discussed Army Corp’s of Engineers position regarding rights to water and status of any impact statement regarding reservoir projects and impacts to Cache la Poudre River.  Samantha Mott to research latest developments.

            Mandy – Mandy will be giving a presentation to the County Parks advisory committee sometime in March or April regarding efforts to develop kayak park and other improvements in Lyons Park area of river.

            Mandy – Had questions regarding whether the recently installed sidewalk/driveway transitions were built to satisfy some county codes because they are not friendly to pedestrians especially during snow/ice events.  If they are designed to code, it is suggested that those standards be revisited with pedestrian traffic given due consideration. 

            Mandy – Recent large snowfalls have created difficult pedestrian travel paths in Laporte, particularly in area near Firehouse. 

            Nancy – Working with neighborhood to get a watch program together in her community, with a meeting to be scheduled in February or March…watch for more information coming soon.

            Staff Member Items:

            Samatha Mott – Discussed a variety of issues related to ensuring LAPAC recommendations and discussions are communicated to interested parties in a timely fashion.  Some specific things that were discussed included: 1) How LAPAC members receive communications (hardcopy or electronic); 2) Format of LAPAC memos and level of detail contained therein; 3) Timely submission to decision makers; 4) Identifying procedural mechanisms by which LAPAC communications are distributed; and 5) Alternative methods to  current practice?  Samantha to further research the issues and update LAPAC as necessary.

                              Steve Johnson will remain LAPAC’s representative.  County Commissioner’s to discuss proposed Bingham Hill development, February 1, 2010.  Planning Department still supporting development.  Question was raised whether someone from LAPAC should attend February 1 meeting.  Nancy Grice plans to attend (Motion made to have Nancy represent LAPAC at meeting, (Mandy, motion, Ed Stoner – 2nd, 5 in favor, 1 abstention)). 

                              Provided handouts regarding medical marijuana regulation in the county.


            Agenda Items to focus on in 2010?

            Question was asked regarding any interest in possible agenda items for LAPAC to address during the 2010 calendar. The following topics were suggested:

1.   Further develop plans for recreational kayak park creation and other recreational improvements in Lyons Park area. 

2.   Further discuss Library related issues, seek presentation and update on facilities planning and continue dialogue.

3.   Laporte website and issues related to development of such a site (webmaster, interrelation with county web information.  

Guests: None

Agenda Items: None

Meeting next month: February 16, 2010, 7PM.

Meeting Adjourned: Ed Stoner, Motion, Nancy Grice - 2nd. Meeting adjourned 8:15PM.