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Administrative Matters

This meeting will be recorded, broadcast online and archived.

June 19, 2018

9:00 AM to 10:25 AM

Commissioners’ Conference Room

200 West Oak Street, Fort Collins



PLEASE NOTE: Scheduled times are subject to change.

Pledge of Allegiance


9:00 AM


Public Comment

All who wish to comment must follow the Rules and Procedures for Public Comment as established by the Board of County Commissioners.


9:01 AM

Approval of the Minutes for the Week of June 11, 2018



9:05 AM

Review of the Schedule for the Week of June 25, 2018

Brenda Gimeson, Business Operations Manager


9:06-9:10 AM


Consent Agenda - is intended to allow the Board of County Commissioners to spend its time and energy on the other items on the agenda.  Staff recommends approval of the Consent Agenda.  Any Commissioner may request an item on this calendar to be “pulled” off the Consent Agenda and considered separately.  Agenda items pulled from the Consent Agenda will be considered separately immediately after the Board takes action on the remainder of the Consent Agenda.  The Consent Calendar consists of items of no perceived controversy and routine administrative actions.

·          Action Items: Abatements, Agreements, Deeds, Resolutions, Liquor Licenses, and Misc.


9:10 AM

Comments from Commissioners’ Guests

Introduction by Inviting Commissioner

9:10-9:15 AM


Current Fire Danger Update


Justin Whitesell, Emergency Operations Manager; Bill Nelson, Undersheriff


9:15-9:30 AM


New, Full-time Regular Position in the Extension Office


Kerri Rollins, Extension Director

9:30-9:35 AM

Installation of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the Larimer County Loveland Campus Building


David Bragg, Facilities Project Manager

9:35-9:40 AM

2017 Traffic Safety Report


Mark Peterson, County Engineer

9:40-9:50 AM

2018-2019 Community Report


Michelle Bird, Public Affairs Manager; Amanda Maier, Public Affairs Coordinator; Tom Clayton, Department Specialist


9:50-10:00 AM

Selection of Newspaper Publishing Notice of Delinquent Property Taxes


Linda Hoffmann, County Manager

10:00-10:05 AM

County Manager Update  - This portion of the agenda is for the County Manager or her delegate to update the Board on administrative and other minor items that do not require any in-depth discussion or are for informational purposes only.


Linda Hoffmann, County Manager

10:05-10:15 AM

Commissioner Activity Reports - Individually, commissioners often represent the county on various committees and task forces, as well as serve as liaisons to county boards and commissions.  This portion of the agenda is for individual commissioners to inform the rest of the Board of county activities they have been involved in over the past week.


10:15-10:25 AM

Legal Matters






Upcoming Board Work Session Items*




Larimer County Employees’ Compensation Increases
(merit and market)

Jennifer Zwiefka, Human Resources Generalist

June 20

1:30 PM


Build Grant - Owl Canyon

Mark Peterson, County Engineer

June 20

2:30 PM


Emergency Operations Center Policy Group Training

Lori Hodges, Emergency Management Director

July 2

10:00 AM


Facilities Masterplan Finance Update

Josh Fudge, Budget Director

July 9

10:00 AM


Internal Service Allocations Update

Josh Fudge, Budget Director

July 16

10:00 AM


Performance Measures for Human and Economic Health

Matt Behunin, Senior Budget Analyst

July 18

1:30 PM


* All work sessions are held in the Commissioners’ Conference Room unless otherwise noted.