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Business Personal Property

In addition to real property valuations, the Assessor is required by Colorado State Statutes to value all business personal property for taxation purposes. Personal property includes machinery, equipment, furniture, leasehold improvements, security devices, computers, signs, etc., which are used for the production of income or in the operation of a business. It does not include components of fixture systems that are required for the proper operation of the improvements (building). All business personal property is taxable in Colorado unless specifically exempted by the Colorado Constitution.

A Business Personal Property Declaration Schedule is mailed to business owners and all owners of leased equipment in the beginning of January each year. If your business did not receive a declaration schedule, please contact the Assessor's Office as soon as possible. Failure to receive a declaration schedule does not relieve the business owner of the requirement to file. If no declaration form was received, please print a blank form (see below). All declarations must be completed and returned to the Assessor's Office by April 15.

General information about the Business Personal property account is available through the Assessor Property Records Search by using the schedule number, business corporate name, or physical location. (Asset listings are confidential.)

The Larimer County Assessor provides businesses the option to view and file their asset listings online. Online filing saves time, reduces paperwork and improves efficiency.

File declaration or view asset listing – Account/Schedule Number and associated Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) are required to file a declaration schedule or view your asset listing.

Frequently asked questions – Questions and answers about how the personal property tax system works in Colorado

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